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  1. I bet as tough as that ole fella is taking that many punches at 91... if he was 60 years younger he would of dealt out the violence to that punk himself. looks like a "you" poll to me. Hey dude...if you have no problem being on the same side of a political party as 90%(at least) of the people in our jails..that is up to you.
  2. You guys can say what you want about Spain..but he is right...the whole City is Democrats. So blame all the republicans(or their policies) you want...but politically(if you are a democrat) you sit on the same side of the fence as that dude beating that old man.
  3. I would bet a million bucks the dudes in the car next to the attack knew the guy beating the old fella. they were not scared, they were hanging out like it was not even happening. I have never personally seen a 91 year old man getting beat up but because if I did I would of been involved. but attacks and fights like that are a everyday/all day thing in Detroit. and I mean Detroit..not the suburbs. most of the people who come to the huddle and say they are from Detroit are not from Detroit but a suburb outside and don't have a clue as to what goes on in the inner city. Detroit is a haven for criminals, its a city that lets all its thieves and violent criminals walk the steets as long as they give up some drug dealer when they do get caught. it is a city of people abusing the welfare system. it is a city who is a drain on the whole rest of the state financially. That being never are bored when you live in Detroit.
  4. Bad news for the Steelers

    I agree.
  5. Black dudes walking down the highway

    Whenever speaking of a certain group of people (in any way,shape or form) will often refer to that group as "them" or "they". But I agree in the fact that it can be used to be can a bunch of other words.
  6. Tim Duncan........

  7. Black dudes walking down the highway

  8. Tim Duncan........

    I agree with this.
  9. My first draft of the year

    IMO only 1 thing keeps either of those guys from starting 16 games...and that is injury. I did notice earlier DMD that you use all your players. those teams with 2 QB's would seem to be starting from behind right from get go.
  10. Quincy Carter

    So did that turn out alright for you?
  11. My first draft of the year II

    Yeah , I don't see this either. but I kind of expect Colston to go to high in every draft. Schedule brother...schedule.
  12. My first draft of the year

    With that type of draft you came out with 3 solid QB's...that should do well for you from week to week. I almost would of went and got Griese too as a "just in case" for Grossman.
  13. My first draft of the year

    To me you have a fine team. Your WR's scare me more than anything. you need for either Chambers or CJ to come through strong for you .
  14. Billups vs.Wade

    Also factoring in is that Wade is the MUCH better player.
  15. Golden State vs Utah

    You HAVE to be kidding.
  16. Bad news for the Steelers

    Yeah ,players who want to leave teams for more money only hurt their value by airing their problems. making it harder for the team to trade him. gives leverage to the other side.
  17. My first draft of the year II

    I am extremely high on Bulger this year.I think he has his best season. Kitna is solid though.only thing that can keep him from being a top fantasy QB IMO is injury(not that he is injury prone). I think he was a excellent pick right there.not sure about the 7-10 range...but if not in that group real close to it. I always like to draft my QB's back to back in the mid rounds. nothing like having 2 solid starters who you can rotate depending on the matchup. I think Caddy has a bounce back year this season.
  18. Noah Herron

    I think Herron will get some carries as the teams 3rd back.
  19. Quincy Carter

    Wonder what happened to all those people who thought he was a star in making.
  20. Bad news for the Steelers

    Yeah we say stuff like that. we just are not lucky enough as some other fans to talk about superbowls wins. you know what I mean.
  21. 6 pts for passing td's.

    I don't think any QB deserves to be drafted in the 1st round myself. I usually wait til between rounds 5 and 7 to get my QB's, always good value there. I knock out my RB's and WR's before even thinking QB. of course this could change if for instance Peyton Manning was there for me in the middle of the 2nd(which we all know does not happen). Manning has a really tough passing schedule this year. I mean we all know Peyton will put up good stats...but I don't think he comes close to any of his career highs this year. Even kitna that you named will be taken higher than he should in most drafts I am guessing. lots and lots of fantasy talk about him being a sleeper. whenever that happens you lose the sleeper label. I think guys like Hasslebeck,Delhomme(who has a excellent schedule this year) and Eli Manning can be gotten later in drafts and pay just about the dividends those big name guys give ya. especially if you rotate your QB's effectively.
  22. Should we consider Jabbar Gaffney as legit #2?

    Caldwell is in front of him too I believe. I would not expect much of Gaffney myself. if he could not do it last year with lesser competetion I don't see him doing anything this year.
  23. Bad news for the Steelers

    Yeah, I seen this too. and despite the fact that he says he is coming back for the year, if he keeps saying the kinds of things he is saying Pitt will have to get rid of him, he is attacking the way the Steelers front management conducts biz. he acts as though he is speaking for all the Steeler players when he attacks the team(and he may be,I don't know). I can see him being a bad influence in the clubhouse if he stays as hyped up as he was in that interview.