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  1. Peter King's Power Rankings

    I guess it is as good as any other list. but seeing new Orleans at number 4 turned me off right from the get. I also don't see my Lions being that high on the board. we have no MLB and we have no running game and our secondary will be toast. should be another year of us putting up good passing stats and making fantasy owners slightly happy but us winning between 5 and 7 games..
  2. Trade Advice Needed

    I agree with the rest. I would not trade my RB depth away when you got good potential at QB on your roster.
  3. Trade Help

    He will laugh at this offer unless he is clueless
  4. Trade Help

    I would make the trade without hesitating. Jackson is a fine back but if I get a chance to get LT I make the deal. If either Vick or Taylor give you anything that will just be icing on the cake.
  5. Official IBL Recruiting Thread

    With 59 other teams to trade with he may have found his heaven.
  6. joke of the day

    That aint what I heard.
  7. Question for the racists

    People are different. that is the problem. people want to act like each and every kind of people are the exact same. but the facts are they are not. the only thing that stays the same between every kind of people is there is good and bad of all.
  8. Question for the racists

    I am defending all people..including you. we all have negative thoughts whether you want to admit it or not.and many times we say negative things.that is the way of life. What is fake is when you see a person who will tell you they don't say or think the word at least now and again. That is the thing that bothered most of my black friends when it come to many white people.the same people who would claim to never ever think a racist thought would be the same person who buried their head up the 1st black person they seens azz.they were scared and would say anything that pleased a person while that person was there...but my friends knew they looked at them different. A negative word is a negative word. period.
  9. Question for the racists

    I am sure Perch does not want to hear his kid say that word or any other cuss word. but only a fool would think all his or her kids words or thoughts will be positive.
  10. Question for the racists

    Good post as usual Perch.
  11. Question for the racists

    1 thing that has suprised me since moving to Tennessee from Michigan is how much more racist the people in Michigan are. I would of guessed it would of been the opposite before hand.
  12. Vick is all done

    Dude they been flying over my head all week.
  13. matt millen the team wrecker

    Oh..were you the only one watching the Vikes last year? I do agree that Tavaris Jackson is far from ready and IMO he should not even be the starter. I just see Green Bay falling apart this year. and I think the Vikes have the talent on the Lines to be a decent team. And I am being light brother....just letting ya know how you came off.
  14. Verlander

    Yeah, we need our bullpen to get it together and we will be complete. I know they don't want to bring up Miller and put him in the bullpen but as the playoff race really gets going we need to have our best players on the team. and Miller would be definately 1 of our top 9 pitchers right now.
  15. matt millen the team wrecker

    "no way in hell does that happen..." that sounds like a pretty definate answer for someone who has no idea how things are gonna shape out.
  16. Verlander

    He has some amazing stuff.
  17. Vick is all done

    Before I write this...I must say I cannot believe I am gonna write a post sticking up for Vick...but here goes.... 1st we got to start off with defenses. Kordell was on a much better defensive team that put their offense in great shape on the field and never put the pressure on kordell that Vick has faced in atlanta. Vick on the otherhand has been with mostly a average defense. then you got to talk offensive lines. I am sure Menudo himself will tell you that Kordell had the much better line for a QB to be behind. When you talk wins in NFL games Vick and Kordells winning percentages are very very close despite the fact that Pittsburgh and Kordell had some excellent teams.matter of fact I would just about bet that Vick has a better W/L % in NFL starts than Kordell.I only covered both players teams when they the QB played 10 games for their respective teams and when doing that Vick has won at a 55% clip while Kordell 59% clip.but Vick had a winning record in the 2 seasons he played under 10 games and Almost all of stewerts starts in years he played less than 10 games his teams had losing seasons. Then you throw in that Vicks TD to TO rate is at 64% and Kordells is 58%.then you throw in the fact that Vick averages 1.2 TD's per game for career while Kordell averages .9 per game. I just don't see how you can say anyone proved that Kordell was better statwise unless you are just looking at overall totals at this point. So when you wrote this"(as Meneudo has clearly illustrated) " and this "Based on what -- if not stats or winning? " you should of did some investigating yourself before trusting the word of homers who are already mad at Michael Vick in the 1st place.
  18. Vick is all done

    I am far from a Michael Vick fan as many have probably noticed. That being said IMO Vick has been twice the QB that Stewart was.
  19. matt millen the team wrecker

    I can see them overtaking the Packers. I think the Vikes and Bears both finish ahead of us though. That being said...if we were serious about winning this year we would not have traded Dre Bly away for absolutely nothing.
  20. Vick is all done

  21. Vick is all done

    As someone who understands how these things (dogfights and all that that goes along with it)work. The stuff besides dogfighting will be what Vick gets any real jailtime over if he gets real jailtime. Dogfighting houses are always more than just dogfighting. there is drugs, illegal alcohol,gambling and many times prostitution. if this is Vicks house it will be racketeering/conspiracy charges that really get him. This being said. I do not condone dogfighting. I think it is horrible.I just know how the crap works and have watched it work a few times as a youngster.
  22. NBA Finals - Cavs vs Spurs

    I think Phoenix,Dallas, Utah and the Rockets were all better than the Cavs. I think the Cavs could beat Denver,G.S or the Lakers.
  23. The Best: Defensive Player

  24. My old soldier went home today

    I wish you and your family the best Polk.