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  1. McCardell signs with HOU

    60 catches, 800 yards and 7 TDs! that sound possible?
  2. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    Trade em Willie Parker and 2008 1st and 4th round pick. I would love to see LJ running behind the Steelers O line!!!
  3. QB's 5 thru 15

    Bulger, McNabb, Kitna are the top three in this group by far, the rest are a step below
  4. Lee Evans?

    I think the Bills pass a whole lot more this season, I think they will have to. I love Evans, just not on the Bills. I am stuck, 50/50 on his season this year. I don't want to sound ignorant, but who is the projected #2 and #3 WR on the team?
  5. Trade proposal

    Payton, Steve Smith and LT as my keepers, wow!
  6. Chad vs. Houshmanzadeh

    The 4th round Housh beast an early 2nd round Chad. Heck, drafted em back to back and take the mystery out of it.
  7. Trade First Round Pick (Redraft)

    If you have some real strong hunches for the 2nd and 3rd round that can pan out
  8. Drafting tonight

    Travis Henry and Steve Smith, come back with Duece and Colston...nice 4 picks, might even grab a McNabb in the 5th with a good TE
  9. Trade Steven Jackson?

    is it PPR?
  10. I am in a 12 person league, 20 rounds, 1 QB, 2 RBs 3 WRS 1 TE 1 K 1 Team defense: 12 people really, really, makes you research and study before a draft. The waiver wire is vacant in the beginning, you better handcuff, but 2 divisions of 6 really make for some fun play off races. 12 people league rules, 14 people leagues, scare me!
  11. Where's the 07' Sleeper thread?

    QB-The Burger, gonna be a nice stat year RB-The Edge rebounds from last season. IF FWP gets hurts, but still will have some value: Kevin Barlow. WR: Greg Jennings, 49ers starters TE: Heath Miller, Steelers are throwing this year
  12. Steelers sign RB

    I am a long time Steelers fan, so i must come to the defense of a player who joined my team, the great team in NFL history. Kevin Barlow! Mark my words, Kevin will fill a great role for the Steelers. He can block, run up the middle, make 1 good cut and gain postive yardage consistantly backing up, and taking 20% of the carries from FWP. When Barlow has the right blocking scheme, he does better than well. With a lead full back, Barlow can even be a beast. Fantasy value? maybe 300-500 yards 8 TDs, unless Willie gets hurt. You heard it here FIRST! Can't wait to be a Hero at the end of the season, cause I am zero now, no where to go but up!!!
  13. Pick 8

    I really had been leaning toward Fast Willie, I know Bush has Duece in front of him taking goal lines and the bulk of the carries. I just have the feeling Addai is going to the guy in 7th. i can't say for sure, but I have that impression, we have been playing together for a long long time. So I see Maroney, Parker, Bush, then the next tier of backs. What do you think on those 3?
  14. Pick 8

    At pick 8 in a 12 person snake draft, whom do you see being there and being the best pick. LT, LJ, Gore, Sjax, Alexander are gone. I assume it gets a little muddled here, but I think Westbrook is gone also. Whom do you think becomes the next 2 best, most solid picks with a high preformance scoring system and PPR?
  15. MJD

    You grab him, best to grab Fragile Freddy too.