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  1. screwed up league !

    the top 4 teams make the playoff's. i'll be tied for 4th if i win tonight. the first tie breaker isn't head to head. i'm 2-0 vs. the team i'm tied with. the first tie breaker is total points. which the team i'll be tied with has 125 more points than me. do you think this is right. all comments are welcomed.
  2. i need 1 of these wr's i can start edwards vs. den. baily guarding him w.welker vs. g.b. worst pass d but booker back or pickup e.wilford vs. hou. m.jones is out and should be #2 1 of these te's te's i can start are winslow vs. den. have shutdown every te cooley vs. ind. wash. should run the ball all day. thanks for the help and i'll look at your post.
  3. starting qb vick vs.pittsburgh at home or leinart vs. oakland on the road. 3rd wr t.taylor on road vs. seattle. w.welker home vs. green bay b.edwards home vs. denver alreadystarting winslow at te. not sure about starting 2 browns thanks for the advice i'll look at your posts.
  4. Fantasy Advice Thread.

    need a starting qb. m.vick or m.leinart need a 3rd wr. w.welker,b.edwards,or t.taylor. thanks for the help.
  5. Need help on big trade.

    kickers are a dime a dozen, so throw that player out. i never heard of troy bennett but drew bennett is hurt and yound doesn't like him. so throw him out. so it's smith for williams. it's not a fair trade. you tried to use smoke and mirrors to make the trade sound better than it was, good try but no dice.
  6. WR help please

    e.parker vs. k.c.
  7. WDIS at QB

    leinart, you saw what happened to arizona when they went conservative. passing in the 1st half up 20-3 running the 2nd half lost 24-23. i think they will throw.
  8. Is M. Morris worth a pickup

    no, last week was his last harruh and he fumbled it down the tolit.
  9. bye week need to pick wr

    drop them both there terrible.
  10. Would you make this trade?

    if i was him i jump on that in a heart beat. your giving up barber which is better than potis, harrison who's better than a.johnson, and l.j.smith who's better than colston. why would you even think about offering those players. are you on crack and need to support your habit. the 3 players you would be getting in return suck compared to your players.
  11. Bye week RB help

    davenport. is w.lundy from houston on waivers he's back as the starter and they play the titans this week.
  12. trade a defense for a defense

    baltimore d 625 pittsburgh 393 that including their off week. moss my be traded to The only 6 time Super Bowl Winners and YOUR DADDY in the near future.
  13. Kitna or Plummer or Pennington

    do you really have to ask that question. kinta can't hold on to the ball and when he does, he's throwing it to the other team. pennington throw for 71 yards last week, i think the glass slipper has fallen off. plummer against the raiders, who are self-destructing in front of our very eyes. plummer would be the safe call here. take a look at my post.
  14. I have a dilema in starting who?

    glenn,berrian,and brown take a look at my post.
  15. Uneven trade or not............

    i would do it alexander is a stud moroney shares with dillon. grossman for johnson is a little lopsided but bledsoe or romo will fill in nicely. take a look at my post.