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  1. Best league host(s)

    Hey, so I run a FF league. We have used nfsl forever (i still love them).. but the league has decided its time to use someone else.. anyway.. we need a few things... ~ we do a live draft so we need a semi easy way to draft and transfer data to the host ~ we need ipd support ~ we need an option for flexible line ups ~ heres the big one.. we do free agents, where the worst team in the league has first crack at the free agents each week (so the last place team team would have first pick/ first place team would have last pick and so on) we dont want a first come, first serve type of free agent system... ~ we need to customize the way the playoffs work (we do 16 teams.. 2 divisions.. top 2 teams in each division and the two remanding teams with the highest average) does anybody use a similar setup?
  2. deangelo or noorwood? last flex spot
  3. NYJ running game
  4. yes, im that desperate... superbowl.. i have chris chambers as well... need one for my flex spot
  5. What does being the all time rushing leader QB get you?

    What does being the all time rushing leader QB get you? kordels sweater
  6. Is Jerius Norwood OUT?

    last i heard was norwood will try to play, but no comment on dunn
  7. So here is the question

    Its not the talent of the players as much as it is brees hes making them all better, kind of like what farve did with his teams int he 90s
  8. Dallas @ Giants

    jacobs just ate some cowboys
  9. Black Sunday for Injuries

    kevin jones...
  10. Which Vick shows up today?

    remember when the 7 remaining vick fans all came out of their holes cause he had two good games yeah, that was pretty funny
  11. foster injury?

    what happened to foster?
  12. Ok..Reggie Bush is a bust

    lol @ comparing the 94 packers to the shmuckeneers
  13. Ok..Reggie Bush is a bust

    has anybody ever had 10 or more carries for negative yardage ?
  14. Calling all Vick haters....

    hahah, Vick is horrible.. worse QB in the league. period. he has one good game his only fan starts a post about it
  15. Willie Parker owners

    parker was never supposed to be goaline. why the suprise?