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  1. :coach: Listen closely to me: You owe it to the rest of us tired, undersexed, and worn out husbands to bang as many young, hot chicks as humanly possible AND post pocs here or, if not appropriate, to PM said photos to a secret database of sick, perverted huddlers.


    Now, get out there cowboy, and saddle up. :helmet:



    I've triple my numbers of partners in the prior 47 years inside a year and a half. Yippee ki yay! As for the photos :nono:


    ETA: No that doesn't mean I now have three. :blush:

  2. I hear you bro and I am sorry that happened to you. I think of it this way. I trust my wife and she has never given me a reason not to. I guess anything is possible but I wont live my life being paranoid that she is up to no good. She and I are very free with each other. I never give her a hard time when she wants to hang with her friends or even go away and she doesnt give me crap either. I have had opportunities and so has she. I know guys that are crazy jealous and I hang with guys whose wives are like that and it isnt very healthy either way. I do know that people get blindsided sometimes too. You have to approach it in your own way as far as trusting your spouse and you have to be smart and honorable as far as how you conduct yourself



    Jealousy is a major no-no to me, as well. I will say I trusted the woman way too much. In fact, my friend's wives all called me the "perfect husband". You know, flowers every Friday, etc. My ex thought differently, and went off to bang artists.go figure.


    I will say this, she did me the biggest favor of my life.I wouldn't go back if you paid me. I have been dating en masse and having the time of my life.


    So thank you, Arthur C., you cocksooker, wherever you are.

  3. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Overbearing over-protective jealous untrusting husband, controls his wife to the point where she feels like she needs to escape. Some random dude sparks fantasies in her mind, and whether she acts (or has acted) upon it or not, the jealous husband will react in a way to only make her want to escape even more.



    Gotcha. Every cheating woman is driven to infidelity by an overbearing and suffocating man.


    Generalize much?

  4. When did I get thrown in with the riffraff? I'd call you a c#nt, but you lack the warmth and depth.








    :ROFL:Lack the warmth and depth... hilarious.


    I'm gonna use that subbing pooozy for the c word. Just not into using that.


    But the phrase itself is awesome.



  5. I read an article written by a woman reporter who tried this. First of all, she said it burned like hell. She couldn't stand to hold it long enough to get any result.


    Same with the "tampon". In fact, soaked tampons don't really "go in". Like putting a loaf of bread through a pipe.


    Let's send it to "Mythbusters".

  6. If they did reverse the game would it count towards my bet that got killed because of that call? Otherwise I don't care



    You are a fool to bet on games with this sort of crazy unpredictability in play. Sure the old refs blew calls, but this is beyond the pale.