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  1. Would you drop Deuce to pick up Chris Brown?

    I think the negative you mention will be there for any change - IMO the steelers will become RBBC, so anything you can do for the short-term will help your cause.
  2. Peyton Trade - Opinions?

    Doc, I hear you - my thought was that DD and JJones would be my primary with CuMar a backup. That is the only reason I considered trading Tiki.
  3. Peyton Trade - Opinions?

    Thanks guys - a lot of great input. I threw the trade out there for him to think about - I had to add Tiki for CuMar to the deal. We will see..
  4. Lelie or Kennison Tonight ?

    I have Lelie (and playing him tonight) so I may be biased - Play Lelie
  5. Peyton Trade - Opinions?

    Doc - good input - in the back of my mind I had the same feeling about the Ram Off. Thanx
  6. Peyton Trade - Opinions?

    bump - help a brothr' out
  7. #2 WR Slot is Killing Me

    Ditto (Curtis is valuable, but only as long as Bruce is out)
  8. Wr pu

    lloyd battle jenkins galloway (I am just not a joey fan)
  9. J Bettis

    Bettis was just dropped in my league - does he have any future value - not sure with FWP and Duce. See my roster below!!
  10. WDIS - palmer or hasselbeck

    I hate to say this but you need to ride the Palmer train until it stops. Moore is the the obvious one - I know, I know LJ is tempting, but take a starter 1st
  11. Trade?

    Hard to say without seeing what it does to your roster. Just on the surface - it looks like one of those trades that you do just to say you have done a trade
  12. Which QB should I start?

    Green @ DEN "Did you know" - Trent was #3 in total points last year?
  13. Which WR's

    If it were me: Jimmy Keyshawn Travis Keenan
  14. WDIS at WR

    I like Lelie on Monday night - I ran into a similar decision (see roster below) and decided Lelie would be the man on the Monday night stage. Curtis is a close second, but he is not getting the points with Holt and Bruce healthy. The other two I would bench due to matchups.
  15. McGahee or J. Jones

    IMO - it is a good decision to have - wish I had that problem. I will have to go with JJ especially if there are points for recp.
  16. Trade Advice - P.Manning involved

    I am sure you spent a pretty high pick on Payton - Don't sell him when he is down. Remember business class - buy low and sell high. Hold on - he will get back to form.
  17. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 3

    Lineup in signature Start 2 WR's Already starting D. Jackson Lelie v. KC Chambers v. Car Greg Lewis v. Oak Also, would you consider Randel El an upgrade from this list - he is available via ww? Thanks for your time/help
  18. WDIS

    gilthorp post a good question
  19. Help with QB: Palmer vs. Plummer

    Oh I agree - but I think reality catches up - don't expect a repeat performance this weekend. Truth be told - I am not sure when Plummer wouldbe a good start.
  20. Hasselbeck or Plummer

    KC is not the same pushover def anymore - imo I would go with the Hassel
  21. Fast Willie or McGahee

    FWP (hurt ankle and all) - Just know - as soon as you do this he will reinjury it on the first play. McG - has a good matchup
  22. giants defesnse

    NO - wait Heck NO!
  23. Help with QB: Palmer vs. Plummer

    The Palmer bandwagon loses a wheel this weekend.
  24. Pick Two WR

    Branch and (as always) start your Monday night guys - if they are good Smith

    Do not see the controversy - D Pats