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  1. RRBC Teams

    Interesting note; looks like 3 of those 4 teams are shying away from the RBBC approach this season. Bears: Jones and Benson Saints: McCallister and Bush Patriots: Dillion and Maroney Colts: Rhodes and Addai
  2. Leinart or Bulger?

    I am worried about Bulger's recent stats. I have been considering putting in Leinart instead. Any advice?
  3. balt d vs den or kc vs cards

    Call me crazy, but I am going to go against the grain here. I would start KC without a doubt. KC's defense has been just as good as Baltimore. Who has Baltimore played? TB, OAK, CLE, & SD. Come on, give me a break. Baltimore has yet to face a formidable offense. To call Baltimore a must start because they have played the 3 worst teams in the league & probably the 3 worst o-lines in the league is a bit of a stretch. Are they good? Yeah. But they are being overrated. Top that with the fact that Denver is coming off a bye and they have had an extra week to scheme against Baltimore and you have a let down. KC on the other hand is facing a rookie QB who dropped back to pass 8 times last week and got sacked once and through an INT. KC made Alex Smith look stupid last week when he entered the matchup without throwing an INT all season. I think I've made my points. You can thank me later if you decide to start KC.
  4. Trade advice needed!

    Make the trade. Glenn is poised to be a top 15 WR this year. LJ is injury prone and Shockey will put up the same numbers as him anyway.
  5. Putting a package together for Palmer

    You are basically trying to Trade Gates for Palmer? Good luck with that. Unless the other owner has a stud backup QB an is in dire need for a TE, I just don't see it happening. Gates has been very average in terms of TE production so far this season.
  6. Marvin Harrison Trades

    1. Fred Taylor? No! Last thing you need on your team is a 30 year old injury prone running back losing touches to a rookie. 2. Chester Taylor? I would seriously entertain this trade. The Vikings appear to be committed to this guy. He hasn't been great so far, but look at his upcoming schedule. The Vikes have a bye in Week 6 but then go on to face SEA, NE, SF, GB, MIA, ARZ, CHI, DET, NYJ, GB. Wow! Take out CHI in week 13 in this is a fantasy football dream. Not to mention you have DET, NYJ, & GB for Week 14-16 when most leagues have their playoffs. 3. Westbrook? You have got to love this guy.....when he is healthy that is. Unfourtunately, reports are saying Westbrook will either be hampered all season (no practice & playing a game and taking one off) or have surgery and get his knee cleared up (which would me missing approximately 4 weeks if not more). This is a gamble I would not want to take. My vote is #2. Either way, you should manage without Harrison. Between Coles, Bruce, Berrian, & Furrey you should still make a competitive WR Core.
  7. Big Trade for LT...

    I would definately do this deal. I'm not a big fan of WR/RB combos on the same team, so letting loose of Holt rather than Chad wouldn't be a big deal to me. Chad will come around soon enough.
  8. Trade

    Look at Seattle's schedule for your answer. Alexander should be back by week 9 at the latest IMO. Week 9 - vs. Oakland (Monday Night!) Week 10 - vs. Rams Week 11 - @ San Francisco Week 12 - vs. Green BAy (Monday Night!) Week 13 - @ Denver Week 14 - @ Arizona Week 15 - vs. San Francisco (Thursday Night!) Week 16 - vs. San Diego Ride Alexander into the playoffs, I know I am.
  9. Trade ?

    Pull this trade, do it now. Those RB's are horrible!
  10. Make this trade

    You would be crazy to do this trade IMO. Edge & Colston are better than Foster & Gabriel respectively in my mind.
  11. Which Defense for WEEK 5?

    Start the Chiefs or any defense that plays Arizona for the rest of the season. They love to get sacked and throw INT's in Arizona. I started Atlanta's defense week 4 & I enjoyed every minute of it. That and Kansas City is coming off of a 5 sack, 2 INT, 2 Fumble recovery performance against the 49ers.
  12. Drop C-Pep for Brunell ?

    Pick up Brunell, Culpepper is on a short leash.
  13. possible trade for Peyton Manning

    I really don't like Horn so I'd recommend getting rid of him. I like doing this trade but your lack of RB depth until Alexander gets back in the lineup hurts. You might need to hang onto Delhomme as well. Usually around fantasy playoff time the Colts have locked up home field advantage and Manning plays sparingly if any. That is something to consider. You will need another solid QB if you get Manning. Both Dillon & Maroney have a bye in week 6 which leaves you no RB's to start if SA is not healthy and you trade away T. Jones. I like the trade but too much is going against it for you to pull the trigger IMO.
  14. Driver or Stallworth?

    Go with Driver Stallworth could easily tweak a hammy and be in and out of the game and largely ineffective, not worth it IMO.