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  1. Post your team names here

    The Potosi GoatPokers (Potosi is a particularly small town by STL) The Sauget RedSnappers (Most Strip Bars in STL are in or arounds Sauget, IL) The Vermicious Kinids (OK so I like Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version!))
  2. Check it out, we have great parity because of it. It basically works by weighing team on thier previous pick order. If they get more top picks at the front end of the draft, they will be nearer the bottom at the end, and vice-versa. The middle guys also trend upward. Try it out: [Click Here]
  3. Bulger and Holt on the same team

    Besides, thats what the TRADE function is for, eh?
  4. I want S. Jackson. I want to offer Kevan Barlow and Liele for D. Driver and Jackson. Is this a good trade? They are all backups on both teams. 12 man performance standard. D
  5. I'm OK with pissing him off.
  6. 2nd pick advice

    Don't be surprised if Peyton goes first. I have seen that happen. If you get the chance for LT or Shaun Alexander, that's a no-brainer IMHO.
  7. 12 team performance standard QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, DEF My backs are: T. Jones, D. McAllister, K. Barlow I want to spend a waiver wire pick up a fourth (or maybe fifth for trade bait) RB. Suggestions??? Thanks!
  8. I took Mewelde for Seahawks (my extra D) and Houshmandzadeh for Kaeding (My extra PK). Thanks for all your help!!
  9. Thanks Bomber! I have to keep putting new posts as my old ones get buried! (psst, I have Mewelde on an impending waiver pickup-but don't tell anyone... ) So who would you pick as the runner up? Droughns? T. Jones? D
  10. Micheal Vick at 1.03 is mine. (Passed on LT AND SA) First three picks all QBs. #4 pick got LT...
  11. I have asked a couple of questions already, but love how you guys are giving ratings and advice when asked right out to rate the draft. So here goes, 12 teams, performance standard scoring. I picked 12th in the first round, with random placement thereafter. (Can yuo belive I got McAllister with the 12th overall pick?? I sure couldn't!) My team: Starters: QB- Bulger, Marc RB1- McAllister, Deuce RB2- Jones, Kevin WR1- Smith, Steve WR2- Wayne, Reggie TE-Clark, Dallas K- Akers, David D- Bills, DST Bench: Griese, Brian Barlow, Kevan Lelie, Ashley Cooley, Chris Kaeding, Nate Seahawks, DST I was forced by the format to draft the extra Kicker and Defense, so I plan to drop the two to shore up othe places.
  12. Rate My Draft, please!

    Thanks! Yeah I think I need at least another bench RB, besides Barlow. My choices on the waiver wire include: Droughns, Reuben Pittman, Michael Jones, Thomas Goings, Nick Smith, Emmitt Faulk, Marshall Blaylock, Derrick Smith, Onterrio Morris, Sammy Taylor, Chester Staley, Duce Moore, Melwelde So Melwelde IS available, but doesn't he carry a RBBC danger? If not, maybe he is a good pick.I also like Droughns, Jones and Staley (With Bettis' injury). But all three have downside with other players coming up on thier butts. I am thinking Jones is looking the best, in that Benson hasn't even been SIGNED yet. Of course I could just protect McAllister or K. Jones with thier backups.... Any deep sleeper suggestions?
  13. Rate My Draft, please!

    My secret... Use Cheat sheets!!! Strategy was RB,RB,QB,WR,WR,TE,QB, DEF,K,TE,K,DEF I would have gone to WR that third round, but QBs were starting to disappear, and true to TheHuddle's prediction, three ranked BELOW Bulger went before him. I snaped him up before anyone got wise... I have high waiver priority so I think I will get T.Jones for the Seahawks D The other WR is a headscratcher. Thanks!!!
  14. Wayne or Harrison?

    Hey we had someone take Micheal Vick as thier number one pick, so I am not surprised by ANYTHING anymore. (But I am deeply in thier debt as it allowed me to get D.McAllister at 1.12!! Now if only Duce can run with scuba gear on... )
  15. Impact of hurricane on Saints

    I believe it will be called Pontchartrain Bay.
  16. Should I use my waiver priority now, while there is still good stuff on the table, or wait until I need it? Or do I need it NOW ?!?!? 12 team Redraft performance. I had 12th pick overall Yardage and touches (6). My team: Starters: Bulger, Marc QB Jones, Kevin RB McAllister, Deuce Smith, Steve WR Wayne, Reggie WR Clark, Dallas TE Akers, David K Bills, DST D Bench: Griese, Brian QB Barlow, Kevan RB Lelie, Ashley WR Cooley, Chris TE Kaeding, Nate K Seahawks, DST I have #2 waiver priority. My question is, given this team, what is my most glaring weakness (I'm guessing Barlow as #3 back). And should I use my priority to pick one or free agents? I could drop both the extra D and kicker. Here are the top three in each position that are available: Roethlisberger, Ben QB Boller, Kyle QB Manning, Eli QB Staley, Duce RB Jones, Thomas RB Faulk, Marshall RB Bryant, Antonio WR CLE Johnson, Keyshawn WR Lloyd, Brandon WR Putzier, Jeb TE Kinney, Erron TE Williams, Boo TE Rackers, Neil K Peterson, Todd K Hall, John K Giants, DST Saints, DST Packers, DST What do you guys think?? I'm thinking that Duce might be a good bet, especially later in the season, but I know Bettis tend to swipe his TDs... Any help will be appreciated! Darin
  17. I think I will go with that. Maybe get a deep sleeper WR for the extra Placekicker.
  18. OK, first off let me tell youI am a Rams fan. So that may be coloring things a bit here. I have been watching them close the entire preseason, and am I wrong or does it look like Kevin Curtis is pushing that number two spot that Ike has?? Is he worth a sleeper pick? In recent years Ike has turned into an "across the middle" and possession receiver, leaving Holt to burn up the field. Since Martz uses a LOT of 3 receiver sets, do you guys think, as I do, that Curtis may be poised to eclipse the Reverend? Or am I just smoking crack??? D
  19. Opinions on Kevin Curtis

    Well, Martz tends to play favorites ad he has been positively gushing about Curtis to the local media and not even mentioning McDonald. If he holds true to form, then he will back up that confidence with more looks. Of course this IS Martz, so Curtis may be middle linebacker by week 4...who knows?? :-) ANd I wouldn't give up a draft pick for him... I was forced to use a pick for a backup placekicker, and would drop him to gamble on Curtis... I already have: Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne and Ashley Leile
  20. How about recievers...think 3 is enough? (I can only play flex in this league)