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  1. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Half Irish and half lawyer huh? Bet you spend alot of time defending yourself.
  2. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Yeah...I guess I was really into the post.
  3. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Yeah..I tried and got more but noone I talked to was willing. I wanted to get rid of his contract years off my squad while I feel I can. I am worried that if I waited his value would disappear. I personally think you will never see Jones rush for over 500 yards in a season again. I am very very low on him and his consistant injury problems.
  4. Lebron James is a Freak!

    Whats up on Parker? You don't think he scores 20 a game either?
  5. Missing Kansas Girl

    I bet. I have a boy but have thought many times if I had a daughter how scared I would be for her in todays world.
  6. Lebron James is a Freak!

    Good post Kev. your objectivity is rare when discussing anything like this here with a homer. I agree that Brown does understand the defensive side of the ball and he also understands how important the half court game is which is a rarity with many coaches nowadays. those are good traits. but his decision making in all other areas is bad. his timeouts calls are very bad at times. the way he uses his players(IMO) is horrible.the best decision he made all year was the move to get Pavlicek(or however you spell it) into the lineup and move Hughes to PG. they have been a different team ever since. When talking rebounds many people overvalue the offensive rebound. many of the leagues better offensive rebounding teams are some of the bad teams. they get so many offensive rebounds because their team is such a bad shooting team(the Cavs were 22nd in FG percentage). the Spurs on the other hand were much more efficient on offense(2nd in FG percentage) so there was less offfensive rebounds to grab. I am not saying Cleveland cannot compete and possibly win..because they can. I also expect good games. but I see the Spurs winning in 6.
  7. Missing Kansas Girl

    I seen this on the news. it is a freaking shame and I hope they catch the rat and torture his sorry azz. I bet there was more than 1 person involved they way it went down.
  8. Lebron James is a Freak!

    Snow is in the league for 1 reason and 1 reason only...he can defend. And as you think Parker is going to do anything he wants..whenever wherever....I would bet he don't average 20 per game.
  9. Lebron James is a Freak!

    Still cannot believe he lucked out on that superstar Gado.
  10. Lebron James is a Freak!

    Even though this was not posted to me I will give my rationale as to why I think they won't win. remember....not being argumentative..just posting my thoughts on it. 1st is coaching. I have no respect for Mike Brown as a coach and I don't believe he is the guy that can bring them a championship. 2nd is Tim Duncan. he has proven it before and IMO has proven it against much better teams. 3rd is home court. S.A. has it and it is a major advantage. I think this whole series (for Cleveland)will come down to Ilgauskas. he is good enough to dominate and is going to have to for Cleveland to have a chance. he is capable and IMO is underused by Cleveland. Like I said before..I will be rooting for Cleveland as I don't want to see the Title in the western conference.
  11. IDP sleepers

    I was basically gonna post this same stuff until I seen it already here(which suprised me). I have picked him up in both my dynasty rookie drafts,once in the 6th round and once in the 5th round. We have no bonified MLB on my Lions and as you said they are raving about him in camp.
  12. Lebron James is a Freak!

    Lebron made us look foolish so many times I forgot about that 1.
  13. Best Player in the NBA

    IMO neither is the best player in the NBA but I would put Lebron far and away better than kobe. I did not agree before the playoffs(I thought Dirk finally took over)...but I do now.
  14. Lebron James is a Freak!

    1st and foremost I got to stick up for my boy Prince. no man can guard Lebron 1 on 1. and calling him pathetic because of 1 series is quite foolish IMO. if you go back and look and Princes playoff performances over his career I think you will notice this. Next...every year you see someone saying how good their team did in the regular season vs another team to see their team get blown out. this is not the regular season..this is the playoffs. this is where champions step up. Lebron WILL get his doubt about it. but who else will? Not to mention S.A. has a real coach. I actually do not like this series for Parker. I think between Hughes and Snow they will give Parker all he can handle.I look for Ginobli to have a huge series though.
  15. The Best: Defensive Player

    Excellent defenses all have 1 thing in common. they force the action to the middle of the field and their MLB'ers excel because of it. Not that Urlacher is not great because he is. but no player single handedly takes out the run and if you were gonna pick 1 player who is closest to stopping the run all by himself you would have to look at 1 of the DT's.
  16. Lebron James is a Freak!

    I hope you are right brother kev. I will be rooting for them. but if I am to be honest I just cannot see them beating the Spurs. them drives to the hole that Lebron got over and over against my Pistons won't happen vs the Spurs.
  17. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Yeah, but Taylor had 2 1200 yard seasons in his 1st 3. Kevin Jones has never had a 1200 yard season and has had 2 straight years where he did not rush for 700 yards. That being said..he is a good example. Hearst did OK but really only had 1 outstanding season and then followed that up by missing his next 2 seasons. Stephen Davis is another good example but he was in kinda different circumstances as you could of really got nothing for him until after his 4th year. Terry Allen basically was injury free his 1st 5 seasons.after the injury bug hit him his 6th year he never was the same. Westbrook is a special player IMO but even he has only had one 1000 yard season.he is also another guy that if I owned I would of already traded. but I would of gotten more for him than I got for Jones. I traded Jones while he is coming off of a serious surgury that could take him a while to get back from and that sunk his value. Edge I cannot count here. he has had only 1 season where he got less than 277 carries not to mention was in a Colt offense for many of those years where the upside was unlimited. I also cannot count Faulk as he had 7 1000 yard seasons in his 1st 8. Most of these guys you 2 named are good examples and I understand where you guys are coming from. I just don't trust Kevin Jones and once I don't trust a player I try my best to get the best value I can for him and part ways. I ended up getting Chris Henry and David Harris with the 2 picks I got for Jones so even if he does well if those guys can be decent for me in the future I will be happy.
  18. Lebron James is a Freak!

    Losing to a team that has Shaq and Wade in the finals is not a bad thing. making the finals is not a bad thing. losing in the 1st round when you are the number 1 seed...well that is a bad thing. And if that finals is like nothing you ever seen you should go back and look at the 4th quarter meltdown the trailblazers had against the bulls in the finals a number of years ago.
  19. Keeper League Question

    You are Welcome.
  20. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    I hope I did not make a mistake but I let him go for two 2nd's a few weeks back. I just looked at how injury prone Jones has been so far in his young career and his current injury and figured now was a good time to part ways with him. Not sure if I ever seen a RB hurt as much as Jones has been in his young career go on to be a very successful RB.
  21. Keeper League Question

    The point matter your point system...RB's are almost always more important(unless you are in a 14 team league where you start 2 QB's).
  22. The Best: Defensive Player

    I agree with this. IMO LB'ers (especially MLB'ers) are the most overrated players on the defensive side of the ball. not that the position is not important because it is very important. but their inflated stats make them look more important than they are. On the flip side the DT's don't get the stats but are the main peice to controlling the line of scrimmage.
  23. I agree with these guys. There is not much(if any) differrence from pick 1 to pick 3. in most drafts that gets you Lynch. then you get a solid QB for the future in Cutler. I jump all over it myself.
  24. Keeper League Question

  25. Asante Samuel unhappy

    To bad he is not as good as Winfield.the Patriots don't overpay for players usually..but IMO the franchise was way to much to give to Samuel in the 1st place. I will be suprised to see Stalworth play 2 games without pulling a hammy.