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  1. The Best: Defensive Player

    I can understand how they can pick others over Bailey.there is alot of good football players and everyone has a different opinion. That being said..I agree with you. no player can cut the field in half like Bailey.not only does he do a good job on the guy he is defending...but he lets a safety free to help out the run and make their run defense look even better.
  2. Conspiracy Theory Fear and loathing in Las Vegas Snatch Lock stock and two smoking Barrells These movies all come to mind that I have not noticed already mentioned.
  3. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    This is what I expect.
  4. Lebron

    IMO Ilgauskas means much more to his team than Tony Parker does to his. and putting Tony Parker in the same sentence as McHale...well I just cannot see doing that.
  5. Lebron

    Ilgauskas is the guy who is getting no credit that deserves it IMO. he is a factor and may have not been a scoring machine in this playoffs but without his interior defense the Pistons would of swept through them.
  6. Neighborly advice/opinions needed

    Sounds like you were nice enough about it and that you have a legit advice would be to demolish the home next door and set him back a bunch...but I am kinda a psyco. but when it comes to children and their safety..if this freak aint gonna do nothing about it and is being half a smart azz when asked politely I would make him pay.
  7. Lebron

    I hate to agree...but you are right...if those 1st 2 games were in Cleveland they would of beat us by 10 in each.
  8. Lebron

    The only reason I am not blaming Saunders for being down 3-2 is that the Cavs coach has been equally bad.this has been a players series.and coaching is the biggest reason I feel the East does not have a chance against the west in the finals this year. Saunders covering James with small guards at the top of the key was rediculous. and having Webber as the last line of defense instead of Rasheed Wallace was equally moronic. On another note...was that not the worst officiated game you ever seen last night? I am not blaming the refs for our loss as both teams were getting horrible calls against them. just bad..bad calls last night.
  9. Jake Delhomme

    Delhomme has the schedule for success this year. I think he is a excellent backup this year and can be gotten much later in drafts this year than last year when many were way to high on him.
  10. Lebron

    Yeah. it was never so obvious how much we miss Big ben as it was last night. Yet they post in a basketball thread. hmmm. Hakeem Olojuwan and Tim Duncan come to mind. IMO. if Prince cannot guard him Bowen cannot either.Bowen won't have to guard him as good though because everytime he beats Bowen Duncan will be there to contest the shot and make him pass. I can't stand Saunders as our coach. with Ben gone we need Sheed as our last line of defense...not Webber. At the end of that game Lebron was not even looking for another player on his team and had 3 Pistons around him everytime he shot. I was happy with many of the shots(the long jumpers) they made Lebron make,he just made them. and if we would of been playing right we would of won that game...the problem was everytime he got past Prince or Hunter(who should of not been anywhere near trying to guard Lebron anyways) it was a layup straight to the hoop. It does not look good for my Pistons. usually the team up 3-2 wins and with the Cavs going home I think we are in trouble.congrats Cavs fans.
  11. I LOVE THE U.S.A

  12. Kobe:Trade me if Jerry West does not come back

    If I was the Lakers I would jump all over this. it is much more than kobe is worth. Yep. Portland would be retarded to do this.
  13. Why Do People Hate Barry Bonds?

    Maybe to racists this is true. But the reason why it has picked up so much steam is because reporters hated him long before they ever had any idea he was on steroids because he hated them(which I don't blame him).so when the steroids issue came out they pounded it on him.
  14. Droughns vs. Jacobs

    I see a 60/40 split with Jacobs getting the 60 if he can stay healthy.
  15. Russia test fires an multi-warheaded ICBM

    Yep. We will be Europe in 10 years.
  16. Tim Duncan........

    Either 1 would be fine.
  17. Early Bird Player Tiers

    All I know is when Menudo sees you have Rothlisberger rated so low he will come to your house and TP it.
  18. Early Bird Player Tiers

    At a quick glance I would put Gates in the 1st tier at TE by himself and then group a 2nd other TE is close to Gates.
  19. Tim Duncan........

    Yeah...would remind of when Duncan and David Robinson got that ring together.
  20. Tim Duncan........

    Duncan is a old 31 IMO.I see his minutes declining over the next few years . I mean I am not saying he is gonna retire after next year. he has 2 or 3 more years of being a all star.but I think he only has 1 year left where he can carry a team to the finals. And I never forgot about Shaq. I said Duncan was the best players of the 00's. IMO Shaq is the 2nd best player ever next to jordan. I am sure many will disagree with that but I just wanted to show ya I aint forgot about Shaq for 1 minute.
  21. Why Do People Hate Barry Bonds?

    Steroids lets you do things you otherwise could not do. coke ruins your career. both are bad but 1 of them gives you a unfair advantage while playing the game. No. I agree with this. after not having a series in 94 baseball was hurting and they let steroids go because the HR's were drawing the crowds.Barry may be the biggest fish since he is breaking records, but the responsibility should not end at him. This is the problem. they can't eliminate bonds records without just basically wiping a era off the slate. Agreed.
  22. Lendale misses camp

  23. Lendale misses camp

    WDDL and WDL. leagues I joined here at the huddle. I would imagine the recent news has pushed him up quite a bit.although I thought he would of already been gone at that point too.
  24. Tim Duncan........

    I think if you put Duncan on Cleveland and take Lebron off ,the East would have a chance to win it all this of now it looks as Duncan is gonna get another ring.this is no slight on Lebron as he is a excellent player whom I expect to eventually be the best player in the NBA. for him to become that player he is gonna have to be able to dominate defensively in either a man on man situation or as a team defender(which he does at times). If Duncan was not still a dominating force his team would of been knocked out a long time ago. he is not good enough to be the best player for 82 games anymore.but still able to be the best during the playoffs(which is what counts).