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  1. maybe i missed it but ....

    s.jersey also..i'll be looking for a bar with plenty of eagle fans and be rooting for big blue.. giants 23 eagles 20 this should be a close game...tiki tiki tiki tiki
  2. giants vs eagles

    tiki must get 25-30 carries,no int's from eli,forget shockey..shiancoe a better blocker,lot's of short passes..we win a close one 23-20 i hope!
  3. which qb?

    my instincts say romo although he probaly cost me 1st place with last weeks 64pts behind with some nice matchups at every other position..he has bulger so i need to match his qb production. 1pt per10yds throwing 4pts per td -3 per int he should bounce back vs the lions..thanks for any help
  4. which qb?

    went garcia,seasons over,we'll 2ndplace is around 300.00+1100.00 during the season..thanks for everybodys help and happy new year.. ps.also played westy
  5. WTS: Peyton or Garica and RBs

    indy's playing for something,go manning
  6. which qb?

    if i can get 250 and 2tds from garcia i would be happy.have to decide now 8.30tee time and wont be home before kickoff
  7. WR help! I can't decide! Please Help!

    def brown and i would roll the dice with cotchery,big part of the jets game is passing and coles ain't right,i know oak pass def is good but it's new years eve,the seasons over,and it's not sunny cali..who knows how long colston will play,i want a guy in the whole
  8. WDIS- WR- Final Game

    agree with jetfan,leave it
  9. Last WR WDIS of the year...

    tough call but i like driver,walker may hit the bomb,may's 49ers run def,they could get shredded by denvers running game,it wont take much of an effort for denver to win this game,so you probaly wont see a ton of pasing by denver,favre will probaly throw it 40times
  10. Tiki Barber

    i agree,just excited..there's another
  11. Tiki Barber

    this should not happen in week 17? why the fantasy world it sucks but in the real world it's f***** great.. go blue
  12. Tiki Barber

    1 game in philly would be great..
  13. which qb?

    my thinking was romo bounces back this week especially vs the lions,garcia would be safer but romo could go large..
  14. Tiki Barber

    going out with a bang.....
  15. which qb?

    thanks john, im starting to go that way the more i read..
  16. Need Help with Playoff Lineup

    i like your picks except for the invisible man(smith)hackett

    he's hurt..can't play football or any sport on a bad ankle,ask colston..4games...and from an earlier reply the big game was many moons ago.they will win today though!hopefully go to philly and pull a miracle
  18. CRAZY question...

    it's not that easy,i think if the giants win tonight the rams fait is sealed,done..if he's banged up why play?i know the vikes pass def stinks but it's worth talking about.. if you dont mind im starting bruce as my 3rd rec with andre,galloway,coles,on the bench..what da ya think?thanx
  19. Dayne or RBrown?

    both if you start
  20. suicide pool

    wow! week 17 and still alive..J.E.T.S
  21. one last request..

    total points league and if romo did'nt blomo i would'nt have this's the options,i must pick the guy who has the biggest upside,a huge day romo..def not garcia v.young rattay kitna 1pt per 10yds/ 4 per td pass 1per10yd rush i may go rattay or kitna,i know garcia is a safe choice but im looking for 300yds 2-3tds,can rattay do that vs seattle who has zero to play for..thnks
  22. Week 17 QB decision

    tough choice but if i was making it i would go gerrard
  23. Update on my hopeful Fantasy Tilte...

    tony,tony,tony... he did it again..thought christmas eve,at home would produce a big game,but...
  24. Westy or BarberIII

    ppr league no doubt westy,if not it's a tough dec since barber and jones get the have to hope they get the ball inside the ten for barber to have his shots..i would go
  25. Update on my hopeful Fantasy Tilte...

    looking good and congrats,ocho stinko..let's go coles! im down by 50 with romo,westy,coles still to go..ppr league,he's done