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  1. Tyson Thompson

    Not sure why I did (I knew better) - but I draft Bell too. Never trust the Denver backfield - The minute you think you have it figured out Shanny will change things around. Even bench a player that is rolling. Not sure Pass has a lot of value either. Dillion will have two weeks to rest and will probably return as the starter. You could gamble that Dillion will go down again??
  2. Trade for S.Moss?

    Ditto - and SMoss can be very strecky - hold on to CuMar he will come around once Vinny gets that passing game back in order.
  3. Feeling the pain of DJax. A guy just dropped Bruce - not a lot of room on my roster (see below). What do ya'll think about him coming back or is this one of those inguries that last the whole season?
  4. WDIS?

    J. Smith at Steelers (tough one - but always start your studs) K. Johnson vs Giants (Hope for a TD) J. Jerevicius vs, Texans (What can you say - he is hot)
  5. Is I Bruce worth a roster spot?

    Sharpie, Thanks for the reply - my mistake - I didn't update my signature - I dropped Baker and picked up Bettis. The big questions is - will this injury slow him down for the rest of the year? I remember Dieon getting this injury and it nagging him the whole year.
  6. Skinny Trade: Pittman for Patton

    Ditto Joey's remarks - I think Pittman is doing pretty well and "the caddy" is running out of gas.
  7. moulds or Keyshawn

    jrjoet, It help to list the matchups. Anyway, I think you can count on "I'm taking my toys and going home" K. Johnson to get about 5-6 catches with aroudn 70-80 yards. He is pretty consisitent and maybe find the endzone. Moulds is a gamble - he has a tough matchup this week and is very streky. Nothing for sure with him.
  8. Alvin Pearman

    Last week - the huddle mentioned him as a sleeper that would eventually gain the #1 RB spot. If you have the room and can wait - he should be the man in a few weeks.
  9. WDIS DEF?

    Seattle - with only a running game left - Houston is destine for multiple sacks, int, fumbles and an occasional FG.
  10. Bulger or Brunell?

    I do not have the same delima (Bulger v. Ind or Lefty v. Pit) so mine is kinda cut and dry. - Bulger There are some unknowns The new HC is not going to change the O sceme in one week. But may play it more conservative. I have been burned a few times with this strategy, but I always play my studs on monday night. Expect good #'s not great out of Bulger this week. I would play him over Brunny.
  11. Please Read

    What was said above - do not add/drop trying to lessen another teams performance. More than likely you will lead him to another QB that posts huge #'s and you are stuck with a QB you don't need.
  12. Witten for Culpepper?

    What Aaron said....
  13. Trade Advice...

    aaronvh, I don't see why not - Westbrook is doing well and you have plenty of depth at QB. He has slipped up the last few games, but he should get back in the game-plan after the bye week. They can't keep riding McNabbs arm.
  14. Bell/Anderson for Boldin

    What do you gain? RBBC for a receiver that is producing
  15. Pick me out a winner....

    Second the nomination of Toomer
  16. H. Ward Update

    Thoughts.. Updates.. Thanks
  17. H. Ward Update

    That hammie injury is a hugh qestion mark. If he really pulled up lamb last wednesday I doubt he will do much on Monday. You never know - these NFL teams tell "Lies" all the time.
  18. Drop Plummer for McKown

    Totally agree that McCown will post good numbers the rest of the year, but in the back of my mind is Warner will he come back (slight chance) but it still bugs me.
  19. The Peyton Experiment?

    Similar senario in my league - the Peyton owner is shopping, but they always want more than he is worht. Is Peyton solid YES, but he has a Def and a solid running game so I feel like the number of 2004 will not be seen this year. Proceed with caution and don't give away the farm.
  20. #26 for the Broncos

    No kiddin' - Bell's name wasn't even mentioned around FF. I think he only was given the ball 12 times, so I am not sure how much you can read into Bell taking over the stater roll - but to me it concretes that it will happen soon.
  21. Give Randy Moss & DJAX; Get TO & Steve Smith

    This has to be a joke - this is soooooooo obvious - I hope by now you have accepted.
  22. I've reconsidered

    Keep me on your list and next year we can start a "Huddle" league. I am looking to join one more, my other is starting to fall apart - old job and a lot of the good guys have left.
  23. Lots of Injuries this week

    I love and hate it.. Love - great value for those guys who wait on WR until the 5th and 6th round. Hate - DJax was producing for me (thank goodness I picked up T. Glenn)
  24. WDIS with Ward hurt...

    Everything I am reading is that Ward is going to play on Monday. Am I missing something? Or are you working on a worse case senario? Given what I have heard - go with Option 1
  25. line up help

    Joe Portis or Horn (depending on status) I think Bettis will post some good numbers this week, but would not gamble on it. FWP has entered the RBBC realm.