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  1. I would sit Lewis myself. I don't trust that Cleveland offense this year despite the matchup. Gore IMO you have to start. he gets his touches even when the Niner's play badly..and when they play good he is dynamite.

  2. I think both guys will throw the ball about the same amount of times. I expect Garcia to get more out of his attempts though. I might look for a QB elsewhere as both of those QB's should be handing to their backs all day.

  3. I think any way it goes this team was gonna suck no matter where they played and would of had a hard time drawing no matter where because of that. I did hate to see them leave Seattle as I always hate to see a team moved.


    As far as fantasy goes though Basketball IMO is extremely fun. day to day lineups means there is always some action going on.once football is over there is really no other sport to play fantasywise unless you like Hockey. myself I would rather watch Tennis or volleyball than Hockey though. I just cannot see the fun in that sport.


    As far as leagues being cheaters..chit ,all of them cheat. betting controls sports. anyone who does not think it happens in football should look at how Pittsburgh did not get that Polomalu TD 2 weeks ago..or go back and watch the Seahawk /Steeler superbowl. when refs want a game to be close they allow clutching and holding..been doing it for years in Basketball,football and hockey. in baseball they do it with the strikezone.

  4. This is a joke right? Seriously, how valuable is the shrimp.


    This is the year a pitcher should have won this award. No way this guy of all guys should have won this award. What a down year for the AL MVP, when someone like this takes home the hardware. If the Shrimp played in Tampa, he wouldnt have sniffed this. Hell Longoria had a better year, and bigger impact on his team.


    I agree with what you say here Sarge except the Longoria sentiment. there was not a better PLAYER in baseball than Cliff Lee this season and he would of gotten my vote. if you take away pitchers than I can see Pedroia winning although to me the best non pitcher in the American league this year was Grady Sizemore.


    If Morneau hadn't slumped in the last three weeks, he'd have walked it. Pedroia as MVP isn't a joke per se but it's worth a chuckle.


    Morneau is becoming notorious for late season slumps. I think the best player on the Twins this year was Joe Maur all year though.