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  1. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    Surely you install over a vaporshield?
  2. Fathers of young sons

    I barely talked my wife out of going over each and every site with my son. That would have shriveled it until he was 23. I felt he had been punished enough, since he had typed in "hairy pussily". We locked him out of the computers for a month for each site he visited.
  3. I like Putin now

  4. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    Depends on if you were using sliced or rotary methods.
  5. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Naw, I'm done with this game. The developers are clueless on how to actually create something viable and fun. This will never be done.
  6. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    That isn't as funny as the three way Detlef suggested.
  7. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    So how do you feel about bamboo, then? Just curious, I'm no bamboo farmer or anything.
  8. HLS TS Doc leaked on web

    You're gonna pop a hemorrhoid, straining your brain like that.
  9. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    I thnk I'll quit. The oldbies got in excess of 300 ep while we got 74. I just listened to onetime and MountainKing telling each other they just spent 240 on skills. What a crock of horsesh!t.
  10. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    I was #3 for about 15 minutes... ;-)
  11. Calling all techies!

    dial up. :
  12. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    You got 80 EP? is that what you mean?
  13. Bank of America SUCKS

    World class zinger, here.
  14. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    We installed Bamboo over our entire house and couldn't be happier. We were concerned about moisture, so our flooring guy took a piece of it anf submerged t in water for 3 weeks. When he got it out and it dried, no swelling, splitting or warping. Amazing stuff.
  15. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Even ground. They wiped the database. everyone starts the same. Now is the time to spank some FBG ass.
  16. Our fine Servicemen at work

    Never mind, found em!
  17. Our fine Servicemen at work

    Where the black folks at?
  18. yer all a bunch of ...

    Latin saying, "The meat is for the man, the bone is for the dog."
  19. John Edwards new invention

    global warming?
  20. Our fine Servicemen at work

    don't ask, don't tell.
  21. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Fire blast 2 scroll.
  22. images that captured the world

    Or sealed around her and siphoned off the water. Apparently there were hundred of people trapped as she was.
  23. Welcome to America!

    A new sport in the making fo sho. You KNOW that is what the river rats are doing. PULL!
  24. Pans Labyrinth

    Classic. And very brutal.