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  1. There's another Curtis/Johnson thread going already so check it out.  I've been thinking about it for a few hours and I say go with Curtis.  Carr has the flu.  Can't pass downfield.  I'm going out on a limb here.  I think you gotta go with Curtis.  The man has been on fire and while STL will run they'll also want to get Martin comfortable.  I don't think you can depend on Johnson for solid yardage and a score - decent but not spectacular.  I like the Rams system more, especially with Martin throwing to Curtis.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Curtis.  -GM! 


    Feel free to disagree.








    I do not disagree, but with Holt and Bruce back in the lineup - Curtis's numbers will decrease - you saw it last week with Bruce scoring. Just some more data..

  2. To who? Fraud, I mean Fragile Fred Taylor? Ariz for some reason figured out how to hold S.Jackson under ten yards? I think lefty coming off the best game of the year is a good start this week @ Ariz, I like the matchup, I'm going with Lefty, so we can go down in flames together :D !








    Hugh DITTO

  3. good 1 week call....did anderson get hurt, or was it just dayne spelling him, then being effective?








    Anderson fumbled on the Denver 20 yl. It gave the Cowbys the tieing score.


    Den backfield will be back to normal next week - Dayne, Anderson and Bell (and no one will know who get the most carries)

  4. Yeah that's the of thsoe guys would still need to go down for Dayne's value to be of real significance.  Those two will still get their share of carries if they're healthy.  But he's still good to hold on to in deep keeper leagues (like mine).








    Anyway - good call - glad it worked for you - hope you win

  5. Talk about crazy - I am starting Wilford over Glenn. Just a hunch, but with DEN blitz and Champ covering him. Just doesn't make me feel good.


    The huddle likes Wilford as he is getting a lot of looks - so either we are both crazy or both have a similar hunch.

  6. Hugh - thanks


    Murphy visited my team (Bulger and McNabb) so I have picked up Jamie. I am getting a little worried about the injury talk and possilby seeing his backup. Is this just talk or should I look elsewhere for a starting QB? 12 team league so there are not a lot of options. Here is a list of the week 11 performers:


    Brooks, Aaron

    Dorsey, Ken QB SF

    McMahon, Mike QB PHI

    Losman, J.P. QB BUF

    Boller, Kyle QB BAL

    Maddox, Tommy QB PIT (R'Burger now)

    Harrington, Joey QB DET

    Dilfer, Trent QB CLE

    Orton, Kyle QB CHI

    Johnson, Brad QB MIN

    Carr, David QB HOU

  7. Matchups point to Jamie - but you don't know what your going to get with him. Possilbe upside b/c all STl recievers are healthy. When he was playing before Holt and Bruce were out. Could shade his #'s a little.


    Rothlisburger = a pretty consistent 20+ game. He is on my WW and I am considering getting him, but I have the same matchup worries you do.

  8. Our lineups/decisions are almost identical. I think your QB logic is right on, more because of the ball control comment. I rate STL receivers much hight than Phillies, but with STL running (and they will on HOU) you stand a chance of better #'s with McMahon.


    I don't see McGhee improving your RB situation. Your WR's are as good as it going to get - obviously I like Matt Jones, but he is kinda inconsisitent.

  9. Kinda surprised because I saw this game being kinda high scoring - with Houston have their best chance of the whole year for putting up numbers.


    Over/Under is around 45


    I guess they are predicting a running game and Jamie won't have to throw. Anyway - any thoughts?


    Roshlisberger (sp) is on the WW is he a better option than Jamie?

  10. I read that Mike Holmgren thought he may be able to play this week.  On CBSSportsline.







    That is what I heard too - but discounted it when I saw the replies to this post.


    Depending on which side it correct - it may not be worht holding him anymore (2-3 more weeks out)

  11. McMahan - as mentioned before - it worries me that Philly is shopping QB's - I still think he is second to Martin. Martin has plenty of reps and has a healthy rec. core back.


    I am faced with the same delima and I am going with Martin (Not calling him Jamie because that gay)