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  1. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Kudos to you detlef, for trying to reason with that group. But you will never get ahead in your argument. It's like buying into a poker game that has been going on for 5 years using bogus rules. They won't be talked out of it. I tried in many posts and PMs to help them see what was fun about thier game, but the developers are single minded in thier purpose. They are trying to make WoW in a browser, which will never work with thier level of programming skill. I suspect they are using a really bad database (maybe even access) because there is no possible way that something with less than 2000 active users should be that slow or crash as much as it does. I make applications that run 20,000 users at a time using calcu;ations and database calls that have much better response times than what I see there. If they are using something robust (Oracle, SQL Server), then they must not have normalized tables. I think they are a bunch of web programmers who have little experience in actual applications programming, or game design for that matter. If you look at them from the neophyte perspective, you may be able to understand the croneyism they exhibit by handing advantages to thier early testers.
  2. My 4th starts out with a BANG!

    The wife was frisky this morning. Mine started with TWO bangs. And yes that is a rare enough occurrence to report.
  3. Pellet gun vs BB gun: what's the diff

    Airsoft guns are more fun to shoot at them. Nothing like opening up on an unsuspecting squirrel hanging from your bird feeder full auto. And the aursoft gun won't break the glass on your feeder or your neighbor's house.
  4. simple question

    That's what they get for staying at a sh!tty hotel.
  5. simple question

    No need. $25.00 for the room plus $2.00 the bellboy stole equals $27, what the three paid.
  6. simple question

    Dude, the price of the room was $25. The $27 INCLUDES the $2 the bellboy pocketed.
  7. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Those knuckleheads will never finish that game. 5 years in beta. gimme a break. It's a circle jerk, IMHO. The fact they are so damn secretive about how the thing is suppose to work, and response to every suggestion is "We've already thought of that, and are working on it, now shut up and play" shows thier immaturity.
  8. AC/DC is best served loud

    My first good stereo in a car was when I was 17, had quadraphonic and a used 8-track player. Dude threw in Back in Black with it. The quad on that f|_|cker is pure magic.
  9. Another lame law that most reaturants break

    You forgot to mention your "I drink in my class anytime I want" rule.
  10. Music Lyrics Quiz

    Found it but I cheeted so I will keep quiet. I thought I remembered the artist but had to search for the song.
  11. Another lame law that most reaturants break

    Can you get around it by serving appetizers out of the kitchen? Chips, salsa, etc.? Something the bartend or waitress can get?
  12. Incomeptence Magnet

    Hard to ignore when you can set the price point @$9.99 versus $17.99 for American goods. I'm starting to really have a problem with China made stuff, though I made toys there for some years.
  13. which huddler got ejected?

    I suggest you go to that restaurant and go into the men's room. I'm certain a similar situation would then occur.
  14. which huddler got ejected?

    That picture doesn't look like a dude to me, she looks like a black woman. I think the line was crossed when the bouncer refused to let her prove she was not a man by ID, then kicked her out, publically humiliating her. I have to think there was some sort of prejudice here, whether sexual orientation or racial, who knows.
  15. which huddler got ejected?

    Ya know, I haven't seen a post from Squeegiebo in a really long time.
  16. Incomeptence Magnet

    Hey Keg, have you knuckled under like Build-A-Bear and have your skins made in the Axis of Evil? I had you pegged as a Made in the USA type of biz.
  17. Incomeptence Magnet

    Refuse the shipment and get your money back. Prolly made in China anyway.
  18. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    THey made a horrible error in game design IMHO. I think they are cooking by committee without a real plan. And what happens to construction projects when there is no plan, perch?
  19. Pellet gun vs BB gun: what's the diff

    For squirrels nothing beats a full auto airsoft gum, unless you want to kill them. Bought my wife an uzi with laser sight for Mother's day. She loves it.
  20. NCEES how I dispise you

    Don't you live in Atlanta? Why take a test in Milwakee?
  21. Fathers of young sons

    Not a question of "bad" or "good", but "safe" and "unsafe". My boy's background of abuse means we must go to larger measures to keep him safe from everyone, including himself.
  22. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    What about the glue? Doesn't glue injected into the layers make it wood AND animal?
  23. Best marinades - 3 ingrediants or less

    Leave out the thyme, then Joe freakin Friday.
  24. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Hmm Styles Hulkamaniac Strength and brute force type attacks BadBoy Cheater moves Mexicanos Whacked out spanish stuff Acrobatics FLying Ditchman type of stuff THat could be fun. More fun if you could name your ultrarares.
  25. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    I think someone needs to make a king of the hill that is a treasure hunt. Take all the fun stuff thye have discarded and put it into another application. I wonder if a different genre would work, maybe futureistic or gang warfare or even like a wrestling type of game where you collect moves. Heeeey ultimate fighter with things like Heavy Twisting Nut Cruncher.