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  1. What are my chances to hold on?

    The fantasy GODS were definately against me last night. I did lose by 1 point!!!! It didn't help that Rivers, Josh Brown and the Miami D scored me a total of 3 points combined. Oh well, wait till next year. I did score the most points in my league, so at least I got some extra coin for that.
  2. Can Rudi Do It?

    Rudi could have 11 pts by halftime. I say you win easily!
  3. My opponent has Manning and Wayne going tonight. I am done. I'm currently up by 49. My scoring system is as follows: 1 pt / 25 yds passing 1 pt / 10 yds RuRe 6 pts / TD I could still win if Manning throws for 300 yds / 3 TDs and Wayne has 120 yds / 1 TD. This assumes neither has any rush yardage. What do you think my chances are to hold on?????
  4. Need 2 of these WR's.....

    Thanks for the advice...any other thoughts????
  5. Jennings or GAlloway

    Let me flip the coin........Jennings
  6. Need 2 of these WR's.....

    Any thoughts????
  7. WDIS @ FLEX

    I usually always start an RB over a WR. But in this case, I think I would go with TJ Housh mainly because of the shoot out potential of Indy/Cinn.
  8. Driver vs Det Plaxico vs Phil Roy W. @ GB Performance scoring ---- 1 pt / 10 ReRu yds 6 pts / TD Driver is dinged up and Roy has been suffering because of Kitna's bad play (Detroit's off. as a whole). Plax has scored in 3 straight games and could have a big game today. What do you think???
  9. WDIS....WR?

    Any last minute thoughts before I set my lineup???
  10. WDIS....WR?

    Any other thoughts?
  11. V. Young, McNair, Romo, Rivers?

    Any other thoughts????
  12. WDIS....WR?

    Need 2 WR's of this group.... Driver vs Det Boldin vs Den Burress vs Phil Roy Williams @ GB With the exception of Boldin, all have decent matchups. Currently, I have Driver and Williams starting. Would you make a change??? Burress against Phily isn't bad. What do you think??
  13. V. Young vs Jax McNair vs Clev Romo @ Atl Rivers vs KC Which 2 would you play???? Performance scoring --- 1 pt / 25 yd pass 1 pt / 10 yd RuRe 6 pt / TD
  14. WR help...need 2

    Driver @ SF Roy W. vs Minn Boldin vs Sea Plaxico @ Car Performance scoring ---- 1 pt / 10rure 6 pts / TD Thanks!
  15. brees or romo

    What's your team look like????