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  1. It takes you a lot of words to present your conspiracy theory. And even then, it's not clear what you're trying to say.


    Let me make it simple for you:


    One team caught cheating: New England Patriots


    One head coach caught cheating: Bill Belichick



    The problem my BROTHER is that you are not a real bright fella. it is pretty simple what I said and was clearly stated. the problem is not only are you not very bright but you are in denial over the subject. you want to blame 1 guy, the Patriot coach even though the coach of your team was involved as well but never said anything about it until he had to face his old team. the saddest part of all is the only reason Mangini has a job right now is because of Belicek. if he was gonna tell just because he wanted to be honest he would of done it while he was still a member of the Patriots. is this clear enough for ya little fella?

  2. I very much dislike the Patriots. More than my dislike for the Patriots however, is my dislike for Tom Brady.


    Since Brady went down, I have wished nothing but success for Cassel to demonstrate to the NFL's fans what a mediocre quarterback can do in a great system.

    Does this mean I don't think Brady is a good quarterback? Obviously not, he's proved over and over he is talented when throwing the ball and making decisions and more than capable of running an offense. However, it's the system that has made him a great, future Hall of Fame QB.


    While Belicheck is and always will be a cheater, his system on both sides of the ball is solid.


    The real question is this: If you had to start a franchise from scratch right now, which of the two would you want to build your team around? All-time backup and slightly proven Matt Cassel at the ripe age of 26, or All-World Tom Brady coming off of a knee injury at the age of 31?



    Holmes knows his chit. I agree with basically everything said here cept I like the Patriots and think they only did what they did because so many other teams were doing that very thing.


    I think if I was starting a new franchise I would go with Cassel...if I had a veteran filled team I would go with Brady.

  3. I'm not your brother. I'm not your friend. All I do is state facts.


    Go back and read it again.


    Hundreds of head coaches in the history of the NFL. Hundreds.


    One proven cheater. One.



    Dear friend, like I said..Mangini is a NFL coach who was once part of a cheating system and never said a word until he had to play against said system. which makes him not only a cheater...but a snitch who went out and bit the hand that fed him. you know my brother?

  4. Polamalu is definitely having a great year, but, if you are going to put one guy fromj the Steelers defense on that list, it has to be James Harrison, who is having a MONSTER season.



    I thought about him too brother Menudo but was trying to only put 1 guy from each team. and Palamalu just seems to just make every big play when it really counts for the Steelers. you guys are loaded on defense as Farrior is a beast also.

  5. QB: Cutler - as you have no other options, not that you need another option as Cutler should be solid.


    RB : to me you have no choices here either as it is Addai and Tomlinson which is a great for you.


    WR : you have some nice choices here..I would go Colston and Marshall myself and be happy in doing so.


    TE : I would go with Clark as he should have a solid game against Cleveland.


    DEF : I would make a waiver move here this week. Philly against that high powered Cardinal offense is not the way I would want to go. Minne against Chicago looks good. Minne is a good defense and Chicago's is a weak offense..matchup looks nice.

  6. The long-retired Seahawks RB?


    :wacko: let me rephrase that...Kurt Warner.


    Unfortunately, League MVP is strongly biased towards QBs, with defensive players usually getting screwed. The fact that Ray Lewis didn't get the award in 2000 speaks volumes. IIRC, the last defensive League MVP was LT all the way back in '86.


    Very true Bill...very true. it is kindda sad when defense is the most important part of the game too.

  7. There are 32 head coaches in the NFL right now.


    Only one is a proven cheater.


    There have been hundreds of head coaches throughout the history of the NFL.


    Only one is a proven cheater.


    Why does it surprise you that the one proven cheater, the ONLY proven cheater, in the entire history of the NFL is having success with yet another no-name, back-up quarterback?





    Actually your coach is a proven cheater to my brother. he knew what Belicek was doing and never said anything while he was a Patriot. that makes Mangini a proven cheater too. so i guess we have 2 proven cheaters coaching football...but only 1 snitch.

  8. I agree 100 %. people can say what they want about Belicek but he knows how to make a system and get guys ready on the bench to fill right into that system. although I actually expected them to be even better than 7-4 even without Brady. I always thought the system was more important than Brady and I stick with that. not that Brady is not a fine QB because we all know he is.


    That being said they need some serious help on that defense. I do not expect much from them if they get into the playoffs because of that defense whether they had Brady or not. Belicek can make them overachieve during the regular season but come playoff time that defense is gonna get pushed around. outside of Seymour and maybe young Mayo they do not have much on D.

  9. Here is a list of guys that I think could win MVP if they play great down the stretch.


    Kris Jenkins

    Joey Porter

    Troy Polamalu

    Albert Haynesworth

    Peyton Manning

    Brandon Jacobs

    Clinton Portis

    Demarcus Ware

    Matt Forte

    Adrian Peterson

    Julius Peppers

    Michael Turner

    Drew Brees

    Curt Warner


    Right now I personally still am leaning towards Haynesworth but now is when the MVP race really starts.

  10. No, I think you need to see more of them because that just isn't the case.

    They have great O and D lines and one of the best defensive coaches in the league.

    The one season they had a legit WR they made the SB. Just think if they had WRs other seasons. Trust me this isn't a case of Reid making chicken salad from chicken sh!t. Its the other way around.


    He is more of a Shottenheimer type coach. He can build a team but can't win the playoffs.



    You say 1 thing here I agree with my brother..and that is the Schottenheimer reference. Schottz built a team that was horrible and made them overachieve so badly that they thought he was the reason they were not going farther and got rid him. look at the Chargers now..they have taken a step back each season he has been gone. and I feel the Eagles will do the same thing with reid. look at Reids record..a 61% W/L ..and I have seen worse than a 8-6 playoff record.


    Well since Reid makes the personnel decisions then it is Reid's fault that the Eagles aren't talented enough right? I mean if Reid wants to wear all of the hats that he wears then he has to be to blame when things go down right?


    You make a solid point here bro. I have only been looking at it from him being a coach..if he is the GM than the personell would be his fault. if that is the case the next team that hires him should let he be no more than a coach and they will be set.

  11. Probably 6-5. Favre just opens up their offense and let's playmakers like Washington make even more plays in space. Pennington doesn't stretch the field at all. Let's keep in mind that the Jets success hasn't been just about Favre. They spent a ton in free agency and are getting instant results from guys like Faneca, Jenkins and Pace. I hate to say it but the Jets have had an excellent off-season to make a short term run at a SB with a old QB.



    The Dolphins won 1 game last year. it can be argued that Pennington has had a bigger effect on his team than Farve has had on his.

  12. "Most talented in the NFC North" is his due. He's probably the best RB in that collection of teams since Barry Sanders, easily.


    "Most talented in the NFL in a long time" is stretching it; there's this guy named Tomlinson who you might want to look up.



    I agree that Peterson does not have the time in to be the best yet..but he is the best I ever seen up to this point. never seen a guy like him who could produce despite facing 9 men in the box every down like Peterson did last year with tavaris Jackson running the offense.

  13. The DBs are pretty shaky. The front four is an amazing collection of talent, but there's only so much they can do when teams can throw it over their heads at will.



    I disagree about throwing at will. their run defense is just so good teams are forced to throw..that is why they go from 23'rd in the league in passing yards but are 12th in passing TD's allowed. Winfield is a beast.

  14. It is amazing the job coughlin has done this year. lose a star like Shockey and Boss fills right in. Jacobs goes down and Ward is a stud.Burress freaks out and a whole host of WR's step and make it seem he never existed. we may be looking at back to back with this team.


    Congrats Giants fans. :wacko:

  15. With all due respect, Doc, I can't believe you actually wrote this. The only talent I see is AP so is there some other talent that I'm missing?


    FYI: Yes, I am a Packers homer and I hope they sign Childress to a 10 year extension. :D:wacko:



    Many people think if you don't have a great QB and a weak WR core there is no talent...but look everywhere else on that Vike team. it is a extremely talented team. Defense is great everywhere and offensive line and RB's are as good as anyones.