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  1. Keeper Advice

    I would keep LT,Bush and Gates myself.
  2. Yo Titans fans

    I think the depth charts are not updated yet from the end of last year. Troupe was hurt at the end of the year last year and I don't think was on the depth charts after that.
  3. Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith

    Spain is just bringing up political news here. and if you cannot see it is political news than you are also distancing YOURSELF from Sharpton. Much of the rest of what you write here I agree with. both sides are lame. and if we don't do some drastic changes in the way our politics is run this country will rot from the inside out(which it is).
  4. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Thanks for ruining it for me.
  5. Sperm donor to lesbians must pay child support

    Now you are getting it.
  6. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Yeah, they cannot push around the Jazz guards like they did the Mav's. That being said...the Warriors could of won both of those games and SHOULD of won the game last night. I am not ready to count them out yet.
  7. Sperm donor to lesbians must pay child support

    You know brother Spain is gonna have fun with thread.
  8. Sperm donor to lesbians must pay child support

    This cannot be serious.
  9. Fantasy Baseball Breakout Players

    Orlando Hudson has been dynamite for me at 2B. not many 2B are hitting 3rd in their lineup. he is a steal for anyone who has him right now.
  10. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    I was suprised Pietris was even out there at that time with him not being the best free throw shooter. he is good defensively though and I know that is why he was out there...but I still would of had him on the bench right there
  11. Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith

    Or they could be using morons to recruit other morons by using people like him, you think? I mean..I respect your answer and don't mean what I just said to include you in that as I know all Democrats are not fools just like all Republicans are not. but putting people like him on the stage(which both parties do,just not like the Democrats do) is pretty pathetic.
  12. Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith

    What do you think about the Democratic party putting him up on stage at their conventions is the question I think Spain really wanted you to answer.
  13. A bad day

    I am sorry to hear this Thews. I wish you and your family the best.
  14. Antonio Bryant Update?

    I will never tell.
  15. Antonio Bryant Update?

    I picked Bryant up for 1 free agent dollar in 1 of my Dynasties. I would not be suprised to see Bryant start off the year not on a roster but get picked up when someone gets a major WR injury. I am just gonna sit him at the bottom of my WR's and hope he becomes useful in the 2nd half. he has the potential...he is just a headcase. in the right situation though I believe he could be a real stat producer.
  16. Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith

    You are right on both.
  17. Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith

    Despite the fact that Dems have him speak at their conventions and rally behind him in many fool bring up the fool things he says and dems will always say "who listens to him? " ..amongst other things distancing themselves... they do not care that their party will sink so low that they even put fools like this on stage for votes.
  18. I am interested Holmes.
  19. Coach Blitz?

    This is true. especially in the younger ages..the Catcher in the younger leagues is many times the teams best player.unless of course we are talking about lob..and I don't think we are. I am not gonna say Blitz is that kind of guy. although I admit I am leaning that way just from reading some of his posts. but what you wrote above IS what is wrong with kids sports.
  20. Coach Blitz?

    I have coached my sons baseball team for 2 years now and helped out on the basketball team 1 year as well as played every sport outside of Hockey during my school days. and the only thing that sucks about school sports is the parents. all their kids should be starting in their opinion. We had a guy yesterday whose kid did not start and he was complaining. We politely told him that we have 8 entrenched as the starters because they are clear and away the best 8 we have. that leaves us with 3 kids who we decided to rotate in right field as none of them is clearly better than the other. his boy started the game before and I guess he thought he was gonna be the starter from now on. he went into the "I thought you said you was gonna give everyone a fair chance" routine. Parents always think their kid is better than the other kid..and always will.
  21. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    It also depends on Holmes attitude. I think the guy is the next star WR but he has the attitude to draw suspensions.