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  1. Tough call - the huddle is saying Fisher can carry the workload for the year and being able to pick up a starter this late in the season is a plus.


    Travis - I hate bettingon maybe's - go with what is happening right now and if something changes - adjust then.

  2. It is painful because I have DD too. I am just hoping he get a lot of dump passes becasue we know he will not be able to run between the takles. Also, I can see him staying home to block becasue the O-Line is so bad.


    DD has been a disappointment as a #1 pick - here is hoping he turns it around and makes a second half burst.

  3. Tough call


    Chambers facing a pretty bad Def and he is producing so he should be a solid start.


    Curtis - big question mark with Jamie throwing, but could come up big with Holt limping.


    Probably didn't tell you anything you didn't already know.

  4. Stl Columist:


    Tuesday Morning

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005


    - It's 2:46 a.m. and just back from Indianapolis.


    - My quick take on Marc Bulger's shoulder injury. Bulger himself said after the game that it's extremely similar to the one he suffered against San Francisco last year. Bulger missed the rest of that game and two more before returning to play Philadelphia in late December. Bulger had a similar injury even earlier in that season against Miami, but the degree of the injury wasn't as bad. It would stand to reason that Bulger will likely miss the next two games and then get the bye week to recover in time for the game at Seattle on Nov. 13. Again, we will know more after Bulger has an MRI on Tuesday afternoon, but based on what he said, it looks like that game would be his targeted return. Here's hoping for a faster recovery.

  5. Go with Holt. He's a gamer. I expect a big night from him tonight.








    Be careful of suggestions when the one suggesting it has Holt in his lineup. Not saying there is a misleading comment in the advice, just maybe a little bias.


    Go with Wayne - STL is starting a WR at safety. Need I say more?