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  1. Boy, Watching the Chiefs games remind me a lot of Schottenhiemer's days of the run attack with Okoye, and not much passing. Of course they had DeBerg as a QB so who blames them Think other teams will start stacking the box and opening up receivers, or does the air attack stay subdued all season??
  2. A n00b question

    I (and others) have asked questions about Kickers and DEF and gotten, ummm, let's say a CHILLY reception. Does the general population here consider them irrelevant because they don't generate the points the skill positions do? Or is it simply too hard to predict what these positions will produce? I don't know about others, but in my leagues, the opponents are often within 5 points of each other, so every point counts (We had a tie last week). Thus I ask people's opinions on what kickers look good, DEF matchups, etc. I will no longer ask these questions, but want to know why it seems to rub so many people the wrong way.
  3. Looking for that extra point

    Is Sartain still injured for the Chefs?
  4. WDIS QB

    Bledsoe @ SF Brooks @ MIN I'm thinkin Bledsoe. NO will be able to run against MIN, and SF has a truly horrible secondary, but a better rush D. Then again I AM 1-1
  5. Manning or Brees?

    Wait isn't it MORAN?
  6. A n00b question

    But it still smells as sweet... I never would have guessed this thread would go this far. I tried to end it at the TENTH post.
  7. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    The uber-gay Bucs spamshirts from years past. Did they ever wedge Warren Sapp into day-glo orange with the three musketees-lookin gay guy on them on throwback day?
  8. Mewelde Moore

    My choice is either start Moore or K. Barlow. I think I'll take a chance on Moore.
  9. A n00b question

    I can see that. Especially whe compounded with: A) having numerous people try to glean this information over many season. AND B ) Such a volume of questions that CAN be answered. Thanks for all your input fellas. No offense at the statement above, but I always hope others may be more knowlegeable than me and may cause me to think of something from a different perspective. So I am capable of making my own decision, but smart enough to know there are others who might know more than me!
  10. Culpepper Projection?

    And this from a guy named VikePower!! BTW, I too am starting Bledslow over Culp THIS week, and would be VERY happy to see him snap out of it!!
  11. Culpepper Projection?

    Does this mean we can start up the two opinions, two people joke again?? please canna canna canna??
  12. The team below scored 120 the first week and 38 the second. For the math impaired that is an 82 point swing. I have never experienced THAT big of a swing with exactly the same team. Anyone do better (worse) than that? Performance scoring: Bulger Jones McAllister Smith Wayne Cooley Akers Bills
  13. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    I hear Cornelius is HUGH. I personally vote for the Skank Ho look. Or is that Hoe? Mr. Webster??
  14. What TE to start?

    Several sites are saying this is one week to start Conwell. Me, I don't know enough to support or detract that opinion.
  15. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    I am still intrigued by the whole rubber a$$ thing. Is that a southern thing? As for the flood damage, I feel your pain brother. We were caught in the Flood of '93. Never found any rubber asses. Lots of snakes though. Chin up. It gets better.
  16. Chiefs monster rushing game results in...

    I would think so, but neither Gonzo or the WRs seem to be getting free. I would expect that is because they are covering with the back instead of stacking... I could be wrong, these old eyes aren't what they used to be.
  17. Bingo!! -2 for fumbles AND INTs SF gave up 458 yards in the air and 140 on the ground against the Jets. I like those odds.
  18. Curtis Martin

    umm OW!!
  19. I'm starting Bledsoe, just because of the SF matchup. I'm also starting Saint defense, just because of the MIN matchup...;-)
  20. Kicker Poll

    We have a 7 person league and NO ONE keeps kickers in reserve, so there are a LOT of good ones on the WW. I picked Vandy, but while he is getting 6 per game, my opponents are getting 12+. This is concerning to me. All of the above kickers are on my WW. SO feel free to comment! Thank you all!
  21. Kicker Poll

    Anyone else want to help me? I won't bump it again. Just VOTE fer cryin out loud.
  22. Baltimore just doesn't look like Baltimore of old. I have gotten a total of 6 points over the past two weeks. It hans't lost me a contest...yet. To contrast, IND has 23 points for the same period. Is this an indicator of schedule, or should I be seriously considering adding a WW acquisition like IND?
  23. I feel sorry for you, Grits. Welcome to my ignore list.
  24. No one will be willing to take a 0 to pick him up. Besides, this is the same group that I got C. Martin off WW last week. So I'm not worried. Foolish, maybe.