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  1. I see Scooby's been peeping your profile. hmmmmmmmmm

  2. Another chat about health care costs

    I have always pondered the argument that we pay higher health care prices in order to support the poor and destitute that use the Emergency Room as a primary care physician. If this is indeed true, isn't that already a form of socialized medicine? The tax is in our higher healthcare costs, isn't it?
  3. Taxes and the War

    Soooo I'm thinking sometime around 2021 or so...
  4. How to be Eco-friendly

    Dang, Look at DemonKnight channeling skins.
  5. Michael Vick

    Best---Alias----Ever. Top dog, for sho. Though, the Refree gets point's for being topical to the site.
  6. How to be Eco-friendly

  7. son went fishing last night with my BIL

    He's probably feeding the fish in another part of the lake. You should trail him, and in a couple of years when THOSE fish are big take your kids fishing THERE.
  8. +1, but I don't feel like a shower after visiting Target. Funny as hell, though. Might be a good advertising campaign. Scummy? Kids throwing a giant fit? Got white stains on your blue dress? Come to Wal*Mart, you'll fit right in!
  9. We are all Africans.

  10. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    Gore? 133-34 IQ. That's pretty smart.
  11. Michael Vick

    It'd be hilarious if fans would bark at him, Brown's dogpound style, when he is introduced in each game.
  12. So I've got an old iMac

    Lookup MacMame and load up on all those arcade ROMs. Heck you could even do THIS .
  13. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    You know, the money you are having to spend on these repairs is really nothing compared to the reaming you are getting from the realtor's commission for the sale. So think about that and maybe it will take your mind off the repairs.