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  1. Need Trade Advice

    Do you think offering him Dunn and Norwood for Evans is too much or too little? If its either, do you have a better suggestion? I think you are offering up to much for Evans. you have to start 2 RB's so if you dump those 2 you have no depth. I don't suggest trading Norwood and Dunn unless you get a offer you just cannot pass up. Here is your team.. QB-Romo, Leftwich, Kitna, Green RB-LT, Maroney, C Benson, Dunn, Norwood WR-Holt, Horn, Branch, Reg. Brown, Curry, Dem. Williams TE-Gonzalez, K. Wilson D-Car, Atl 12 team Dynasty League I am not even sure Evans is a upgrade over Reggie Brown.I mean I would rather have Evans...but I would not come close to guarenteeing he out performs need WR depth which you can get cheaper IMO. myself I would offer Romo around as he seems to be badly overrated this year and get back a Laverneous Coles type.
  2. LJ or Gore

    I would not even have LJ as my 4th..I would go Alexander myself. Johnsons negatives... Possible holdout Bad O-line No passing game to take pressure off of run game. I expect them to be passing from behind all year. Herm Edwards IMO a trade is the only thing that can bring Johnson back up to a top 3 pick.
  3. UAW vs. Japan

    Its your buddies I worry about.
  4. UAW vs. Japan is a catch 22 with just about everything in todays world. I must also say it is a rarity to get a objective view from someone who works from 1 side of the aisle as you do.keep up the good work.
  5. UAW vs. Japan

    I semi agree with this. unions are not the only problem but they are a problem. back in its day the union was useful and needed.and in reality is needed now if done correctly.but as far as I can tell all a union does right now is keep useless people from getting fired.
  6. UAW vs. Japan

    As my namesake said in Tombstone....I know, lets have a spelling contest.
  7. UAW vs. Japan

    Yep. and our steel industry too.
  8. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Oh yeah..I forgot this was a Vick thread. I will yell Vick Rules and you yell Vick sucks...we can get it back on track that way.
  9. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Yeah,Injuries stopped that from happening. that was a good bet by you.
  10. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Injury was his big downfall. in seasons where he was the undisputed starter(and stayed semi healthy) his teams went 78-48. he put up good stats in those years also. Don't get me wrong as I am not saying Cunningham was the greatest ever. but he was more than a sandlot guy.
  11. You forgot a few. Crack hit the scene hard core. Gang violence rose to outrageous proportions. The thieving of cars became big biz. Steroids and greed killed baseball. I would have to say if I had to pick a decade where the U.S. was at its best/happiest you would have to go to the 50's. even Detroit was a nice place in the 50's.
  12. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    It is a slap in the face to Cunningham to compare Vick to him.he had 5 seasons of over 20 TD's passing and twice he had over 30 TD's passing
  13. Michael Vick's career

    Yep,you are right. he is getting some kind of time. Never realized it had been a conspiracy charge. by the time court comes and they round up every witness they can(and I bet more emerge) he will be done for. Is fighting dogs the only charge? usually when hitting a racket like this drugs,alcohol come along with it.
  14. Michael Vick's career

    If someone is renting something from you it is their house not yours when it comes to the contents inside.
  15. TJ or the CADDY

    I like Caddy myself. 1.He is a RB. 2. He is a young RB. 3. he has a much much easier schedule this year than last and I expect a rebound year.
  16. Michael Vick's career

    This is the same kind of witness testimony it takes to put drug dealers away. the people/witnesses always have reason to save their own azzes and always do. When the FBI indicts you, they almost always have you.take it from someone who knows more than just 1 person doing federal time right now.whenever you walk away from a federal charge without a conviction it is because you yourself snitched on bigger fish or you had some very strong connections. That being said...I would be suprised to see Vick do much more than pay a giant fine with this charge. they did not charge him with conspiracy (which seems like they would have no hard time doing considering he was basically running a illegal gambling operation ).
  17. Michael Vick's career

    Poor Ookie.
  18. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    No Chit. the dems are gonna get Hillary FOR SURE. Bush don't look so bad when you think about that.
  19. Expert's League Draftmaster Event!

    I am also interested.
  20. Sleeper RB of 2007!

  21. Peter King's Power Rankings

    You must be talking about our 5th rounder Baldwin.I have taken him in all my dynasties late and am very happy to have gotten him.he could produce some real good numbers but it will be more because of our lack of a MLB than it will because of his play. Don't think you were talking about him but if you meant lenon I would really have to disagree there.
  22. RB Keeper Advice

    I would definately let rudi go. The 2 I would keep is Gore without question, and Jacobs since you got him in the 15th round(although I could understand someone keeping Maroney instead).
  23. Peter King's Power Rankings

  24. Peter King's Power Rankings

    Not trying to bring us down Egret.just being honest.we got a chance. our division is weak but I just worry our defense is gonna get mauled in many games. Signed,