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  1. I agree. I think Roy Williams will have a great season next year though. CJ will make the coverage look his way alot more than they looked over at Furry last year.
  2. No...I can only write off my lady and kid on my taxes.
  3. KC will NOT take a WR in round 1...

    I think there will be a few teams kicking themselves for passing him.
  4. KC will NOT take a WR in round 1...

    IMO Staley stayed on the board way to long.
  5. 1st year WR's rarely do much fantasywise. I think CJ will be a dissapointment to anyone who takes him in redraft leagues. If I had to guess his stats right now I would say 60 catches for 800 yards and about 5 TD's.
  6. I hope you are right Zia. I just think for this season he won't be any different than what we had. now next year and the year after I can see us reaping his benefits.
  7. Moss goes to Pats

    IMO the Pats getting Moss would immediately make them the favorites next year.
  8. I personally see no difference. hope you are right though my brother.
  9. Randy Moss keeper value?

    I am expecting Colston to really let owners down this year(as well as the rest of the New Orleans offense unless your name is Bush) . I would trade him if I had him and make some room for Moss.
  10. Only Backus is at least average at his position. all the rest are either to young or just not very good. our line is not good. it is not the leagues worst but I would say they are in the bottom 10. That being said Kitna should be a fine fantasy QB this year. I think he will move to being slightly overrated this year instead of slightly underrated like he was last year.
  11. Detroit to draft Johnson

    Speaking of our secondary,I still cannot believe we traded Bly away for that garbage. they traded possibly our best player(which aint saying much for us that CB could be our best player) and created another whole on our team. and IMO got nothing whatsoever in return.
  12. Detroit to draft Johnson

    You guys suck..... On a more serious note ..I can understand how they don't want to pass CJ up. IMO he is the most talented player in the draft. but we need a Joe Thomas. If we end up with Russell or Quinn you are gonna be talking to 1 irate Lions fan today.
  13. John Edwards Plays Race Card at Virginia Tech

    Actually..if you want me to be honest about it I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am just anti democrat. I believe in personal responsibility. Democrats are at the other end of the spectrum.
  14. John Edwards Plays Race Card at Virginia Tech

    They have no defense. people who are out of touch with reality never do.
  15. sorry barry bonds

    I agree with this.
  16. sorry barry bonds

    Candlestick not a hitters park?
  17. Trung Canidate to Workout for DALLAS

    I agree.
  18. An IPod for every kid?

    When a whole city the size of Detroit is on welfare, you get problems.
  19. Bill Frist Cleared of All Charges

    I agree with this. The idiot did ban online poker which pizzes me off. that does not mean we need to fabricate evidence against him to put him in jail.
  20. Broncos conitnue their offseason remake

    I agree. unless they make a trade to get a solid DL they have no choice but to grab 1 with their 1st round pick IMO.
  21. Broncos make offer for Detroit's #2

    I agree with this.
  22. The surge in action

    I think the same thing when looking through my family picture albums.
  23. good night oil stocks

    give them time...