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  1. No news/sideline reports on this. What the hell happened? Just cost me $1,500
  2. One point ppr- Javonte vs Raiders or Zeke vs Wash? Which def- Chargers on road vs Houston or Chiefs home vs Pitt? Thank you
  3. Wr’s are killing me this week with injuries and a bye for Tyreek. Picked up Van Jefferson to start but need another. Receivers available on the wire are MVS, Patrick, Nick Westbrook, Slayton, Pascal/TY, Watkins, Bourne, etc. Which one of these scrubs should I pick up? 1 pt ppr- thanks
  4. Team 2 in my sig, is it time to bench Zeke for Akers, Carson and/or Drake? Start McLaurin or Hilton at WR 2? Terry killing me last two weeks and Hilton has been on fire. Typically kills Texans. Or start them both- one in the flex? Thanks
  5. Best draft pick of the year

    My draft sucked! However, I was still able to make the playoffs and won the championship through free agent pick ups and trades. In hindsight, I guess the Vikings defense w/ my 15th round pick was my best (but I then dropped them). Shows you if you're lucky enough to make the playoffs, any team can get hot and have everything fall right for you to win but you have to make waiver moves and trades to get there (if you blew your draft). Original Team through draft vs who was replaced (ppr league, 5th pick): 1) T. Barber- Kept 2) T. Owens- Kept 3) A. Gates- Kept 4) C. Taylor- Kept 5) D. Mason- Traded for Fitzgerald 6) R. Smith- Traded for Fitzgerald 7) C. Benson- Kept 8) Panthers- dropped for Chiefs 9) Favre- Kept 10) Jacobs- dropped for R. Dayne 11) Plummer- dropped for Leinart 12) S. Graham- Kept 13) Michael Clayton- dropped for Cotchery 14) R. Caldwell- dropped for G. Jennings 15) Vikes Defense- dropped for Packers 16) Z. Hilton- dropped for Wrightster 17) Janikowski- dropped for Rayner
  6. Picked up Ron Dayne this week for the Fantasy Bowl and he won me a championship! Thank you all for your help this year! Signing off until next year.......
  7. McGahee / Benson / Dayne

    From what I hear so far, Jones may play. If that's so, definitely go w/ Dayne. Otherwise, they're pretty much even but would give the slight edge to Benson (only if Jones is inactive).
  8. Favre or Leinart?

    I have the same question and am going w/ Favre. Could be last home game, national tv, Vikes pass def is horrible. San Fran is playing at home w/ an extra three days of rest. Leinart has been inconsistent on the road this year. Forcast is for 30% chance of showers tonight w/ minimal wind.
  9. WDIS @ QB

    Tough call. I would probably go w/ Bulger since, with the exception of last week, the skins pass defense has stunk. Philly can be run on and I see Parcells leaning on Jones/Barber this week.
  10. WDIS @ QB?

    Go w/ Eli. That will be a high scoring game........
  11. Actually, Dayne has played well the last three weeks so last week was not a fluke. Anyone else?
  12. Pick 2 Receivers to Win IT ALL

    Definitely Holt. Your other options are tough. Henderson would be my last choice. Evans and Galloway is a toss up? I'd check the weather in Cleveland and Buffalo to choose. All else even, I guess I would lean towards Evans as he has been more consistent. Sometimes Galloway puts up a zero catch game out of nowhere and you can't afford that in a champ game.
  13. Super Bowl Starters

    I like Williams and Boldin. Bears will rest a lot of starters and their defense has been lit up the last few games w/ injuries. Boldin should do well against SF. Galloway and Jurv are possibly playing in a big snow storm that may hit Cleveland.
  14. Starting Favre over Leinart. Possibly Favre's last game at home vs crappy Minn pass defense. Like that match-up. Starting Tiki vs. Saints in his last game at Giants stadium. Love that match-up. T.O. vs his old team at home in important prime time x-mas game. Love that as well. Fitz looks good vs SF and rolling w/ Cotchery against Miami who just gave up three passing td's to Losman (also because Jennings hasn't done anything since he hurt his ankle and A. Bryant just plain sucks) and Coles is banged up. Gates no brainer vs Seattle. Stuck on two choices: 1) Which second RB? Chester Taylor- banged up, worn down, rookie QB so GB can stack the line. GB decent against the run this year. I really don't trust him now after he almost screwed me last week. Ron Dayne- can't believe I would consider this guy for my champ and $1,000 but, playing home vs the worst run defense in football and is playing well. Lundy only had three carries last week so there is no more sharing. Cedric Benson- I'm guessing T. Jones won't play? That case he would make a great start vs crappy Detroit team. Leaning: 1) Benson (if T.J. is out), 2) Dayne, 3) Taylor 2) Which Defense? Packers- Home, possibly bad weather, rookie qb making his first start? Chiefs- Road, must win to stay alive, playing worst offense I've ever seen in the Raiders What do you think? Will answer yours? PPR league, all else standard scoring. Thanks
  15. the Chester question?

    I have the same concerns about Chester. In my Superbowl and need a second RB w/ Tiki. I also have Benson and Dayne. Don't know what to do. But to be honest, right now I'm thinking Chester is my third choice? T. Jones may not play and Dayne plays against the Colts. Green Bay will stack the line to stop the run. They've actually been decent against the run all year. They are one of the few teams that have two decent corners (Harris and Woodson) to stop Minn crappy receivers. Plus, rookie QB will not put fear into their defense and they will make him beat them. Chester only had 75 yards and no tds' in their first meeting at home when he was healthy. Chester is worn down. He's never had this many carries in his career and it shows. I'm not feeling him this week........