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  1. Not sure why I did (I knew better) - but I draft Bell too. Never trust the Denver backfield - The minute you think you have it figured out Shanny will change things around. Even bench a player that is rolling.


    Not sure Pass has a lot of value either. Dillion will have two weeks to rest and will probably return as the starter. You could gamble that Dillion will go down again??

  2. I wouldn't do it.  S. Moss does not upgrade your WR's that much and you lose depth at RB.  I think Alexander and Jackson still have the bye weeks to go.







    Ditto - and SMoss can be very strecky - hold on to CuMar he will come around once Vinny gets that passing game back in order.

  3. jrjoet,


    It help to list the matchups.


    Anyway, I think you can count on "I'm taking my toys and going home" K. Johnson to get about 5-6 catches with aroudn 70-80 yards. He is pretty consisitent and maybe find the endzone.


    Moulds is a gamble - he has a tough matchup this week and is very streky. Nothing for sure with him.

  4. I do not have the same delima (Bulger v. Ind or Lefty v. Pit) so mine is kinda cut and dry. - Bulger


    There are some unknowns

    The new HC is not going to change the O sceme in one week. But may play it more conservative.

    I have been burned a few times with this strategy, but I always play my studs on monday night.

    Expect good #'s not great out of Bulger this week. I would play him over Brunny.

  5. Similar senario in my league - the Peyton owner is shopping, but they always want more than he is worht. Is Peyton solid YES, but he has a Def and a solid running game so I feel like the number of 2004 will not be seen this year. Proceed with caution and don't give away the farm.