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  1. Mia vs. Jets Min vs. GB KC vs. Oak Heavy Def scoring league. Besides turnovers, sacks & scores, points allowed is also a big factor. Do I play a proven D against a team that isn't giving up huge amounts or KC who isn't scoring that much but faces a horrible Oak D. Thanks.
  2. Performance league/1pt.receptions. Chester Taylor facing GB or Ronnie Brown vs. Jets. I also have Sammy Morris. I have to declare one as a starter and can also designate backups. Thanks!
  3. Ok, I guess Gore it is. Romo/Favre, Caldwell/Hackett...still up in the air. Thanks for the posts!
  4. Farve or Romo

    I'm in the exact situation. I've ridden Romo since day one and just picked up Favre from waivers. It seems the defenses are starting to pick up on Romo. Favre has a good matchup (as does Romo on paper) and I'm thinking it may be a high scoring game. Driver is now listed as Q though which really stinks since I have him also. That tandem is one reason I picked up Favre. Let me know what you decide (see my post please) and good luck! (I don't know yet which QB I'm going with so I can't advise you!)
  5. Ok, scoring is 6pts/TD, -2 interception, 1pt/50yds passing, 1pt/20yds rec and rushing Hackett or Caldwell??? DJax is out. I picked up Hackett but just read that Engram may also play in tonight's game plus it's going to be raining. My other option is Caldwell vs. Hous. Matchup is equally as good. No Gabriel, No Watson. Could be the only viable WR for Brady but with NE's passing, who knows? Will they double cover Caldwell? The kicker too, is that the other owner is playing Hasselbeck. If he throws to Hackett that will help neautralize the scoring a bit. Favre or Romo??? Favre vs. Det may be high scoring (Driver is now questionable - also my player). Romo vs. Atl. and opposing teams are starting to read him. Gore vs. Sea or Ahman Green vs. Det? Rain is a factor for Gore plus I'm thinking Sea will jump out early and SF may not run as much. But sit a stud?? Injury a factor for Green but he should have a good game. As you can see, I have several crucial decisions to make. I've had a great season at 12-2 and I would hate to be eliminated by this week's game. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  6. Pick One...

    Performance league, pts. for receptions. Do I play Chester Taylor vs. GB or Ronnie Brown vs. KC. Thanks.
  7. HELP! Which QB?

    Basic Scoring. Romo vs. Az, Wallace vs. StL or Garrard vs. Hou. I'm leaning towards Romo but I'm wondering if the Sea/StL game will be a shoot out and Wallace will produce big numbers. Also, in a performance league, would you start Crayton this week vs. Az or Keyshawn vs. TB on Monday night? Glenn did not make the trip with the team and Crayton has had decent numbers lately but I'm hearing Sam Hurd could see the bulk of the action. Thanks in advance.
  8. QB Waiver decision

    I have Romo, Wallace & A.Smith. Would you take Garrard over any of these guys? Basic scoring league. I was holding on to Wallace for this week's matchup against StL but Romo vs. Az might be more appealing. Smith was pathetic this week vs. Min so his upcoming easy schedule may not mean a thing. Also, who do you like best as a WR3? M.Jenkins, Matt Jones, Cotchery, Wilford or Jurevicious? Thanks.
  9. Only the smartest

    Basic scoring. Ahman Green vs. AZ or Leon Washington vs. Cle? If you have time, which WR would you start: DJax with QB woes vs. KC or Cotchery vs. Cle. In another league (performance & reception points) I have to choose as my 3rd WR either Keyshawn vs. Dal or Cotchery vs. Cle. Thanks in advance.
  10. WDIS WR'S

    I like Ward. Batch is not a problem. I think both of them will have a good day. Thanks for the post.
  11. Basic scoring, no reception pts. Would you rather start Leon vs. Cle or A.Green vs. AZ? I have Leon on my roster but Green is available for pick up. My other RB's are Gore & M. Drew. If I picked up Green I would have to drop one of them or perhaps a QB instead (Carr, Romo, Huard). Pick up Green? Start him or stash him for future use? While we're at it, which QB would you start? Carr vs. Ten, Romo vs. Car, or Huard vs. Sea. Thanks!
  12. Stallworth is out....Who Do I Start?

    Baskett for the LONG one! I think Parker is a good sleeper pick for today. Please see mine. Thanks.
  13. WHAT 2 DO, WHAT 2 DO?

    Chambers if the 4th most targeted WR in the NFL - HOWEVER, he's only catching 42% of the balls thrown his way. Welker is starting to come on, averaging about 3 less targets per game but catching 71%. The stats would appear that Welker is a better bet. I do like Baskett though. He's on a strong team with a strong QB & good running game for balance. As for RB's. Is M.Turner available? I think he's a great sleeper pick. If I had room on my roster, I'd pick him up & play him today. Please see my post, I'm having to choose between K.Jones & Gore. (And you thought you had it bad!) Good luck & thanks.
  14. I ony have one choice for a RB this week: K.Jones vs. Buf with 3 hurting offensive linemen coming off a horrible game last week. Gore vs. SD, need I say more? Basic scoring league. No bonus or reception pts. Thanks
  15. If Cotchery and Randy Moss were both available on waivers, which one would you pick up. (Assuming you already have a solid group of receivers)