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  1. irate marine's letter home

    Ouch as in, that foot in your mouth is giving you athletes mouth So we are taking this topic from GW Bush to pick a side?
  2. irate marine's letter home

    So we should use our intelligence for our allies to do the work while we sit home? We should let allies,spies and special forces over there do all the work and expect it to get done? I mean if you want it to get done we should send alot more people there. that IMO is Bush's biggest mistake out of this whole ordeal. Ouch. Why could both not be done? I mean that seems attainable.
  3. Chiefs put Larry Johnson on trading block for picks

    You make a good point about their WR's. they have been ineffective even though they are in single coverage all the time because teams were stacking against Johnson. what happens if they start seeing a double team here and there?
  4. Lions Homers!

  5. Guns - different slant

    There ya go. have some fun with it my brothren.
  6. Lions Homers!

    I know someone has to step up. IMO Jones won't be healthy all year next year. if he is I could see him getting into real game shape at the end of the year. that means someone is gonna line up at RB for the Lions who is gonna get many carries. I am hoping that person is Calhoun as I have him on a couple teams (both teams I also have Jones and drafted him ahead of Drew for that fact only). it looks like a mistake as I don't see Calhoun doing much for us. but you never know.
  7. Guns - different slant

    Take away guns and man's evil will still be there.
  8. Guns - different slant

    Um. are you OK? I don't know what brought on this tirade. but I suggest stepping away from the computer for a few hours. I am trying to ride the line here myself. my problem was with people who want to do something they cannot do. you can ban guns but that won't stop people from owning them. and it would create a underground for them. if that happens there is no way to track any guns. so what sense would banning them make? Now I don't think we are that far apart on views of this so how you took every thing I said and turned it into some kind of personall attack against you and people like you is beyond me.
  9. Chiefs put Larry Johnson on trading block for picks

    I really don't blame them.I believe Shields has now retired too.if I am the Chiefs I would trade him before his stock plummets.if he stays he in K.C. he is in for a very down year IMO. I agree. I would be very suprised to see this happen. I cannot believe they want so much for Green. I am not so worried about his workload as I am worried about the line he will run behind.
  10. Guns - different slant

    That would open up a market for some knucklehead to make bullets and sell them. creating a underground is IMO the biggest problem that will come from banning guns or their ammo.
  11. Lions Homers!

    Although I would not have been as harsh as BB was... about the 1st thing I thought when I read Policy's post was he must have never seen the guy play if he thinks he cannot catch. catching the ball maybe the only thing the guy does excel at.
  12. Guns - different slant

    That is a tough question. part of me wants to say yes..I would eliminate them. then part of me thinks if guns were gone gangs would have much more power and become a very big trend. I would have to vote unsure.
  13. Alex Baldwin

  14. Alex Baldwin

    We would make glue out of him?
  15. Guns - different slant

    My main problem with people that are anti guns is not that they are anti guns but that many of their views are so short sighted on the subject. despite the fact that is is impossible to get rid of guns they want to ban guns. I mean if a person seriously wants to try to come up with some kind of solution on guns they have to leave guns in the picture(since you cannot get rid of them) and go from there. I mean don't get me wrong. if you don't believe in guns that is your right. but you must add in the fact that you CANNOT get rid of guns to your equation when deciding what a person thinks should be done about them.
  16. Alex Baldwin

    I have come to the conclusion that someone could write a post about spider monkeys and it would somehow end up a political debate.
  17. Hey pot-heads... keep on toking

    Any article that says Josh Gordon use is worse than alcohol use is not to be taken seriously.
  18. virginia tech shooting

  19. virginia tech shooting

    Oh I could not agree more. I may be the most anti media person you talk to. you can see the joy on their faces about having a big story to talk about. but at the same time by watching you may learn something that helps you spot someone in the future ready to freak out in some way. I mean that probably won't happen. but the fact that there is a chance is for me reason enough to pay attention. especially having a son myself and wanting to keep him informed and ready for the future. That being said we can never get the right kind of story from any of these big media outlets.they overdo every story and drag them out as long as people will watch. they use news to back their(or their bosses) views and spin them that way so no matter what side of the aisle you are on you cannot get a unbiased point of view.
  20. virginia tech shooting

    I understand and respect your view on this despite mine being pretty much the opposite of you. But IMO the reality with guns is if you ban guns you create a underground. then you got people everywhere with unregistered guns. you CANNOT stop people from owning them so you do your best to control them.
  21. virginia tech shooting

    I agree. I also think it is not just the media but many many people. sometimes in life things happen that noone can explain or stop..and when that happens many peoples defense mechanism is to point the finger somewhere. IMO this kid was gonna find a tragic way to be remembered somehow.and the sad truth is we all are contributing that happening. but how can you not? the next messed up person who does something like this is watching all this on TV and seeing the boy getting all the attention he wanted from this. watching this will only contribute. but what do ya do? people at the same time want to be informed.
  22. virginia tech shooting

    Yes, a very sad day. I wish your girlfriends colleague and their family the best.