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  1. 3rd Round pick

    You need a 3rd RB. your RB's are good but not so good where you can afford to lose either 1 and still try and contend.I would go with Arrington .
  2. The Peyton Manning Draft Strategy

    last year Manning had the best scheduling(defensively) of any QB in the league. we all know he is a great QB without any help. what I am basically saying is he will not come close to last years stats and I am looking forward to seeing someone take him early in the draft and sliding all my picks up 1 spot.
  3. @ 10 th overall...How risky is Portis?

    As the oddball here I would snatch Moss. he is the biggest difference maker there, and Collins throws a much much MUCH better deep ball than Culpepper. I expect a career year from Moss .
  4. trade draft picks?

    I would do would have 1 strong starting lineup.
  5. Brian Griese

    "yes I do,and my name is not shirley"
  6. J.J. Arrington

    I would not be sprised to see him even go in the late 3rd.
  7. Fantasy League over at Yahoo

    I am in. thanks and good luck.
  8. Need to decide on 1 keeper...

    I would go with Holmes and back him up with LJ (if possible). I don't like the Buffalo offense much and expect teams to stack the line against McGahee all year.with Holmes you KNOW he will be a stud if healthy. and if you back him up with LJ then you will have the best RB situation there is locked down.
  9. What's your upset Pick in week one

    Tampa Bay looks like a excellent bet getting 6 from the Vikings. Eagles giving 2.5 to the Falcons looks good. Ravens getting 3 from Colts looks good. Lions are giving 1.5 now..if it was 3 then everyone is pounding the Packers early on this year.I like the Lions even more now.
  10. What's your upset Pick in week one

    much appreciation
  11. What's your upset Pick in week one

    That tells you the oddsmakers do not have much respect for the Pack this year. the Lions look like a good bet in week 1 as of now. also, where do you find the week 1 odds out .I went to USA today and could not find them.
  12. Raider Fans

    IF I were going to take 1 of the Raider backup RB's I would go with Crockett. at least he is sure to get some TD's no matter what happens. I do not see Fargas as a every down back. he is kind of like his dad(Huggie Bear),a role player not good enough to be the star of his own show.
  13. What's your upset Pick in week one

    Lions over Green Bay Ravens over the Colts.
  14. Just finished my draft....

    Not a bad team at all. I forsee lots of injuries for you though this season.
  15. New York, New York....

    That is a tough 1. I myself like Barber because I believe he is a tad younger ,and his recieving yardage always gives him a big boost.
  16. TOP 10 RB

    1.Tomlinson 2.Alexander 3.Holmes 4.E. James 5.McCallister 6.J Lewis 7.D Davis 8.A Green 9. J Jones 10. T. Barber
  17. Trade Didn't Happen

    I would keep the same 4 as you.
  18. Bye Weeks

    Slambo summed it all up.
  19. Holmes or Manning?

    The number 3 pick is the worst pick in the draft this year to me(which means I will end up getting it next week probably) I right now would take Priest Holmes and then come around in the 5th or 6th round and get Larry Johnson.
  20. Travis Taylor wins starting job.

    I think EVERYONE has Burleson way to high on their lists. it would not suprise me at all to see Travis Taylor end up the number 1 WR on that team.I forsee the Viking offense to fold up this season without Moss.I also have Culpepper way down on my lists. Wiggins should get lots short dumps to him though.he should again be a excellent TE .
  21. Jacksonville Offense

    I think I would rather have Leftwich than Roth. I am not sold on Big Ben plus I figure them to run the ball most of the time(just like last year). and Leftwich should be throwing alot this year,especially if they end up with the RBBC that injuries are making it look like it could be.
  22. Number 6

    I think if Jamaal Lewis is there he is the guy you take. if not him I would go Moss.I expect a career year out of him.I know it stinks to pass up RB's at that position but I am just big on Moss this year and you can grab 2 2nd tier backs with your next 2 picks.
  23. Trade Advice

    I would trade those 2 for Collins. I expect Collins,Moss and Porter to all have outstanding seasons for the Raiders.
  24. K Jones, J Jones or T Barber?

    I would go with Barber. that 1 point per catch rule really favors him. plus the other 2 played well at the end of last year,but I have to see it for a full year before I take either over Barber.
  25. Pick #2

    I also say Alexander. Holmes does have a bigger upside but with Alexander you get a guy who you pretty much know will stay healthy.