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  1. Carlos Boozer

    I have to admit..boozer is alot better than I ever thought he would be. I thought he would be a 9 pt 9 rebound kind of guy. I never thought he would do as well as he has offensively.
  2. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    I will share him. I am not greedy.
  3. Barlow meets w/Steelers doubt ...the Steelers have different people running things this year and things will be different. I also expect Parker to be a little more involved in the passing game. I am really hoping they do open up their passing game this year as a Santonio Holmes owner in a number of Dynasties. what is the word on him this year Menudo?..not to change the subject.
  4. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    I am sure they are accurate..or at least close if nothing else.
  5. Barlow meets w/Steelers 1 of our debates along time ago I must of really hurt your feelings...because you are on everything I say..and you know what?...I love it.
  6. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    Good analysis Menudo. But IMO Parker is best suited for a team that throws to their backs more than than the Steelers do. if he is gonna be a starter that is.I also think Parkers line made him look better in short yardage situations than he was. I think he is a 3rd down back. of you said ,you have watched him play more than me. but this is what I see from what I have watched.
  7. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    I wrote this.. "Unlike everyone else I think Barlow would eat up many of Parkers carries and would destroy Parkers value. Parker was just way to ineffective in short yardage situations last year for being behind such a good line. I think the Steelers had to find someone else to use with Parker.(whether it be Barlow or someone else )I really expect Parkers numbers to drop this year." Look in the parenthesis above. Right now since the 2nd best back on the roster would possibly be Barlow I would conclude it would be Barlow. now that could change with different acquisitions or some other person stepping up. Understand rubberband?
  8. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    It does not have to be Barlow..but it will be someone. anyone who watched the Steelers play last year watched Parker fall down on 1 hit in short yardage situations way to much. People look at stats sometimes and don't see the real player. IMO Parkers stats make him look much much better than he is. of course this is my opinion. just wanted you to see how I concluded this.
  9. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Excellent analysis IMO. I think Dallas needs to upgrade their guards defensively next year. they were abused.
  10. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    Unlike everyone else I think Barlow would eat up many of Parkers carries and would destroy Parkers value. Parker was just way to ineffective in short yardage situations last year for being behind such a good line. I think the Steelers had to find someone else to use with Parker.whether it be Barlow or someone else I really expect Parkers numbers to drop this year.
  11. Kansas Huddlers

    Simply amazing. I have seen some bad tornadoe damage here in Tennessee....but nothing remotely close to that. I am amazed more people did not die by looking at that picture.
  12. Martz working with Stanton

    I think Stanton's chances to be the starter 3 years down the road are good. as was mentioned they already had assessed Orvlosky and them taking Stanton when they did said they don't think he is the guy to eventually replace Kitna. He did tend to throw wild passes when under pressure at MSU. but alot of that was trying to bring the team back from behind and really having no choice but to chuck it up.
  13. What kind of a parent...

    My kid has Roy Williams and Kevin jones spamshirts he wears to school all the time. always coming home with 2 black eyes on those days...just can't figure it out....
  14. Kansas Huddlers

    It looked like a bomb went off in some places in Kansas. hope it calms down for them some because they have been getting daily bad storms for a few days now.
  15. Link your dynasty draft here

    A very useful thread here BB and contributers. I have used it as a reference all day.
  16. Enough with all the optimism...

  17. Enough with all the optimism...

    I mean I do agree that Ferguson has some more work to do. but he most definately showed how special he can be at times last year. he helped in a way you actually decribed. anytime they broke a run to the outside and got some yards on it Furguson was the guy they were running behind.I don't know how many times I seen Washington follow a Ferguson block down the sidelines. I agree that the RB's got to much blame for there problems last year. I also agree with your assessment of Mangold and Ferguson not being as competent at straight line run blocking. but this year I expect them(especially Furguson) to be much improved there. I am a Thomas Jones owner and I expect excellent numbers from him on the Jets this year as long as he is healthy(if not he than Washington or whoever).
  18. The season approaches-Name the one thing amoung many

    For my Lions I would like to see different players,coaches and owners than we have right now....nothing big....
  19. What Millen turned down for CJ

    I wish we could fire our owner. Also...
  20. What Millen turned down for CJ

    I agree with this.
  21. What can anyone else do physically that he cannot? Definition:Natural endowment or ability of a superior quality.
  22. OK. that is good enough for me.
  23. Moss goes to Pats