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  1. Chris Henry fails drug test

    Yeah. the way I understand it(after reading a Marv Lewis blog) Tab Perry has the job until Henry gets back but there is no guarentee that he (Henry)gets his job back from Perry even then.
  2. Dallas locker room much more relaxed

    Nothing wrong with this opinion. and I hope it works out for ya. I just disagree. I was just pointing out how I could conclude the coaching is worse.
  3. Frank Gore

    Should be big fun Irish. I am looking forward to it.
  4. Dallas locker room much more relaxed

    I won't bump it whether right or wrong. I just see this thread sticking around. always a Cowboy thread that starts in the offseason and makes it through the season. I just get the feeling this will be the 1. I can't believe you even have to ask me this question. Whether you liked Parcells or not..him leaving I think easily explains why anyone would say their coaching is worse this year.
  5. Dallas locker room much more relaxed

    I got a feeling this thread is gonna be around all season long.
  6. The Utah Jazz....

    Good luck Mike. I see the Spurs beating them but I see a decent series. The Spurs are just able to settle down in the end of games and close teams out. I will say this...if they do beat the Spurs..despite me being a die hard Pistons fan..I think they would win it all. The West is just stronger this year(as they have been in recent years).and there is no Miami Heat (of last year)coming out of the East this year.
  7. Dallas locker room much more relaxed

    On the offensive and defensive lines. where it matters most. It is not just talent though as I have seen some very talented teams do nothing and teams that are not very talented do alot. 1 of the greatest coaches ever got them to 9-7 last year.with lesser coaching(which IS what they have now) I see them winning 7.
  8. Dallas locker room much more relaxed

    I see Dallas going 7-9 this year myself. They could end up winning 8 or 9 if things go there way. I cannot see them winning 10 this year though. just not enough talent.
  9. A huddler family (the Polksalets) needs your prayers

    I wish the best for you and yours Polk.
  10. If there is still room Irish I am interested.
  11. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

  12. Torry Holt - not a top 10 WR this year

    Probably still mad that Darrell Jackson got traded.
  13. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    OK. I lucked out and grabbed Jackson in the 11 spot in my main local and he was a goldmine. The funny part is I did not want to take him because of his past injuries and expected him to be gone before I picked.but could not let him slide past pick 11 and glad I did not.
  14. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    I see Hackett doing well too. I just wanted to hear what you said about it. but the reason I think he does so well is because Branch will catch the double teams. I would not be suprised see him get 900 yards..maybe even 1000 if he plays all 16. I can just see Branch doing 1200 next year if he is healthy all 16 games.
  15. Frank Gore

    What I like so much about Ronnie Brown is he is a very capable receiver out of the backfield. RB's who catch the ball well are much more consistant IMO and I expect to see Browns catch totals go up this year.I can see the Miami offense revolving around him this year.
  16. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    You think Hackett will be the teams number 1 WR?
  17. Billups vs.Wade

    Although I wish we would of kept Carlisle. Dumars has done a great job. What's your thoughts on Delfino ending up being a special player? I think we have to find a way to get him more minutes next year.
  18. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    I think Branch has a big season as well.he will be the hands down number 1 on a team that can pass the ball and has the schedule for the teams primary WR to have a huge season.
  19. Frank Gore

    Dude..if myou want to point out backups we can be here all day. I mean that Michael Turner is a pretty good back running behind Tomlinson is he not? And who says you need a great QB to have a good running game? I seen Baltimore run the crap out of the ball without a good passing game all the way to a superbowl. And we do disagree because I think the value from 2 through 14 is very close.
  20. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    Since 2001
  21. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    Agreed. Henry has not been a bad back IMO when he has had a chance to play. and has showed that he can take the pounding of alot runs per game.IMO the only way he can fail is if injured. and anyone can get injured.
  22. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    Only if you just started watching them play in the last 2 years.
  23. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    I think he gets off myself. no RBBC for Denver this year means big things for Henry IMO.
  24. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    I am suprised benson made it to pick 3.01 also.