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  1. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    I don't see why Kitna could not have a big year. he is a fine QB. and IMO is 1 of the "proper pieces". Our problems come on the defensive side of the ball and the offensive line. of course everyone loves to blame the QB for all of a teams faults.
  2. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    I agree Muck. All of our disorganization starts at the top with the owner. they make it impossible to evaluate any members of our team..playerwise or managerial wise. This topic of offensive players campaigning for a draft pick reminds of how Barry Sanders and Herman Moore used to run to the owner complaining when we hired the only good coach in my time(Bobby Ross) and Ross changed our game plan to a defensive team 1st. the offensive players went to the owner and the owner sided with them. I get the feeling our owners have no idea what defense or a offensive line means . and that IMO is what is wrong with our whole organization.
  3. Will Charles Rogers ever play again?

    Charles Rogers came right into the league looking excellent. it is very rare for a WR to come right into the league and look like a stud immediately. Rogers did that until hurting himself. he had at least 4 catches in his 1st 5 games with 3 TD's in those 5 games that 1st season. I cannot blame the Lions for that pick unless they already knew he was a headcase before drafting him. which is possible.
  4. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    As bad as Millen has been I hope he does make this pick. it is better than the Ford family making the pick ,and that is what usually happens.
  5. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    exactly. During Warners prime not only was he a good QB but a excellent baggage handler.
  6. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    I totally agree with this. You cannot use 1 guy like Gallery to prove a point. if this was the case you would not have to worry about us(the Lions) taking a WR after having Charles Rogers and watching what a bust he was from the WR position. Also..just look at what Ferguson meant to the Jets last year. I know in the fantasy world this is not popular but IMO he was ROY without anyone else even being close.
  7. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    Every year gets harder to stay a Lions fan (and this is coming from someone who bleeds Detroit sports). we had 1 player who was excellent at their position (Dre Bly)and we trade that player for 1 of the most useless RB's I ever seen. Every football year is the same for me brother.
  8. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    That is because the team thinks they are gonna take Thomas. Kitna is not worried about his job either way so I would say his opinion is not biased here.although I disagree with what he says.
  9. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    I do agree under most circumstasnces he should be the pick at 2(maybe even 1). but our needs are on the lines and we cannot do better unless we upgrade there. we can do that with Joe Thomas.
  10. Eagles land Curtis

    IMO Bennett is the better reciever of the 2. I expect more out of him than the Eagles get out of Curtis this year. Look, it seems to me that when a "nice " #3 wr goes elsewhere and tries to be the #1 or #2 guy, it does'nt work more than it does. I agree. for a team that spends its money very wisely(IMO) the Eagles blew it on this 1(IMO).
  11. Jones-Drew

    I like Drew..but I would not give that much for him.
  12. IDP Dynasty Rookie Draft 1.4

    I agree with this.
  13. Keeper Quandary

    Pick 3 of 6 from Group A Marc Bulger - no reason to keep a average QB LaDainian Tomlinson- automatic keeper Cedric Benson- automatic keeper Randy Moss- I expect a rebound year from him but would have to let him pass T.J. Houshmandzadeh- T.J. is a steady performer.I would usually keep Shockey but WR's are to thin so I would keep TJ Jeremy Shockey - I would usually keep Shockey. not many better TE's , but WR's are weak in group B and IMO you need 1 here. Pick 3 from Group B Vince Young - to bad you could not trade..someone would surely overpay for him. I would cut him though Ron Dayne - cut Brandon Jacobs - many would keep but I don't see him ever being greatly productive Tatum Bell- cut/useless Jerious Norwood- I would keep him. Dunn is getting old and Norwood looked good when he played last year.I think he ends up the starter in ATL. Vincent Jackson- I would keep him. I expect him to go for a 1000 this year. Donte' Stallworth- hamstring waiting to happen/ but cannot pass up his potential.would have to keep him Ronald Curry- cut. Tony Scheffler - I think Scheffler has a breakout season but would still have to cut
  14. Chad Johnson vs Edge James

    I agree with this.
  15. need help in deciding who to keep

    Since you have to start at least 2 WR's I would keep R Williams and Boldin. then you can keep S Jackson,Bush and Ronnie Brown. No way would I give up Brown for Willie Parker. Parker and his uselessness in short yardage situations is 1 of the things that were wrong with Pittsburgh last year. I do not expect him to ever have another 1000 season. I could be wrong of course.
  16. Norwood ATL RB v Chambers MIA WR

    I agree with this.
  17. 1 Player Keeper

    I would not want to keep either for my 4th myself. would not want betts as a 4th either. If I had to pick between those 3 it would be Brees . I usually would never say keep a QB but I have no trust in Colston repeating last year and with Betts behind being behind Portis there is no way to keep him. Who else you got on that team that can be chosen?
  18. Trade Advice

    I would not look to overpay for a QB. they are overrated in real and fantasy football.especially since this is IDP. If it was me I would look to trade at another position I need help at and look for a weak starter throwin.
  19. Vikings sign QB!

    Sad part is he is the best QB on the roster right now.
  20. Houston looking to get Quinn?

    Agreed. look at what Ferguson meant to the Jets in his 1st year.
  21. Black Donnellys

    I like this show alot . if it keeps up like it has it will be the best new show in a while.
  22. Julius Jones

    I could not agree more.
  23. Julius Jones

    Yeah ...this is the most trading I think I have ever seen.