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  1. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    After further review.... the Bears still suck. It does not matter who they sign as long as Grossman is the QB. This team will maybe come close agian with a lucky defense and some special team touchdowns to get them to the playoffs and then when it gets to be crunch time they will lose once again.
  2. Woman sues over NYC pipe explosion

    Free ticket for the lawyer also
  3. Woman sues over NYC pipe explosion

    Send this bitch to Iraq
  4. Vick Indicted

    You know what... I don't really mind not knowing what they are. I think that bodes well for me???
  5. Vick Indicted

    Can't we all just agree that Mike Vick AKA Ron Mexico is just as big of a piece of crap as Pac Man (Mike just did not get caught as much)? Mike Vick is a hood and a piece of crap and in my opinion should be taken out in the same manner as the dogs. If the most inhumane was slamming heads into the concrete then let's slam Mike and his cornrolls into the pavement until he is dead. This guy has done enough things wrong that evryone knows about and has probably done just as many if not more that we don't know about. He is a waste of space and should be eliminated.
  6. Michael Vick's career

    Yea that worked for OJ. Totally erased - nobody thinks he killed anyone.
  7. Belmont Park Race # 5

    I can't believe race was ever thrown in on this?? Sounds like a simple bet. Pay up and quit throwing out the race card thinking that someone will be afraid of being labeled a racist and will then forget about the issue at hand. Typical playing of the race card. Cash in a gold tooth or maybe some bling or quit drinking 5-6 40 oz's and pay the man the debt you owe him.
  8. Belmont Park Race # 5

    How did race come into play on this? Was the bet a racial type bet?
  9. Hartford Connecticut

    Let me know how the wings are. That is really the only thing I miss about Hartford.
  10. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    I say the solution to make this world a better place is this. Clear out our troops and then bomb the whole frickin country and start over - too bad if we lose some innocent lives. Just blow the whole dam place up and be done with it. The people in this forum that want to give up and keep saying this is a waste I will also suggest that you travel to Iraq one day before we blow the country up. That way we will also better America.
  11. WSOP Updates

    Great!!! We will get to a lot of Humberto when this hits the airwaves. I can't believe someone has not pimp slapped that beeyotch. His act has gone over the top and actually makes me turn it off. I can't stand that idiot!!!!
  12. Hartford Connecticut

    West Hartford is a nice little area with some good restaurants. Do you like chicken wings? There is a sports bar called Sliders. Two locations and they have by far the best wings I have ever had. The hottest are insanely hot but yet have great taste. The hot and sweet are awesome!!!! My mouth is watering!!!!
  13. if you had One Nuke.......

    And.. Where would Illinois people go on vacation? F'in FIBS!!!
  14. if you had One Nuke.......

    France is an awesome country. there are just too many French people there.