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    Yeah..I see him going 4 or 5.
  2. Enough with all the optimism...

    Thanks to Furguson they improved running the ball last year. they should be a step better this year with him having another year under his belt and the team having a better RB. Jville had the schedule to win 12 games last year(or even more). they may end up with a winning record...but IMO 12 wins is out of the question this year.
  3. Moss goes to Pats

    I agree with this.
  4. The average ranking of his teams defenses the years he was a starter was 23rd in the league. you win in this league with defense. I know you may never understand this..but it is fact. I mean I know Kitna is not the leagues best. but he is a decent QB. and QB is not even close to being 1 of our biggest problems. No ,the people who are wrong are the 1's who think a QB can make up for a bad line and no defense. He has always been in tough Seattle it was amazing he did not leave every game hurt as bad as that line was. mean like Harrinton had?...or Chuck Long..Andre Ware? what is this talent that you speak of? Michael Vick is the most talented QB in the well has that done for him?
  5. Daunte Culpepper,Mike Vick, Steve Deberg come to mind. to many people blame the QB for a system flaw or horrible blocking. I think that is what is happening here in your judgement of Kitna. winning is NOT a way to judge QB's. wins is how you judge the team. remember this danielson. It is funny how some people say they ran Kevin Jones into the ground and others say they ditched the run.our defense was just completely horrible last year and put our offense in bad positions on the field. hopefully that won't happen this year...but we are talking about my Lions.
  6. Tom Brady is such a nice guy

  7. Cats cut Key

    I think Cleveland would be a good spot for Keys. they can use a possession guy with his experience who is excellent at blocking.
  8. I think 7th or 8th round will be right for Kitna. I think he gets taken in the 5th and 6th in most redrafts though.
  9. Moss goes to Pats

    The only thing Carter did in those later years was cause problems. if it was not with Moss it was with his QB. he was mad because he went from being double covered to being single covered because Moss as a rookie had already demanded more respect than him and was already better than him.his jealousy was what was coming out of him most of that time. he did call out Moss on not being aggressive enough over the middle and he was correct. then he went on a tear where he kept dropping passes right after that. noone liked him and noone paid any attention to what he said. Not trying to make this sound like some kind of rant Kid as you always throw out some good knowledge when talking football..just thowing what I saw out there.
  10. Fantasy University?

  11. 3 Keepers, Who?!

    Its unanimous.
  12. Even if we are headed for another top draft pick...if the offense is doing well Kitna will keep his job. and with Martz as the OC I can't see us doing anything but improving offensively next season. I think people are underestimating the time period they are expecting Kitna to be the starting QB in Detroit. I think he is our QB for the next 3 years unless Stanton or Orvlosky or someone else really starts pushing him in practice. I mean I know that is not a long term guy...but IMO he has no worries whatsoever as to if he is gonna be the starter for this season and the next.
  13. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Yeah this has been a horrible matchup for the Mavs. 1st you got a team with good guards that are able to exploit the bad defensive play by the Dallas guards. then you got a team that hit its peak winning 9 of 10 right before the playoffs. then throw in the fact that their players have been often injured this season and have semi fresh legs. all this is contributing to a them being down 3-1.
  14. Actually Kitna was the starter the minute he signed. the team was behind him right from the start.McCown was brought in for competition and just in case Kitna was not what they thought. I think they are happy with Orvlosky for now until they can get Stanton ready as the number 2. I think Stanton really could suprise and become a good player and possibly a decent starter a few years down the line. I do like you hate Ford family picks (Chuck Long,Andre Ware and Joe Harrington come to mind) but I think Stanton is someone the organization thinks was very underrated and that is why they took him. I agree. Kitna will IMO go to high in every draft.
  15. D.Jackson to 49ers for a 4th rounder

    Which I do not think he can do. Anyone expecting big things out of Lelie IMO is in for yet another dissappointment.
  16. A women's league

    My lady may be interested. if you could PM me the details it would be much appreciated.
  17. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Not that Dirk is playing his best ball....but 20.0 pts-11.5 reb-2.2 ass-2.5 st 1.8 blks are pretty darn good numbers for a series.
  18. Moss goes to Pats

    I also see him being a leader. the year before last he was hurt all year because of injuries and last year the Raiders just forgot they had him and he gave up. I think this year he rebounds to being the best WR in football again. Cris Carter as a role model? that guy was 10 times fruitier than Moss. I agree with this.
  19. Detroit - another draft debacle in the making

    Rogers came into the league and immediately was a producer. then he got hurt and I don't know what happened to him after that. he is 1 pick I don't blame the Lions for taking despite him being a bust. I would of passed on Stanton there too. that being said I don't think it was that bad of a pick. I hope you are right. we are sick of these bags on our heads. Bingo I just do not see why everyone thinks Foster is any good.
  20. Which NE player benefits most from Moss...

    I agree. as usual his hammy will be the concern. He did prove it in those places. he also proved he cannot stop getting hammies. I agree totally.
  21. Yep....But we have Martz right now which does mean something...also ... I also expect him to start off as the 3rd QB. I agree. Orvlovsky did pass McCoun on the depth chart last year.
  22. Steal of the Draft

  23. I hope you are right about CJ. I do think he is special and could suprise us all. but like most everyone else I try to keep my hopes down when it comes to rookie WR's.
  24. Moss goes to Pats

    There IS no way to question this move. it makes sense from any angle you look at it. I agree 100 %. Owens is hated by the players in the league as much as the fans. Moss is only hated by some fans.