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  1. I think the Jets suck collectively. I think they're a better team with Favre, but still pretty much suck. And you may want to start your criticism with Mangini, dude pretty much blows. Aside from his resume being a Belichik jock strap hanger, I haven't seen much impressive at all from him.






    Yeah, I am not a hugh Mangini fan either. want to see this year out before making my final judgement on him though.

  2. ...except for Clemens, most likely.


    The question is where is this young and upcoming team when the offensive centerpiece retires this year or next?



    They will just have to get another QB via the draft or via free agency (which is what I would do). with that young and upcoming line the Jets have they would be a enticing place to play for a QB IMO.

  3. I drafted Santana Moss in 4 of my 5 redrafts this year.I loved his schedule and I thought he was flying under the radar. he did have those 2 crap games but has had a TD in all the other games I believe.

  4. He's been missing and showing up late for meetings & practices all season long. Now, he's not showing up for his treatments. He is putting himself above the team and I applaud Coughlin for making it clear that it won't be tolerated.


    And not just this year. he has done it his whole career dating back to Pittsburgh as I am sure you are aware brother Menudo


    Coughlin is a dbag.


    A Dbag who showed the Giants to a superbowl last year.Burress caused Coughlin pain all offseason.imagine if they had not won it last year...all this stuff him and Shockey pulled ( not to mention Tiki Barbers stupid comments) would have probably gotten him fired.luckily that did not happen for Giant fans.


    When Buress is on the field he's a great weapon, what is Coughlin trying to prove?


    To prove that it is a team game and he will punish everyone equal. some people are team players and some are separaters.Burress is a separater with emotional problems.


    Still get a kick thinking about Burress spiking that ball before running out of bounds and fumbling to the other team when he was on Pittsburgh. who were they playing in that game Menudo? was it not a playoff game?

  5. we were VERY lucky that the bad call by the ump didnt cost should have been over after the top of the 9th at 4-3...I am also surprised that longoria fielded that hit because it looked like 1) He didn't have much of a chance at all to get Bruntlett 2) Looked like it was going to roll foul.



    I actually thought Longoria had the time to make a good throw home and get the forceout.

  6. While it's normal for Favre to take unnecessary chances and consequentially turn the ball over, this is what happens when he does it in an offense that he hasn't yet had time to fully learn and isn't comfortable in yet.


    Agreed. Favre gives them a chance when they are behind.that is the difference between him and Pennington(or any other Jet QB in recent memory.)


    When you get Favre you get the whole arsenal of play making and bone headed INT's. NY knew that but also knew that they would be worse off without Favre. Make no mistake, without Favre the J-E-T-S are probably a 6-10 or maybe 7-9 squad. With him they should go 8-8 or better. A win is a win in the NFL and nothing is guaranteed.


    Yep. they won so I would not complain. good teams lose to bad teams about every week.


    If jets did not have Favre this year and had clemens instead , they would still be winless


    while Favre makes too many mistakes , he still can generate offense , make plays and help this offense more than anyone else the Jets had as Qb







    I think the Jets are a decent young and upcoming team with or without Favre.with him they get a guy that is fearless back there..and with this young team they need a fearless QB with the confidence of a Favre. he makes the younger guys believe.

  7. Ahman Green looks like your best waiver choice though not sure who you could cut.I would keep and eye out in the morn on my WR's because you have 2 guys (Jackson and Bryant) who might have their numner 1 WR's back (Chambers and Galloway).

  8. I don't see why the Phils are not batting Victorino 2nd. the guy is a sparkplug and with the speed of Rollins and Victorino they can generate runs on the bases.


    On another note I am amazed the Rays bullpen has let the Rays get this far in the playoffs. it has been a long time since I have been as impressed with a manager the way I am impressed with Joe Maddon.

  9. Brady, Tom NEP QB;

    Hill, Jason SFO WR;

    Stallworth, Donte' CLE WR;

    Smith, L.J. PHI TE;

    Brooks, Derrick TBB LB





    Palmer, Carson CIN QB;

    Coles, Laveranues NYJ WR;

    Morgan, Josh SFO WR;

    Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE;

    Ryans, DeMeco HOU LB





    I look at it like this,


    I would rather have Brady for the future than Palmer,

    I would rather have Hill for the future than Coles,

    I would rather have Morgan for the now and future than Stalworth,

    I would rather have Gonzalez than Lewis for the now and in the future,

    I would rather have Ryans than Brooks for the now and future.


    You are losing for both the now and the later if you are the side giving Ryans.

  10. I would probably make this deal too. Than I may immediately be trying to trade Mendenhall for another WR to 1 of the lesser teams who is building for the future. a big part of winning leagues is having solid veteran RB's and having a younger guy to bring up. you have that in Johnson and Mendenhall is off to a bad start,but he still has value and could bring you a fine WR back. JMO.

  11. If I traded for either it would be for Brees and not Warner. Warner is looking good but he is 1 hit from being on the bench at any time. not that I would not want Warner..because he is a solid QB..but if I am gonna give up a good RB I personally want more than Warner. I can understand Brown for Brees..although I personally would not do it.


    P.S. I would not give up Westbrook in any deal I made for a QB unless I was getting a servicable RB back from the other owner.

  12. no offense, but is there any other kind of Lion's fan? I mean, it's not like you guys are recruiting the youngsters with your spectacular play and personnel moves in the past 38 years... :wacko:


    I'm sorry for that. That was way outta line :D



    I know where you live.