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  1. I finally saw "Syriana"

    Clearly his best movie is From Dusk Till Dawn "Everybody be cool.... You, be cool."
  2. He holed out for a 2 on 14 today from 209 out... he's starting to run away with it.. http://msn.foxsports.com/golf/story/5801378?FSO1&ATT=HMA
  3. Bill Simmons article today

    For those of you who enjoy ESPN's Bill Simmons (or don't)... his article for today is about Fantasy Football... http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story...=simmons/060721
  4. one of the best fight scenes ever

    The whole time I was like... when is that axe hanging on the wall going to come into play by one of them... and it never did! Still... good times!
  5. Normal work week morning breakfast

    Coffee and either a banana or Zone/Balance Bar... Friday is bagel day at work... so, you know... I've got that going for me...
  6. Heath Ledger to play Joker

  7. tour de france

    Props to Landis. Think how pi$$ed the european bicycling community will be if an American ends up being the first person to win the Tour de France in the "post-Armstrong" world...
  8. Hello all, new to the site

    I would keep the 3 RBs as well... You already have a solid backup available in case of injury/matchup/bye week. You'll be able to focus on WRs and maybe a stud QB or someone like Gates if they're available.
  9. S.Jackson

    ... and Bulger will get injured...
  10. Scariest Book you ever read

    Agree with a few other posters above... Salem's Lot and Pet Semetary by King were both up there at the top of the scary list for me...
  11. Cigars

    Love the Fuentes... can never go wrong with a Macanudo as well. CAO and R&Js are always in my humidor. Licenciado is another fantastic brand that's not as well known... Dominican and very smooth. La Auroras are another favorite of mine, although a bit more pricey. Diablos are relatively new and nice when looking for something with a bit more bite. I could go on and on... but I would strongly recommend all of those listed above.
  12. When do all the great fantasy shows come out?

    yeah, I'm pretty sure you're right...
  13. When do all the great fantasy shows come out?

    Yes... I can't wait for the one that has Warren Moon on it...
  14. For my 1K post

    nice... look forward to your 2000th post...
  15. Zidane's Headbutt

    Good times...