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  1. I I know it's a bit in the reverse but- What's gone down, must eventually come back up, right?


    Not in my 39 something years being a Lions fan. :wacko:


    I will have to talk to you later...think I will go commit suicide. been nice talking to you.




  2. I hate to say it but Detroit does this every year....make some noise in the offseason; there's always some sexy new draft pick, FA trade or coaching hire to get fans clinging to hope but it never materializes because that locker room is SO beat-down and accustomed to humiliation. It's a chronic losing culture.


    So this is just another phase of the same, played-out cycle fans have had to endure. KJ will sign with someone like the Bucs because I hear they need another running back, Detroit will flounder with Tatum Bell (and whoever they draft) and ford Motor Company will continue to hemorrhage cash.


    I hate you. :wacko:

  3. This is exactly what I was thinking before you edited your previous post. Maybe the Lions figure, hell if one of the Big 3 fall to us we'll take him. If not, we take an offensive lineman and can still grab a pretty solid RB in the 2nd round like Rice or Mike Hart who could pound the ball on the inside while T. Bell is used as a CoP and maybe even 3rd down back.


    However, you're right they could very well have put themselves in the position of grabbing another injury-prone player to replace the one they just showed the door to.



    If we take a RB with our 1st pick I personally will be highly dissappointed. we need to cure our defense than worry about offense.


    That being said my Lions always make the wrong move so I would say a RB is in our near future.

  4. fixed


    Thank you and I did mean a low pick. :D



    I hope the Rogers you are referring to is not a WR. :D



    :brew: Nope. Shawn Rogers. he has his problems but he was the only thing we had on our defense that resembled a pro bowl player.


    This will be 2 years in a row where we got rid of our best defensive player (last year it was Bly). we do nothing but go backwards every year. :wacko:

  5. No way..... You guys need another WR....



    We do not need another WR or a old Shawn Alexander. amazing as we need almost everything .but those are 2 things we do not need.


    It does seem like we could of traded Kevin Jones for at least a low pick or something though.

  6. IMO Parker has always been nothing more than a 3rd down back. he does not get the consistant positive yardage needed to be a top RB. I personally think Davenport is better han he is. if not for that offensive line of Pittsburgh Parker would of never got a starting RB job in the NFL. right place at the right time.

  7. And this is different than usual how?




    What do you mean by that? I've watched a bunch of games and it's clear they're not utilizing all of his skills through coaching: he doesn't tuck and run, he moves to make the pass. I suspect they're protecting him through playcalling AND he's being held in check by being the focus of every Defensive game plan.


    Again, I'm not sure what you mean about his skill set, but he didn't go 3-13 in his first 16 games like the guy in your avatar did. Just sayin'.


    They cannot utilize his skills until he learns how to utilize them.


    I also disagree about him being gameplanned on. the RB's are the ones being game planned on because teams are not scared of the passing attack. watch a Titan game and the Safeties darn near look like LBers they are playing so far in.

  8. If you need a RB than the trade makes total sense. especially considering you have Davis on your bench. I would do it. I am not a Jacobs fan bu the is a starting RB who has looked good. outside of Gates there is no other TE worth him in my eyes.

  9. I just can't rid myself of Chad. I was offered Maroney for him in a major TD league, but I always feel like Ocho will get it done. I'm guessing his numbers will fall even more with Chris Henry coming back in a few weeks.



    The Maroney deal was interesting but with Maroneys injury past I would of passed too. the only way I would trade him IS for a RB though.

  10. This is a never ending game of "squat and tickle"


    there will be no agreeing in here....might as well let it die.



    That is what I am fixing to do. even some of the most objective people on here seem to have lost it during this 1.

  11. That NE is unbeaten has nothing to do with the argument and is quite frankly a very poorly constructed straw man.



    I see...then why no reference to Gibbs having his starters in? having Portis in who has stayed hurt the last few years.


    I am starting to see objectivity has been thrown out of this debate.