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  1. Frank Gore

    Slim? You can possibly get Rudi Johnson, Ronnie Brown,Clinton Portis and a number of others there. IMO as much as people are talking about the 2 back rotations this year I think this draft is deeper than last years for RB's. To me..there is a top 1 this year instead of a top 3. then a bunch of guys who are pretty much even.
  2. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    I would be very happy getting picking at 12 and seeing Rudi Johnson,Ronnie Brown and Clinton Portis out there for me to choose from.
  3. Billups vs.Wade

    3 times in 4 years for Eastern conference finals. IMO we just beat the only team in the East that could beat us. we do need for Webber to show up for a whole series though if we want to keep moving on.
  4. Frank Gore

    This has been a excellent thread fellas. I have not put much into this thread because I have no faith in Gore whatsoever and everyone is so hyped up on him I did not feel like fielding all the questions as to why I would think that. that being said...I did not have any faith in him last year either and he got off. After reading all this though I have solidified my thoughts that pickin last in this years draft is a great place to be picking.
  5. Frank Gore

    Do you really believe Leonard will have a impact on Stephen Jackson brother Perch? I just do not see Leonard affecting him at all. injury is the only thing that worries me about Jackson.
  6. Suns vs. Spurs

    I am not gonna use the Stoud factor in it at all. the Suns had the game without him. they could not settle down into a half court game at the end and ended up taking bad shots and playing wildly . on the otherhand Tim Duncan and the Spurs (outside of Ginobili) settled into their half court game and got good shots off and did what you have to do at the end of games to win a championship. Congrats to the Spurs and their fans for a good win.
  7. Torry Holt - not a top 10 WR this year

    Not to mention Holt has the 2nd best schedule(next to the Niners) for a WR to have this year. Holt is as close to a sure thing as any WR in the league this year IMO.
  8. Player Ratings for 2007-08

    If he starts drawing the doubles it will help Harrison. but you cannot double both and Harrison is just much better than Wayne right now. Harrisons age could catch up with him..I just don't see that happening this year.
  9. the backpedaling begins

    I agree(but not so meanly) . I think it is just common sense that our pollution is hurting us. I am not saying it is as bad as Gore claims as I do feel some of what he speaks of is just the Earths cycle. but putting burned fuel smoke into our air HAS to be bad for us(and even worse to the planet).
  10. Biggest Breakout/Biggest Bust

    Big breakout players QB- Jake Delhomme WR-Santonio Holmes RB- Caddilac Williams Big bust players QB- Phillip Rivers WR- Javon Walker RB - Frank Gore
  11. Suns vs. Spurs

    Inconsistancies in the refs like these are why the NBA has went down over the years. I really have not seen no shots of Duncan leaving the bench...but if he did he should of been suspended. it always stinks to see a team that started a fight get rewarded for it. and that is what happened here. Until the NBA does something about the refs controlling the tempo of games and making different calls depending on who the player is are gonna continue to see the NBA's fanbase slide.
  12. 12 team league with openings!

    I thought it was kinda funny that he messaged me out of the blue asking if I wanted to join this league and I never seen him before and as far as I know never talked to him before. What made you PM me Gordo?
  13. Dude had to be wasted off his azz to get knocked down by that half thrown left handed wrist shot. he is lucky dude did not pop him with that right. he prolly would not of got up.
  14. Suns vs. Spurs

    Horry has been clutch. no doubt about that. I compare him to a Tayshaun Prince. come playoff time he always outdoes/outdid his season averages. That being said..Horry does this kind of thing every so often. it looks as though this time his team will be rewarded for it and to me that is a shame.
  15. Suns vs. Spurs

    I think Marion and Thomas can do the job. I are not gonna stop Duncan just have to make it tough on him.IMO Marion can do that better than anyone in the league. the real problems will come on offense for the Suns IMO. Stouds points on the inside and his ability to make Duncan work hard defensively is gonna be the real problems. on the road I don't think they can overcome it...but at home I think they can.
  16. Dallas locker room much more relaxed

    yep..and the Owens interview too. if they start off bad the reporters questions of losing Parcells will be what send Owens back to a suspension.
  17. Suns vs. Spurs

    The rings say they were the better team when they won those rings. they have not won a ring yet this season. Duncans Spurs were the best team in the NBA when he got his 1st can't get a 2nd without a 1st.I believe the Suns are fixing to get their 1st (although my homerism wants me to say my Pistons). If Stoud sits I agree with you that the Suns will be hurting. that being said..I think the Suns can beat the Spurs without Stoud at home. Diaw is not as huge a loss as many think IMO just as Horry will not be a big loss for the Spurs. Gonna be interesting to see who is involved in all this. someone here said Duncan left the bench? if this is true knowing the NBA they won't give anyone a suspension because they WON'T suspend Duncan and they can't suspend the others that left the bench if they don't suspend him too(if in fact he left the bench).
  18. Suns vs. Spurs

    I also think you are seeing Phoenix grow up. no team can match them big man for big man and noone can run with them. It is their half court offense and defense that has been their past problems IMO but they are showing signs of moving past that problem. Getting past a Tim Duncan led team is always gonna be tough and I think whoever wins this series wins it all but I think Phoenix led by Marion can get them past S.A. this year and will be the new champs.
  19. Player Ratings for 2007-08

    I agree. if you put Johnson in any decent offense he would be known as the best WR in football IMO. Yep. and he still is the guy gettin double teamed. he makes Wayne look as good as he does. not that Wayne is not a fine WR..but if Harrison is gone and he (Wayne)has to catch the doubles I could see him being very frustrating to fantasy owners.
  20. Player Ratings for 2007-08

    I think Pacman would KILL Harrison in their matchup.
  21. Player Ratings for 2007-08

    Yeah,I was thinking the same thing..I only see 3 WR's on that list that I would take over Harrison(Smith,CJ and Holt).
  22. T.O in mini-camp

  23. Keeper League Trade Advice

    I like this deal for you myself Menudo. Basically you will be getting Holt and a 2nd rounder for Parker. I cannot see how you could lose there. EDIT: Plus you would have some good trade bait to try and get some other higher picks.
  24. Saints Announce Rookie Free Agent Class

    That kicker you guys drafted got a chance to stick Rajn?
  25. Both sides get blame. there is no doubt about that. 1 side just gets more blame.