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  1. WDIS QB -- Grossman or NcNair

    I think I would go with Grossman. I believe the Raven game might be a low scoring game with the focus being on a running attack for both teams. Even though Chicago's D is great Seattle might be able to score on them through the air and Grossman and the Bears will have to air it out a little to keep up.
  2. WR Help WDIS

    I have Chambers , DJax, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Keyshawn Johnson, Greg Jennings and Jericcho Cotchery on my team. We got to start three. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Alexander out

    Yep, The Madden Curse strikes again.
  4. Davenport cut?

    I agree , Saban tried to make a trade for him last year but the Packers wanted to much in return. If he isn't a Dolphin within the next couple days it will suprise me.
  5. Gabriel to NE...impact?

    Do you guys think that they made this move because they expect the union to rule in favor of Branch and he will be traded ?
  6. Branch done deal

    I think the Pats weren't expecting any interest out there for him but it blew up in their faces and made outragrous trade demands to keep him. I hope the greivence he filed with the labor union goes through and the Pats have to honor the deal.
  7. Your first ever draft

    I can't remember what year it was exactly but it was Marshall Faulks rookie season. I had John Elway Marshall Faulk Barry Sanders Keith Jackson Irving Fryor I finished 5th out of a 12 team league. We didn't have Division's then just went by total points.
  8. How do you all feel about Mike Bell?

    I have him down as one of my main sleepers. He could turn out to be a nice #2 RB if he can hold up to the Denver RB tradition. Draft him and put him on your bench and see what happens.
  9. SOFA Classic LIVE Draft

    Is Hanson doing the drafting for the Guru ? If he is it is kinda suprising that he picked LT. On his Sirius radio Fantasy Football show he was saying last week that Alexander should be the #1 pick no matter what. His reason was that there are to many questions with Johnson and LT. Johnson having a new coach and losing Richardson and Roaf and LT with a young new QB.
  10. 3-way trade!

    I was thinking the same thing. It makes me wonder how bad Portis is hurt.
  11. Big Bust of 06

    I'll have to go with Eli Manning. Their schedule is just unbelievabley tough. I counted 3 easy games on their schedule every other team has a tough defense.
  12. Deep Sleeper Pick you HAVE to get?

    I like the kid in Philly Hank Baskett as my deep sleeper, My other sleeper if he actually is one but going to a new team he could slip a little is Nate Burelson.
  13. Consensus Cheat Sheet, Pick #54

    Jake Delhomme
  14. SOFA League

    I was just wondering if anyone knows when they start their draft. I always enjoy watching the experts make their picks.