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  1. You can have him.


    Then you can lose in the playoffs instead of the regular season. In the long run its not much different



    I wish we had the power to make this move happen brother Zooty.


    I know we have different opinions on this matter and we won't change each others mind but the Eagles have really IMO never been talented enough to win it all. I was amazed that the Eagles even got to the superbowl they did.

  2. I've said it for that past 2 years, TRADE HIM. Either him or Ried needs to go.



    I don't think either needs to go. even if Kolb lit it up I think McNabb would of been back in next week. Reid just seen the offense was not moving and tried something really cannot blame with how the offense was performing at the time.

  3. Stanton out. Culpepper back in. Fumbles first play back in.


    Shaun McDonald taking snaps on the sideline. No lie.





    Nonne can understand our pain.


    EDIT: :wacko:

  4. Listening to local sports radio everyday is getting depressing here in Philly. Everyone is calling for Ried to get fired. I personally dont see that as an option, but there is clearly something wrong in Philly. The 2nd most popular call is the Mcnabb needs to go complainers. Mcnabb is one of the best QB's in the league, without him, this team would be a wasteland in its current state.


    It is time to pursue a top notch talent evaluator and make something happen with the 2 1st round picks in 09. I think it comes down to talent and its time to make a change in that department. Reid is coaching to the talent he has, and its not very good.



    I agree. getting a OK coach yet a good coach is a hard thing to do. I am afraid Eagle fans won't know what they got in Reid til he is gone.

  5. Me too, except I am starting Betts and Portis. Hopefully they both have 100 yards and a TD. :wacko:


    Right now Betts would look like Earl Campbell to me.


    I benched him because I thought even if he was active that the Giants would rely on Ward and Bradshaw and would hold Jacobs in reserve.


    I wanted to but my RB depth is so horrible I figured Jacobs 10 carries would be better than any of my backups.

  6. Andy Reid needs to go.


    I respectfully disagree brother Taz. IMO Reid is doing a great job. they are not a very talented team and are in the toughest division in football and he still has them at 5-4-1.IMO he is doing a great job considering what he has to work with.


    The Eagles are just plain awful.


    They are losing 3-0 to a team that is 6-4. if you want horrible look at my Lions. :wacko: