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  1. Lendale misses camp

    I picked up Henry in 2 recent dynasties at 2.08 and 2.12. this kind of news makes me happy.
  2. Tim Duncan........

    I agree. IMO you put Duncan on any team and his team is a title contender. you take him off the Spurs and the Spurs battle to make the playoffs. That being said..we are looking at the end of Duncans domination IMO. he may have 1 more year of dominating in him.he has been the best player of the 00's but all things come to a end. as I think we finally seen the end of Shaq this year.
  3. Why Do People Hate Barry Bonds? would hinder them. no patience at the plate and get no rythem on the bases or in the field. and that is just 1 days use. someone who uses it every day will lose power,speed, size and most of all...desire.
  4. Tim Duncan........

    Neither Kobe or Lebron have ever been the best player on a team that has won it all. Duncan is because Duncan can dominate on offense and defense and the other 2 can just dominate on offense. although Lebron is still young and learning and I give him the benefit of the doubt so far. Steve Nash winning the last 2 years is a joke IMO. Kobe's 3 rings came from Shaq. I think Dirk has been the regular season MVP for the last 2 years myself. To me the top 3 players in the league this year were Nowitzki,Marion and Duncan. You take Dirk off of Dallas and they miss the playoffs. You take Kobe off of the Lakers and they usually don't miss a beat.
  5. 2007 Offensive Rookie of the Year

    I also went with Quinn. I expect the Browns to be the suprise team this year and I think they do it with Quinn at QB.
  6. Legal question

    Yeah. what Swerski needs to do is post a sign in his neighborhood saying what time it would be appropriate to get up and get ready for work in the morn so he can sleep past 7 without noone interupting him.
  7. Tarvaris Jackson

    I should rephrase myself. I also think Jackson starts of as the QB as the team has backed him 100 percent. I just think he loses his job early in the season.
  8. Rookie notes

    I agree. I was amazed when they were talking about giving the job to Gerrard even if Leftwich was healthy. IMO Gerrard was a absolutely horrible QB. and he played horrible while the team had a excellent schedule for QB's.
  9. Why Do People Hate Barry Bonds?

    I have met Barry Bonds 3 or 4 times. he was always a very nice guy. he just hates reporters(and I don't blame him). his daddy (Bobby Bonds) was much more the headcase than Bonds as far as I personally seen. That being said...he is a cheater and was 1 of many who ruined a whole era of baseball.
  10. Rookie notes

    I have made sure to take this guy in every dynasty draft late. With his speed and the move to MLB(where my Lions say he will get a chance to play) I am hoping he ends up as 1 of the suprise rookies of the year(especially fantasy wise).
  11. I just....

    Congrats Mike.
  12. Tarvaris Jackson

    I honestly expect Bollinger to end up with the QB job by default if they don't make any moves before camp.
  13. Legal question

    You seem like a whiny prick to me. No offense of course.
  14. 2007 NBA Draft

    Yeah..but in their defense they were without Magic against my Pistons.
  15. Another reason for regulating who can be parents

    Yeah..this guy deserves to be put in a giant microwave and showed what the kid went through cept they should let him cook til he is well done.
  16. Suns vs. Spurs

    I am amazed no one has brought up Jeff Van Gundy's leg grapple.funniest thing I ever seen in the NBA. Yeah..I'm old.
  17. Pick #4 Poll

    I agree with this in a keeper league. but for just this year I go Alexander for a couple reasons. 1.Alexander has the 7th best schedule for RB's compared to Gores 24th ranked schedule. 2.Gore has had one 1000 yard season.
  18. Who would you rather have?

    I would make this deal. That being said...don't expect Rivers to blow up this year with his schedule...but he should be consistant for a long time. To me McGahee is the better back between the 2 in real life.. but Henry plays for denver so he should look much better statistically.
  19. Draft Order

    After 1st I would want 12th.
  20. Pick #4 Poll

    I would take this bet.
  21. Michael Moore is a reprehensible person

    This has been a excellent thread. it is always good to see who those are that thinks Michael Moore has a clue so we know not to take them seriously next time they post something.
  22. You must be a pretty bored fella huh Gordo?