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  1. I don't mean to be too disrespectful, Doc, but Jiminy Christmas, have you ever played a team sport?


    It is one of the bastions of any sport that you take your foot off the gas when you have a team beaten to the point to where they not only can't possibly beat you but you've embarasssed them thoroughly, and it's also one of the bastions that you don't quit no matter how badly you're getting waxed.



    I have played Baseball ,football and Basketball as well as even Volleyball on teams.


    I agree though that both teams should of got their starters out. I am only defending the Patriots because they are the only team being mentioned here. being unbeaten does that I guess.

  2. hey, i actually think you have to admire belicheat's restraint. at least they didn't have doug flutie in there layin down dropkicks and doing the harlem globetrotter weave with moss in the 4th quarter.


    seriously're up 38-0 in the 4th quarter with brady running QB sneaks on 4th down? 8 pages of pathetic excuses not withstanding, that purely and simply lacks any class whatsoever. again, make all the excuses you want, but there is only one coach in the NFL who would pull that crap, and we all know who he is.



    Gibbs? I have seen him do it to my Lions on a number of occasions.


    The jealousy of the Patriots knows no bounds.

  3. I responded in the other thread, but allow me to add it here as well: The Redskins, whilst getting the living tits beaten out of them, need to take something positive from the game that may roll over into next week. Scoring an offensive TD may have been the little bright spot they needed. No way do you bench your starters, aside from trying to build something positive, it sends a terrible message.


  keeping Betts on the team to keep Portis healthy makes sense..but having him (portis)in a game where they are down by over 40 points and less than 5 minutes remaining makes sense?


    Come on man.


    I don't mind it if both teams were catching the same flack..but for 1 team to catch the flack when they were not even the last team with their starters on the field is just silly to me.

  4. I think one thing you want to do when getting the living tits beaten out of you it is to take something positive from the game. Scoring an offensive TD was that bright spot. Sure, it's not much, but it's something, and it might carry over to next week, and if it does, it's a great play.



    What was gonna come out of this game that was positive for the Redskins? with a guy like Portis who has had injury problems what was he doing in there with under 5 minutes to go?


    Both teams should be talked about here if 1 team is. especially when the Skins were the last team to have their starters on the field.

  5. :D


    Uh, what?


    Are you serious? The team that is down and getting trampled is supposed to roll over now too?


    This entire thread is retarded, but this post takes the cake. Nothing personal Doc, you're a good dude, but you've lost me on this one.



    And I like you too my brother.


    That being said..if this lost you than I bet your shoelaces are a tough time. :D

  6. :D


    So you are taking the Redskins to task for having their starters on the field on the losing end of a blow out?



    If the game is out of hand..why should only the winning team pull their players?


    It is the exact same don't want to get your players hurt and their is no reason to leave them in there during a blowout.


    I mean I would of personally pulled my players sooner if I was the Pats...but if I was the Redskins I would of done the same.

  7. I have no problem with the Pats piling up points and crushing every opponent in their way.I will have no sympathy for them if Brady goes down with a season ending injury when he is throwing the rock with a 30 point lead.That is the part I find absolutely absurd.I bet most Pats fans feel the same way.Fine,flex your muscles and show that cheating or not you will dominate opponents,but show some common sense and put the franchise on the pine in these blowouts.



    With 5.53 on the clock in the 4th quarter the Redskins got the ball and had every starter in the game. the last TD scored by a starting player was Cooleys TD.

  8. A buddy of mine in my league put it well, IMO....


    I think there is an unwritten rule in the NFL. Everyone knows everyone else does whatever it takes to gain an advantage. Whether it's ‘interviewing’ or 'working out' rivals’ players who have just been cut to learn about their playbooks (Jets and Caldwell this year) or stealing signs, on video tape or otherwise. Everyone does it. Everyone knows. No one makes a big deal about it because it just happens. Unwritten rule.


    I think there is another unwritten rule: don’t run up the score. Well, when Belichick was roasted for violating rule #1, by coaches either calling him out or not supporting him, he said, “so much for unwritten rules.” They let him twist in Weeks 1 and 2. For that, right or wrong, he is going to mutilate them for the rest of the season and beyond.


    Whether you agree or disagree with the premise of this thread, I personally think this is what's going on inside the head of the loathesome, evil madman genius, BB.



    With 5.53 on the clock in the 4th quarter the Redskins got the ball and had every starter in the game. the last TD scored by a starting player was Cooleys TD.


    It is funny how sportsmanship only applies to the team that won.

  9. Those of us who watched football in the SF Bay Area in the 80s might have reason to argue with that point. Perhaps Bill could insert another QB and not miss a beat. Well, Walsh's system proved it could. Hell, that offense made Steve Bono look good.



    I was watching football in the 70's and 80's. and you guys do have reason to argue that point. as do the Steelers,Redskins and opinion just goes with the Patriots and their coaching staff.

  10. +1

    It's a long season and being a fan of one of the most inept organizations in the league (Falcons :D) I admire, albeit begrudgingly, the Patriots striving for perfection.


    Keep playing and keep working your game plan. If Belichik or anyone else on the team starts taking too much time off they run the risk of getting out of rhythm OR sending the message that we can all just cruise to another Super Bowl. If teams can't keep up, tough sh!t.


    I'd also add... I'll probably get flamed here for making the comparison because the Titans are DEFINITELY NOT the Patriots. A week ago I watched the Texans outscore the Titans 29-3 in the 4th quarter (actually 29-6 but those last 3 Titan points didn't come until the final seconds).


    The Texans aren't exactly juggernauts on offense either. The Titans definitely let up and they almost paid for it with a loss.



    Excellent post.



  11. You ever played organized football? I'll tell you this. When your getting beat to death and your on the field all game long, tired, hurting, embarrased and wanting to get off the field, you sort of lose it when the other team is trying to put up more points on you by lining up in shot gun. You just want it to stop and you see red for a moment saying "let me just crush this folker once, please" which will make all this pain and humiliation go away. If their running you can't get to him. Watching those Skins players on D when they were dead tired in the 4th after surrendering 52. I could see them saying to eachother eye to eye Sunday, "You get a shot, take it".





    Nice post. I'll add to it that a lot of guys who have played have been in that position at one time or another, and know exactly how it feels. Players who see other teams pile it on after the game is decided - even if they weren't involved in the game - don't forget that kind of behavior easily.



    With 5.53 on the clock in the 4th quarter the Redskins got the ball and had every starter in the game. the last TD scored by a starting player was Cooleys TD.

  12. whats been lost in this discussion is the dominating performance by the Patriots D.

    Mike Vrabel had an outstanding game, to put it mildly.


    if the Skins had an offense that could produce, they could have kept the Patriots O off the field,

    just like Carolina did to Indy on their first drive of the game.... eating up an amazing 11 minutes of the first qrt.

    and ending it with a TD.


    in the NFL, i never view pulling your studs late in the game, when you are blowing the other team out,

    as 'sportmanship' or 'class' or whatever you want to call it...but always view it as protecting your studs

    from injury....its just to easy to twist an ankle (ask Vinny) or fill in the blank...


    but, and i say this as a Patriots homer, if any of the starters get injured in one of these blow outs,

    BB will lose some of his God-like status here in NE....can you imagine the uproar and outrage if Tom

    gets his finger broken by a DE while he's trying to throw a 25 yd pass to Moss in the 4th qrt and the

    Patriots leading 38-0??


    and yes, as i said in one of the other threads on this topic, the Patriots do use this 'garbage time'

    for practicing what they feel needs to be better. true.


    if you watched the game did you notice how pi$$ed Brady was at Koppen for that False Start penalty

    on the Wash 8 with 11:30 in the 4th qrt?!....or when he was out of the game and he berated the Official

    from the sideline for not calling a PI penalty against Wash on a ball Cassell threw?


    Brady does not just want to be good, or great for that matter. Brady is seeking perfection on the football field. That is the damn trueth. When they blow out the opponent and Brady or BB say in the post game

    press conference, that they 'left plays on the field', 'we can do better' they f'n mean it.


    That my friend is why the Patriots are so damn good. That, and God given physical talent.



    My personal opinion is if Brady got hurt their backup would look like a stud also. Bill Bell is a genius. as much as everyone hates him the dude is the best coach ever. he makes players look like stars who are not and can afford to lose any of them.


    Not that Brady is not great because he is. but I think they could keep on rolling without him. their defense is great..their O-line is great and their coaching is great. that is all you need to be a contender.

  13. 4-3 and could make a push for the playoffs...good for them!

    just want to see if we can get some talk going about other things then "that team"



    I hear that.


    They are playing great and have the offense. that defense is questionable though.I predicted they would flirt with making the playoffs(although I said the same thing of the Vikings).


    I think a bigger question is is Anderson now the QB of the future... and if so will Quinn be traded or is it the other way around.

  14. BTW...when you say "5 more Kitna", are you talking wins or TD passes? At this point, the former seems much more likely.



    I sure hope you are right.


    But with the teams we are gonna be facing the rest of the way I see Kitna being forced to pass alot more being behind. it will make Kitna look wonderful but I would rather have the close games and lesser stats from Kitna and some more victories for my Lions.

  15. I have seen Gibbs run the clock up on my Lions a few times. we could not stop them so kept punishing. that is what the Skins got yesterday. anyone who whines about that is silly.


    Now I do understand the "why did he not pull his starters" people. but that goes 2 ways as I seen portis out there very late in that game.

  16. I know I shouldn't even get into this sidetrack, but even Manning would :D at that. He's up there for sure, as is Brady, but talk to me 5-10 yrs after they've retired - it's too easy to throw that kind of thing at guys we see playing every Sunday vs guys who haven't been on the field for years, if not decades (why do you think there's a waiting period to get into the HoF, although IMO that's becoming a joke anyway). PS Manning "more or less" calls his own plays, ie he gets 3 in from the OC and chooses one. Granted he audibles a lot too, but it's still not the same as guys like Unitas who called their own plays, period.



    Unitas was great in his day. no doubt about it. but ... Unitas threw 290 TD's with 253 INT's running his own offense in a day when every QB ran his own offense. Manning has thrown 288 TD's with only 142 INT's while running his offense in a day where he is the ONLY QB that runs his own offense.


    Despite this "sidetrack" I want to get back on QB in todays games calls his own plays besides Manning. he has the best stats..has won a SB and calls his own plays.