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  1. My opponent has Manning and Wayne going tonight. I am done. I'm currently up by 49. My scoring system is as follows: 1 pt / 25 yds passing 1 pt / 10 yds RuRe 6 pts / TD I could still win if Manning throws for 300 yds / 3 TDs and Wayne has 120 yds / 1 TD. This assumes neither has any rush yardage. What do you think my chances are to hold on?????
  2. What are my chances to hold on?

    The fantasy GODS were definately against me last night. I did lose by 1 point!!!! It didn't help that Rivers, Josh Brown and the Miami D scored me a total of 3 points combined. Oh well, wait till next year. I did score the most points in my league, so at least I got some extra coin for that.
  3. Can Rudi Do It?

    Rudi could have 11 pts by halftime. I say you win easily!
  4. Driver vs Det Plaxico vs Phil Roy W. @ GB Performance scoring ---- 1 pt / 10 ReRu yds 6 pts / TD Driver is dinged up and Roy has been suffering because of Kitna's bad play (Detroit's off. as a whole). Plax has scored in 3 straight games and could have a big game today. What do you think???
  5. Need 2 of these WR's.....

    Thanks for the advice...any other thoughts????
  6. Jennings or GAlloway

    Let me flip the coin........Jennings
  7. Need 2 of these WR's.....

    Any thoughts????
  8. WDIS @ FLEX

    I usually always start an RB over a WR. But in this case, I think I would go with TJ Housh mainly because of the shoot out potential of Indy/Cinn.
  9. WDIS....WR?

    Need 2 WR's of this group.... Driver vs Det Boldin vs Den Burress vs Phil Roy Williams @ GB With the exception of Boldin, all have decent matchups. Currently, I have Driver and Williams starting. Would you make a change??? Burress against Phily isn't bad. What do you think??
  10. WDIS....WR?

    Any last minute thoughts before I set my lineup???
  11. WDIS....WR?

    Any other thoughts?
  12. V. Young vs Jax McNair vs Clev Romo @ Atl Rivers vs KC Which 2 would you play???? Performance scoring --- 1 pt / 25 yd pass 1 pt / 10 yd RuRe 6 pt / TD
  13. V. Young, McNair, Romo, Rivers?

    Any other thoughts????
  14. WR help...need 2

    Driver @ SF Roy W. vs Minn Boldin vs Sea Plaxico @ Car Performance scoring ---- 1 pt / 10rure 6 pts / TD Thanks!
  15. brees or romo

    What's your team look like????
  16. Driver @ SF Boldin vs Sea Roy Williams vs Minn S Jax vs Bears This is the first week I'm actually considering using 3 WR's. STL's offensive line is banged up. That's ok vs. mediocre D's, but the Bears are not mediocre. What do you think???? Which 3 to play????
  17. WDIS @ QB?

    I'm going to play V. Young as my QB2 this week over McNair and Rivers (starting Romo as QB1). He has a good matchup against the Texans and that is his home state. Hopefully he will put up better than average stats. Plus, he gets a lot of rushing yards. I would start him! As for WR, I would probably play Booker this week, even though Walker has had a great season. Booker is putting up numbers now, which you need in the playoffs. Good Luck!
  18. Def. help......

    Dallas @ NYG Miami vs Jax Who would you start??
  19. Which TE?

    Heap @ Cinn Smith vs Car I still haven't heard anything about Heap playing/not playing tonight???? Who is the better option????
  20. Housh or J. Walker?

    T.J. has been pretty quiet lately and tonights matchup is not favorable. I think I would take a chance on Walker, even though Cutler will be under center.
  21. WDIS

    I believe Rudi has enjoyed success against Baltimore in the past, but the past is past. I would go with Henry this week based soley on matchups. Look what Balt did to Parker last week.
  22. This is the last week for FA pickup's. The two names left are Vince Young and Devery Henderson. Which of these 2 could potentially have the biggest impact. I start 2 QB's each week and usually 2 WR's each week unless 1 of my RB's has a poor matchup (W. Parker last week), then I start 3. I have 4 quality WR's, so I'm leaning towards Young. I guess you can never have enough starting QB's. Who would you pickup: Young or Henderson? Thanks!
  23. Which QB2.....

    McNair @ Cinn (Thursday) Rivers @ Buffalo V. Young vs Indy McNair is hit or miss, you never know what your going to get. More times than not, he won't lose points for you. Balt needs to win to clinch division. Lewis has been running a lot lately. Rivers is the same as McNair, except he has L.T. (luckily so do I) stealing most of the TD's. V. Young (picked up as FA) may do well against Indy. I'm thinking of taking a chance on him. What do you think??? p.s already starting Romo
  24. Which QB2.....

    Any other thoughts???
  25. Am I holding onto a name?

    I traded Eli for Roy Williams last week. But, I am somewhat fortunate to have some other usable QB options. Is V. Young available in your league??? Carr may not be a bad option. How much worse can he do than Eli has done???