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  1. TE Sleepers?

    Picked up Clark to cover Gonzos bye week. Serious regression in performance lately - Was wondering if you knew of any TE that might be flying under the radar? i.e. injury promotion, off throwing more to TE, ect.. Thanks for the help.
  2. TE Sleepers?

    Not sure Martin (GB) is worth a gamble. He is filling in for Bubba Gump. What do you think. They play NO this week at home.
  3. WDIS WR?

    I like your options - guess it comes with a salary cap league. Watch Djax's status on his sore knee (Engram is out so Djax might get more looks). Due to matchups I would lean toward Driver next. Favreeeee seems to be getting more comfortable passing.
  4. Curtis vs. Galloway

    Very tempting player on our ww (Galloway) - I think he only had one down week v. Buff - big goose egg. Can't remeber what caused that but it was a low scoring game. I think you have to give credit where credit is due - three out of four weeks of good numbers.
  5. Sooooooooooo.........

    Hiugh - I value your opinion and read your advice posts Banks - welcome to the ignore list (go get a life)
  6. M Pittman

    What do ya'll think? Will Cadillac stay healthy - Gurden seems to run him way too much.
  7. I have been charged with COLLUSION

    Ditto - Hugh Here is an example of Colusion: Trade: LJ for LT2
  8. Gonzo

    At what point do you punt on this guy? Is Green not looking his way anymore?
  9. Gonzo

    I hear ya - but it is hard to imagine that Gonzo only gets one catch in a high scoring game like this one. Frustrating - but will keep playing him hoping for the law of averages to catch up.
  10. Larry Johnson for Mike Anderson

    Short-term - you gain obviously, but like it was said things could change and mix the + and -
  11. Poll: Completed Trade, Who won?

    True tononator - ditto IMO - I would rather have Branch
  12. D Davis pick up

    Well, I can top that: A guy in my league wasn't happy with LT2's performance so he is dropping him - only a joke - keep this from getting too silly.
  13. Terry Glenn

    Everyone is on the Glenn bandwagon (and rightfully so). Looking for thoughts from fellow huddlers concerning future performance: Must Start S1 this week???? Glenn v. @Oak
  14. Terry Glenn

    GS - thanks - I am banking that Bledsoe "the statue" keeps throwing his way.
  15. WDIS: Lelie, Keyshawn or K Curtis

    Curtis Keyshawn Only thing holding me back on Curtis is that Bulger might not thrwo up the numbers v. NYG this week.
  16. I get Preist and M. Harrison

    It boils down to two things: 1) Will Priest stay healthy (but you have that covered with LJ). The worst case senario is that they spend the whole year as a RBBC 2) Can Peyton improve and as a result improve Harrisons numbers or have the colts changed to ball control Off?
  17. Free WW pickup need help

    Rattay Dilfer Make sure you have the correct expectations (~20 points would be mine)
  18. Just got Tony G

    Gonzo has really sputtered out of the gates - I am sure I am the same as all Gonzo owners and hope that he picks it up. Because he has not done anything recently.
  19. Andre' Johnson

    I don't thinks so v. the Cincy defense. One curve: New offensive play caller and team is behind the change. Could add a twist no one expects.
  20. Need WR Help... Who would you pick up

    I think you have all the possible order combinations covered - are your completely confused now. Welcome to the world of T2 and 3 Wr's. Getting lucky and pickig the one that produces. I agree: Short-Term Curtis Llyod Ferg. Taylor
  21. Best WR Pick Up Options?

    Smae Boat - Lost my game last night thanks to Lelie and Gonzo - Elam matched their points - oh well - on to the next one. The same players are available minus Lloyd. I agree Lelie is disappointing me and what is really bad is that Green threw a lot of balls to the new guy Parker. Maybe it was the matchups. I am leaning towards Glenn - He seems to be the more consistent - long term
  22. would you drop willy parker?

    I agree with the trade comment - hopefully you have someone that does not realize he will be in a RBBC soon.
  23. Peyton Trade - Opinions?

    I was going to offer Mark Bulger straight up. My thought Process: Bulger is performing well and Peyton is obviosly underperforming. I think Peyton will retirn to form shortly. Am I crazy to consider this or does it make sense? Thoughts - see roster below
  24. Peyton Trade - Opinions?

    So this one boils down to Parker for Manning - I like this trade - Parker will soon enter the RBBC with pitt. I could be wrong, but that is the way it is looking.
  25. Peyton Trade - Opinions?

    Doc, Your are probably right - I guess I was hoping that DD would pick it up after the two tough D's and a bye week and start performing.