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  1. Tough call - I would stick with what youhave - LJ is a good option this week, but Holmes will be back asn stealing carries (if not this week too). The keeper portion is what makes it interesting. However, play for this year - don't do moves in hopes of next year.

  2. Everything points to SLT using Jackson more. TO is on a sinking ship - do you think he would not play if they were winning? He is depressed and not motivated to play. Go with the hot team/player = Jackson.


    Anyway - you WR core is great (along with me - we both hope DJax comes back in full force.)

  3. I know it is tempting - watch last weeks game was painful. But he did the same thing last year. Went through a few game slump where he couldn't hit Rosie Odonell on a 5 yare out.


    Stick with him and lets all hope he gets back in form (although minus TO makes me worry).