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  1. I am almost always using the two-headed QB in fantasy. It is actually one of my "rules" going into the draft that, unless there's an unbelievable value at QB come the early rounds, I'll draft 2 QBs somewhere between round 7 and 11. It's worked well for me in one league where I drafted Manning and Bulger, then dropped Bulger early on and grabbed Matt Ryan.


    I also always use this strategy. percentagewise it has worked much better for me than drafting a top QB. in 3 of my redrafts I got Eli Manning and Rivers pretty late and rotating them has worked out pretty good for me. since I was away alot of the draft season I had to compromise with my lady (since she helped me draft all my leagues) and take Peyton in a couple leagues. those leagues I have not done quite as well though not horrible.


    I'm thinking that one would really need to take their first QB in round 7 of a 12 team league. (Loaf got a steal with McNabb in round 8, I think.)


    When "should" the first QB be taken?


    My personal rule is to never take a QB before round 5 but usually wait until round 7 to start. usually when I draft a QB I go back to back rounds so then the rest of the draft after taking my 2 QB's I can go after my sleepers.

  2. :wacko:


    He deserved the MVP as he was the best position player in baseball this year.


    That being said I am suprised Howard was as close as he was..he is a great player and had excellent HR and RBI numbers but if I was gonna pick a Phillie it would of been Utley. he had more runs..a better OPS and plays a position where is stats are unusual + Howards 251 average and 339 OBP were just to low IMO. to me though behind Pujols was David Wright and then Lance Berkman.

  3. But he slammed into the line first and was falling away when the guy touched him. I think it was the correct call.


    I agree. there was a few bad calls but that was not 1 of them.


    If Singletary has any cajones (and I think he does) he better come out in support of his team tonight and put this loss on himself (and Martz).


    I just cannot believe Martz called those plays..that just was not a Martz play. something tells me Singletary decided on those plays.

  4. Mike,


    While your situation is certainly tough, it appears both sides can share the fault. While the Commish certainly should have (1) emailed you the newest rules and (2) made sure he had your vote if league rules indeed state that ALL owners must vote, I have to ask:


    How could you possibly be an involved owner and not realize that this punishment had been handed down in week's past? In our league, if the Commish were to do something so drastic as disqualify a team for not following the rules, I'd be sure to know what those rules were do it didn't happen to me. And you note above that it happened "a couple times". How had you not heard of this? Is there no weekly write-up, or are you an absentee owner that isn't in on the league chatter? I find it hard to beleive that an issue as big as this that reared its ugly head on several occasions made it past you undetected.


    While it does indeed sound like he gets a kick out being a d-bag, and you could not have followed a rule you knew nothing about, ignorance can only take you so far.


    I think you have a greater argument for fairness, but you are not completely blame-free.



    I agree with this 100 %.

  5. Frerotte is costing Berrian a bit today. He missed Berrian on a bomb (Berrian was wide open) fairly early in the game, and just missed Berrian on a slant that could have been a big gainer as well.



    True. the problem is most of what Berrian does takes time to develop(he runs alot of deep routes) and Frerotte does not seem comfortable waiting for them to develop and is rushing his throws.

  6. And who really expects CPep to be better even after he has 6 months to learn the plays ... :wacko:


    Acquiring CPep was an act of desperation as was starting him today. You don't get good QBs when they are starting for you as "an act of desperation"



    Until my Lions learn the game is won on the offensive and defensive lines it does not matter who we get at QB,WR,RB,LB,DB.

  7. Has anyone had a crazier path to NFL stardom than Warner. he goes from bagging groceries to a 2 time NFL MVP. then loses his job to 2 young QB's(Manning,Leinart) to find himself retaking Leniart for the job and now throwing up another MVP calibur season. this season will seal the deal IMO for Warner being a HOF'er.

  8. Lol U have never dominated even a football game but at least sanders put fans in the seats and brought some hope to you opies that u could be a better team. But you are right you may never ever dominate in football and for this again HERE'S TO NOT BEING A LIONS FAN!!!!!! :wacko:


  got me on the Lions being bad becuase they have been my whole life. I just have to much pride to become a bandwagon fan. speaking of bandwagon..what team you rooting for these days?


    As far as getting people in the seats..we have been a bad team all my years of watching(at least for the most part) and our team is not leaving because the fans ARE so loyal. although I am sure you know as little about the word loyal as you do the word pride so what I am saying is falling on deaf ears.

  9. The Texans are better against the run so teams are going to the air on them.. MLB'ers on bad teams get lots of stats because teams are always running out the clock on them.


    His 1st 2 games this year he was the Ryans of old,he faced the Steelers and Titans and they (Texans) lost by a combined score of 69-29(meanwhile Ryans stats were great). the last 5 weeks they were in every game and Ryans stats are suffing because of it.

  10. At least they are trying to do something they could just sell the shop and not care. Didnt know Lions fans would be so angry when the orginization is at least moving in some direction but with mediocrity for so long I guess I can see why. Would you rather throw ur young QB to the wolves or have orvlosky whatever his name is tutor him. Holy Barry Sanders what has this franchise become since # 20 ran off into the sunset. :D:D:D:wacko: Just my :D Here's to not being a Lions fan :D:D



    If you consider picking up Culpepper moving in the right direction than you are clueless. I wish they would sell out to a new owner, one that does not want to control the team and will hire someone who does know how to run a team.


    Also..the Lions had a losing record during Barrys time. it aint like when he was here we dominated football.

  11. I noticed Harrison's lack of aggression going after balls too.....of course, it also looked to me like he had no shot at some of those balls - it was hard to tell.


    I have noticed the lack of aggression to. balls that Harrison would of fingertipped before are not getting caught.


    What about the protection of Manning? Isn't that supposedly one of the biggest issues? I haven't watched enough Colts myself this year to say either way but I've heard comments... how about you homers... is he getting enough protection?


    Although not a homer it seems to me the line has not been what it was. it has showed in the running and passing games.


    As for Harrison, I think he was passed by Wayne over the last couple years. You did see Wayne's stats last year right? Granted Harrison was hurt, but Wayne has developed into a top-tier receiver like Harrison used to be.


    Peyton definitely seems off with his targeting. Is he just playing more hurt than we know? He seemed to be limping a little during last night's game. Anyone else notice?


    I disagree about Wayne passing him by the last coupe years ago. this is the 1st year that Wayne has consistantly got the double teams.IMO your best WR is the guy who gets doubled and this is Waynes 1st year of getting more doubles while Harrison is in the lineup.



    Overall I agree with the majority that both Harrison and Wayne are not 100 % and that is ruining there timing . plus the line is slightly downgraded too . add those things together and we have this years Colt offense. I think they have gotten better(especially Peyton) though since the beginning of the season. they just ran into a tough Titan defense this week.