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  1. WDIS - WR

    Chambers v Aints Joey G. v SF Already starting T. Glenn Both have me worried - Joey with Simms and Chambers poor performance last week (savved my the last minute TD)
  2. WDIS - WR

    Man the post are flowin' - bump
  3. WW RBs

    Tough call - the huddle is saying Fisher can carry the workload for the year and being able to pick up a starter this late in the season is a plus. Travis - I hate bettingon maybe's - go with what is happening right now and if something changes - adjust then.
  4. Chambers?

    Is he playing - no catches - whats up??
  5. Chambers?

    Great - glad to see things still gone normal
  6. Culpepper or Josh McCown?

    Funny that this is even being considered -with Cpep going in the 1st round in most leagues. I think you will do fine with either of them, both will have good games. To be honest - I think McCown is more of a gamble.
  7. Djax

    Will he return from this injury 100% or is it time to spend that spot on a sleeper and hope??
  8. Horn out again!?

    Moulds = your safe pick and he has been improving Hakim = little more of a gamble (I am sure Horn will not play) so Hakim could load up on points
  9. Polls

    Polls do not get responses and you don't a lot out of them either. It is nice to read some reesoning behind the advice.
  10. Running Back Help

    It is painful because I have DD too. I am just hoping he get a lot of dump passes becasue we know he will not be able to run between the takles. Also, I can see him staying home to block becasue the O-Line is so bad. DD has been a disappointment as a #1 pick - here is hoping he turns it around and makes a second half burst.
  11. WDIS-

    Tough call Chambers facing a pretty bad Def and he is producing so he should be a solid start. Curtis - big question mark with Jamie throwing, but could come up big with Holt limping. Probably didn't tell you anything you didn't already know.
  12. I. Bruce

    I am not so sure guys - where are ya'll getting this info.? All that I see says that he is out for 2 more weeks with a bye after that.
  13. RB Help

    I would lean toward Jones (TD only league)
  14. Horn o Plenty (old school)

    I am looking at picking up Hakim as a band-aid. What do ya'll think?? Hammie going to last a while??
  15. D.Gabriel or A.Z.Hakim?

    See my post about Horn - if he plays Hakim has no value - if he doesn't then Hakim is the man against a weak D.
  16. Julius Jones

    I looked all around, but like it was said earlier - no news. USS Tuna will make us wait until the last minute.
  17. Bulger

    Stl Columist: Tuesday Morning Tuesday, October 18, 2005 - It's 2:46 a.m. and just back from Indianapolis. - My quick take on Marc Bulger's shoulder injury. Bulger himself said after the game that it's extremely similar to the one he suffered against San Francisco last year. Bulger missed the rest of that game and two more before returning to play Philadelphia in late December. Bulger had a similar injury even earlier in that season against Miami, but the degree of the injury wasn't as bad. It would stand to reason that Bulger will likely miss the next two games and then get the bye week to recover in time for the game at Seattle on Nov. 13. Again, we will know more after Bulger has an MRI on Tuesday afternoon, but based on what he said, it looks like that game would be his targeted return. Here's hoping for a faster recovery.
  18. Bulger

    I have not heard anything - other than the reports from Monday night. "Bruse, x-ray negative" Someone said it was the same injury he had lst year that kept him out three weeks - I hope not.
  19. Which QB should I pick up to cover Bulger's loss

    Are we 100% sure McCown will start with Warner being back?? I am not sure....
  20. Tough Choice

    Be careful of suggestions when the one suggesting it has Holt in his lineup. Not saying there is a misleading comment in the advice, just maybe a little bias. Go with Wayne - STL is starting a WR at safety. Need I say more?
  21. Need Help Bad! Holt or Cutris

    If you go with Curtis, Holt will play the whole game and get in the endzone. But if you go with Holt he will leave after the first series. You know the deal. Like the Huddle said - he is not 100%, but practiced so I would go with him.
  22. JJ Arrington

    That is what he is saying!! Correct
  23. R. Wayne tonight

    I hope not much since my opponent has him tonight... Honestly - I don't see why you wouldn't get double digits from him tonight (12-15pts). Unless, they lock the game early and go to ball control.
  24. Projected stats way off.

    Have we heard this before? (Site/Message Boards) sucks - caused me to lose ect.. ect.. Replys = use all information as reference - make up you own mind, unless you like being told what to do... ect..
  25. Why was this trade made. Do you have hope in JJ - let him reverse it and get a valueable CuMar back and he can have the backup to a terrible run game. OOOpppss - I think you mean Julious - nevermind - this is a pretty even trade I wouldn't let him take it back. Unless he starts throwing a fit - then let him reverse it a be the bigger man.