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  1. Any COWBOY Fans out there ?

    Are you throwing "the jinx" on my man JJ? Change the subject and never mention JJ and those words again. Seriously - no one knows - there are about 3 to choose from. Probably would be a RBBC if it happened (and it wont).
  2. Tough one: McCown or Delhomme?

    You have to remeber the D he was playing (as said before). I would start Jake unless you are a "let it ride" type person.
  3. Which DAVIS at RB?

    Dominic is facing the easest Def since the start of the season - I would start him.
  4. WR help needed

    Wayne is a must I would give a little more to Glenn than Fitz
  5. neone else up partying?

    EagleFan - Being a old (Landry) die hard Cowboy fan - I would love to see the Eagles drop a whoopin' on the boys. And then the camera scan to J. Jones and watch him squirm. However, I have Julious on my team so let him score a couple please.
  6. Speaking of DJax

    effect the whole year. Don't know much about this one. Do you think this will sideline him for the year or reduce his speed?
  7. 2 trade offers which one best helps me.

    Ditto - solid advice.
  8. Lemony Snickett of a season

    JJ will be around for a least a month - I guess Engram is not available? He was posting some solid numbers opposite DJax. He will be back next week.
  9. Is it time to trade Alexander?

    Engram shouldn't miss more than one game. Things will be rough for a couple of weeks, but hold on to Alex he is still worth the 1st round pick you spent on him.
  10. Safe to drop Bell now?

    Hard to do with Bettis on the WW in my league. What do ya'll think?
  11. W.D.I.S This Week

    Curtis by a unanimous decision
  12. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 5

    WR Start 2 (Point per rec and per 10 yards) DJac (ingury?) v. @STL Glenn v PHI C. Chambers v. @BUF Joey G. v. @NYJ Thanks - Hugh
  13. Scrambling Wildly to sub for DJAX ... Dang!

    Even the huddle hasn't updated - I can understand missing a player like doug jolley or something, but DJac is in the top 5 WR this season. Oh well - that is why this message board is popular.
  14. Scrambling Wildly to sub for DJAX ... Dang!

    So is it 100% that DJac will not play or should we watch what is happening on Saturday? Gotta point towards McDonald.
  15. Dump Brady for E. Manning?

    Remeber - don't make move wth what woud have been a good team last year. Just think about what is happening now. Eli is confident and posting good numbers - the matchup makes sence - so to me its a good move. Like was said earlier - see if anyone is interested in Brady - like whoever drafted Penny.
  16. How can I make my team better?

    Seriously - try and trade Parker befroe the two vets get ahold of his time. Rmember PT Barnum
  17. WDIS - WR

    DJac v. @STL (#1 Position) 2nd?? Terry Glenn v. PHI Chambers v. @BUF Joey G. v. @NYJ
  18. WDIS - WR

    I might have confused everyone on this: you can start 2 WR Would you sit Djac with the option I have? Thanks for the input
  19. WDIS - WR

    bump - I know Wr's are not fun, but help a brothr out
  20. Would you do this Trade?

    Get Gates - you don't lose anything but backups
  21. WDIS-Dunn, Parker,or Dillon?

    Let me jump on the bandwagon - Dillon (better TD opp)
  22. Who would you rather have for the season?

    Davis The other two frequesnt the IR column
  23. Do I trade for Horn?

    Ditto the hammie statement - Horn is a gamble - he may bounce back and may not.
  24. Pick 2 of 3 RB's

    Rudi "fightin' for job" Johnson DD - only reason is that he is due and that this is the 1st soft def. they have played since the opener
  25. WDIS at WR?

    Check Engram's status - thought i hearrd he was out this week.