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  1. A-Rod Comes Through!

    I think way to much is made out of Rodriguez playoff performances.he has a playoff career 362 OBP and a 485 career SLG% in the playoffs. I mean it aint Babe Ruth numbers but it is adequate. in league championship series where is teams are 0-3 he has a 413 OBP and a 611 SLG%. IMO people expect way to much. I am sure it is more his last 2 years in the playoffs people are whining about but IMO the bigger problems were his teams respective 4.40 and 5.56 ERA in the playoffs in those years.
  2. Travis Henry, 2007 projection

    Of these guys you mention Alexander and Brown IMO are the only 2 that can be picked ahead of Henry. and I am not even sure about them. You say it is hard to see Henry doing well playing for Shanny like Shanny has not made many 1000 backs. IMO him playing for Shanny is WHY you should draft him high. I think we seen Parkers career year last year. I predict he ruins a many fantasy teams this upcoming year. they cannot possibly go through another season using only him. they need someone who can push the pile.
  3. the supreme court rules ...

    I live near a TVA(Tennessee valley authority) power plant (Fossil fuel plant by the way). you should look at the water around it. it is a sad thing. not much I agree with liberals about but on this subject I do.
  4. the supreme court rules ...

    I don't think any real proof has been gave proving global warming...but I think it is common sense that our gas fumes are hurting us in some way,shape or form. I am for any bill that tries to fix that.
  5. DJax out in Seattle?

  6. Who's gonna win the World Series this year?

    I think the Cardinals at 12-1 is a solid bet as bad as I hate to say it..
  7. The Royals will win the World Series this year

    Good luck with that Chief. I like Teahen to have a big year and Dejesus looked pretty darn good too last year. I see them improving but I just don't think they have the pitching to get much over .500, if they can do that. that being said I have seen stranger things.
  8. DJax out in Seattle?

    Dude,I say this without any bias against you personally. but I have never seen you on the correct side of a debate. maybe you have been...but the crap you spout of lately has erased any memory I have of that(if it exists) I am starting to think you are some kind of alias who just argues about dumb shiz just for a laugh. noone could say the things you do and be serious.
  9. That is because he knows when to hold em..and knows when to fold em.
  10. Brees for McNabb & #10 rookie pick?

    I would personally rather be on the McNabb and the # 10 side myself. Brees may not ever do what he did last year again. plus QB's are a dime a dozen.
  11. DJax out in Seattle?

  12. I think we have enough pitching to hold us til then. IMO Rogers is our 3rd best starter . he did pitch great in the playoffs but I expect and ERA of over 4.00 with him this year and around 13 or 14 victories(if he was healthy enough to play all year). his age has to be a concern. I think Bonderman will have a breakout season this year and be our best starting pitcher. I really have high hopes for the Tigers this year. it is hard to find a hole anyplace.
  13. DJax out in Seattle?

    Why thank you my good man. I have come to the conclusion that you are off your needed meds. I think it is safe to assume this. Let me know when you are in Tennessee Seahawk. I am a big enough fool to actually meet up with you and crack your skull. well, that is if you are a man and not a little kid.I suspect you may be a "young'un".
  14. DJax out in Seattle?

    I do agree that that is not a impressive recieving core. It always makes me laugh when someone calls Burleson "valuable". Wonder why those teams are making inquiries? wonder if it could be because they heard he may be available? Branch has shown me that he has the potential to be as effective in 16 games as Jackson is in 12 games. problem is Jackson probably can't be healthy for 12 games. I am not a Branch fan and from day 1 said that trade was a bad trade for the Seahawks(although not near as bad as the Burleson signing). no matter if Jackson stays or not Branch will probably end up being the number 1 WR in half of next years games. Jackson should play about 11 games but only be healthy enough in about 8 of those games to be the number 1. so why not trade Jackson ? all part time guys like Jackson do is keep the offense from ever getting into the right chemistry. of course if you get lucky and he stays healthy for 14 games you do got a guy who can draw doubles and open the field up for the rest of his teammates. but IMO the Seahawks are not only sick of his attitude but sick of rolling the dice with him. No..they could not afford to lose Hutchinson..they can afford to lose Jackson.
  15. Dre Bly extended by DEN

    QB'S will not be looking forward to playing Denver next year.
  16. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    He is not only throwing from behind with a bad line but with consistant blitzers right in his face. when I see a team that loses alot of close games like our Lions did last year by belief is it comes down to coaching , not the QB.IMO Martz is to aggressive in the 4th quarter with his passing game. and more than once and for more than 1 team that has shown up in the 4th quarter. Like I said though..I am not saying Kitna is the leagues best. but he is good for the money and is far from being 1 of the teams major problems. matter of fact..he is about 1 of only a handfull of Lions who not only has his teams respect but respect from around the league.
  17. Looks like you just made yourself some money. Agreed I don't remember no negatives about him in Seattle. I do remember playing behind what may have been the worst O-Line ever next to what the Texans have been putting out there so far in there existance. I don't see them losing both to Green Bay. I see us losing both to the Bears and maybe the Vikings..but not Green Bay.
  18. Pacman on da real tip!

    I told ya the story about seeing him at a bar right Spain? There was like 4 or 5 Titans(along with a number of others) outside smoking a J and Pacman pulls my suprise doggs the other dudes from his team for smoking it. then opens up his shirt coat and he has a 45 sticking out of his pants and he starts running his mouth to others walking in and walks into the bar with the gun showing and noone ever said a word to him. I guess the only thing good I can say about him is at least he never got into any real trouble that night. seemed like 1 of those dudes that has the "short mans disease" as I like to call it. always talking and bragging.
  19. Unfounded speculation here about Detroit Lions

    I could not disagree more about doing okay in that trade.IMO we traded our only excellent defensive player. That being said I did not know he was gonna refuse to come back and if that is the case then you gotta get what you can. but what we got for him IMO does not help us at all.
  20. Unfounded speculation here about Detroit Lions

    Depends on what we get in return. if it is as bad the Dre Bly trade we should just sit still and take Thomas.
  21. Unfounded speculation here about Detroit Lions

    I love Joe Thomas and am hoping they draft him. but I think you guys are right about us trading down.
  22. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    When you are forced to throw from behind and behind a horrible passblocking team those things happen. I am not saying Kitna is the leagues best or anything. but he has the respect of his team and is a servicable QB.